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Sparks Fly as Native Americans Start Training To Join Future Ranks of Unionized Welders

Sparks Fly as Native Americans Start Training
To Join Future Ranks of Unionized Welders

With shortages of skilled workers in pipe trades among the highest anticipated for construction crafts, at least one supplier is reaching into new territory for recruits–Native American reservations.

Video Technology Connects Distant Jobsite To Iowa State Construction Classroom

Video Technology Connects Distant Jobsite To
Iowa State Construction Classroom

Construction engineering students at Iowa State University, Ames, are getting a close-up look at distant project sites, and an enriched learning experience, through two-way portable jobsite video technology now being tested there.


Workforce News

Engineering Summer Camp for Minority Kids Offers Them a Valuable Indoor Experience
In Washington, D.C., hundreds of mostly African-American elementary and middle school kids there will spend three weeks next month at a school-based day camp doing what engineers and other science professionals do.

Five Years of Iraq War Impact Union Program That Turns Military Vets Into Craft Workers
Since 2003, when the AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Dept. (BCTD) and nine construction employer groups founded Helmets to Hardhats, or H2H, to transition military personnel into industry craft jobs, the continuing Iraq war has added a new crop of veterans and, as Memorial Day approaches, a poignant dimension to the union recruiting and training program.

Laborers Returning to Trades But Total Harmony Still Elusive
The once-solid buildings trades department of the AFL-CIO remains fragmented.

Five Minutes with Dick Heinen, Executive Director of the Christian Labour Association of Canada
The Christian Labour Association of Canada has 43,000 members and is playing a growing role in industrial construction, including work at the oilsands in Alberta. That has upset some unions.

Government Appeals 'No-Match' Injunction
The U.S. Dept. of Justice Dec. 4 filed an appeal to a federal district court's injunction against the Dept. of Homeland Security's "no-match rule," firing the latest salvo in a battle between the government and business and labor groups.


Labor Policy and Legislation

Bush Names Schaumber As NLRB Chairman
President Bush on March 18 designated the National Labor Relations Board's sole Republican member, Peter C. Schaumber, to be the board's chairman.

Homeland Security Dept. To Revise 'No Match' Rule
The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security will temporarily abandon its efforts to enforce its regulation cracking down on employers that systematically hire illegal immigrants and develop a new proposal that the agency hopes can pass legal muster, according to papers filed by the agency with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California Nov. 23.

New Immigration Regs Crack Down on Employers
The Department of Homeland Security August 10 announced a series of measures aimed at beefing up enforcement of existing immigration laws and cracking down on employers that willingly and systematically hire illegal workers.

Leaders Probe New Solutions for Industry’s Labor Shortfall
Construction leaders met in early June with sharpened determination to resolve two key challenges facing the industry today: workforce shortages and reconstruction of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans. They left with a new road map and tools to help them.

Senate Offers Compromise Aimed at Immigration Reform
Senate lawmakers announced May 17 that they had struck a deal that could break the current impasse that is preventing immigration reform from moving forward.


Regional Workforce Issues

Booming Australian Facing Chronic Shortage of Water Treatment Workers
For several years, China's voracious demand for raw materials has fired up Australia's economy, which is rich in natural resource. The financial largess and sheer number of new projects has electrified the country's engineering sector.

Creating Opportunities to Build Diversity and Competence
The students in attendance at Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge, La., are a typical sample, the I’M GREAT training program has succeeded in doing what the industry has been trying to do for years.

City-Funded Craft Training Becomes True Bronx Tale
When the New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection chose a public golf course in the Bronx to build a mandated $1.3-billion filtration plant, community activists wanted something more than just cleaner drinking water in return.

Utility-Led Programs "Turn On" Students to Energy Careers
Facing a national shortage of electrical workers, two Florida utilities have established innovative partnerships with public schools to “turn on” students to careers in energy construction, generation and distribution.

Deadline Looms for Pact Between AGC and Five Unions
The collective bargaining between the Associated General Contractors of Washington and five trade unions expires at the end of the month, and both sides hoping to avoid a conflict such as the concrete workers' strike last August.


Views and Opinions

Firms should Keep Their Free Agents
Aging baby boomers make up a large percentage of today's engineering and construction senior-management teams. Tomorrow, many of these managers will be gone, leaving a giant hole in our industry's talent pool.

Clarifying Welder Certifications
The ever-increasing demands from customer specifications, building codes and governmental regulations mean that weld quality is being scrutinized now more than ever.

Faculty Pipeline Is Running on Empty
Construction management education today is challenged by a shortage of faculty with leadership skills. The 140 CM programs in the U.S. are staffed by 700 professors 100 to 200 more are needed. But programs struggle with many fundamental issues when trying to attract new faculty.

Offer Extended - Offer Rejected
As A/E/C firms continue to look for ways to gain a competitive advantage in the industry, the lost labor hours associated with dead-end candidacies hurts utilization.

Using Creative Techniques To Find and Keep Talent
The old saying that a company is only as good as its people could not be more true for design firms.


White Papers

Engineering News-Record and McGraw-Hill Construction Research and Analytics brought together industry leaders to propose specific actions to solve the construction industry's work force crisis.

These white papers are based on a day of consensus building at the ENR Leaders Forum in the fall of 2006 that led to recommendations around key issues.

Master Workforce White Paper [ PDF: 237K ]

Read other papers from the Conference [ PDF: 19K ]


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