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Mitigating Impacts of Disasters by Planning and Building for Resiliency

Mitigating Impacts of Disasters by Planning and Building for Resiliency

The new whitepaper, Mitigating Impacts of Disasters by Planning and Building for Resiliency, addresses the ways we can make our built environment more resilient by reducing loss of life, reducing property damage and enabling our businesses and governments to quickly recover and suffer minimal losses so that these events do not turn into catastrophes. This paper presents the main themes and key insights rising from Dodge’s ENR conference “Mitigating Disaster through Design and Construction” held March 2-3, 2011. The paper offers four priority focus areas for government and industry:

  • More effective communication
  • Overcoming challenges to ensure better decision making and strategy development
  • Incentives and mandates to encourage investment
  • The future of mitigation

Download a free copy of this whitepaper to learn more about the priority focus areas and the key recommendations for government and industry to take immediate action toward increasing the resiliency of the built environment.

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