New Glass Technologies Improve Performance of Architectural Glass

Fenestration Advances Boost Energy Efficiency and Lower Maintenance Costs

October 2007
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1. U-Values measure:
a. Resistance to heat
b. Light admitted
c. Heat escaping the interior of the structure
d. Ultra violet light absorbed

2. A high visible transmittance (VT) in a window signifies:
a that heat is resisted.
b. high degree of sunlight is blocked.
c. low shading value.
d. high degree of daylight is admitted.

3. Before the 1980s, a window’s insulating value was primarily improved through:
a. additional glass layers.
b. aluminum clad frames.
c. weatherstripping.
d. argon-krypton mixtures.

4. More than any single improvement, window technology was revolutionized by:
a. high-impact glass.
b. low-E glass.
c. spectrally selective coatings.
d. self-cleaning glass.

5. Spectrally selective coatings:
a. decrease visible light
b. block 95 percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays
c. are available in blue, brown and gold
d. may cause thermal discomfort

6. Reflective glass
a. must be double pane
b. are not used anymore
c. has better solar heat gain coefficients than tinted
d. permit maximum light into the building

7. The National Fenestration Rating Council:
a. rates only the glass portion of the window unit
b. requires air leakage and condensation resistance ratings
c. does not require U-value ratings
d. rates the entire window assembly

8. Standards for impact-resistant glass
o a. were developed in response to tornado damage
o b. involve two parts: impact testing and cyclic wind loading.
o c. are published only by ASTM
o d. do not allow window glass to be broken

9. Easy-cleaning glass
a. will not work on cloudy days
b. causes water to bead up on the glass surface
c. contains a layer of TiO2 that acts as a photocatalyst
d. is only available for vertical glazing applications

10. The coating on easy-cleaning glass
a. causes water to “bead up” and roll off the glass
b. gives the glass a heavy tint that helps block UV rays
c. decreases the surface tension of water causing it to sheet off the glass
d. dramatically lowers the u-value


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Originally published in the October 2007 issue of Architectural Record.

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