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National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
To Develop Construction Specifications for Construction of a New Transmission Line / Electrification System
from Zoo to Paoli, Pennsylvania

INTRODUCTION: Amtrak is requesting Letters of Interest submittals from fully qualified firms capable of providing Design Services to develop complete Specifications, for use by others, to construct a New Transmission Line / Electrification System from Zoo to Paoli, Pennsylvania.

Amtrak, in its sole discretion and without discussion, will determine which firms are qualified to be added to its Bid List to receive a Solicitation. Only interested firms that can demonstrate that they meet the minimum qualifications listed below, should forward five (5) copies of their qualifications not exceeding thirty (30) one-sided typed pages on company letterhead to:

Mr. John R. DeVito, Sr.
Sr. Contracting Agent
Procurement Department, 5th Floor-South
Amtrak / National Railroad Passenger Corporation
30th Street Station
30th & Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (215) 349-1225
FAX: (215) 349-4141

Description:    The section of the Keystone Corridor beginning in central Philadelphia and ending at approximately milepost 20.5 in Paoli, Pennsylvania, constituted the Pennsylvania Railroad’s initial step towards electrifying its Philadelphia suburban passenger service. The 20 mile stretch of electrification was completed in 1915 and consisted of a 44,000 volt transmission, 11,000 volt traction power and 3,300 volt under-ground signal power feeder system.  The electric power was generated by the Philadelphia Electric Company and fed through the line through 3 railroad substations where the 44,000 volt transmission was stepped-down to 11,000 volt traction power.   The 132,000 volt transmission network was constructed for the remaining electrification in 1938, and provided the redundancy necessary to eventually remove the original 44,000 volt transmission system.  Sections of the original single phase transmission between Bryn Mawr and Paoli have been leased to the local utility and converted to 3 phase transmission.

In an effort to create a new primary route and increase power transmission reliability and efficiency between the Safe Harbor hydro-electric generating facility on the Susquehanna River and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Amtrak intends to expand its 138,000 volt transmission network approximately 16 miles. The new primary route provides the additional advantage of cutting maintenance costs by allowing Amtrak to focus primary tree trimming efforts on its revenue service lines in lieu of doubling its costs maintaining 27 miles of off-corridor transmission occupations along the SEPTA Cynwood Line, Schuylkill Secondary and Trenton Cut-off. The extension of the transmission network shall be accomplished by stringing new transmission conductors originating from the Paoli Substation and cutting-over to existing transmission circuits 1ED and 2ED currently originating from Zoo Substation.  The cut-over is expected to take place in the area between the 52nd Street Jump-over and the 52nd Street Overhead Bridge in Philadelphia, PA.

It is the opinion of Amtrak that the 105 year old electrification infrastructure will not support the anticipated high voltage overbuilds, as the existing electrification structures are deteriorated and far exceed their expected in-service life.  It will be necessary to build combination transmission /catenary structures as well as individual electrification structures to facilitate the complete or partial removal of existing electrification structures along the right-of-way.  The placement of new structures shall facilitate the construction of tangent chord fixed termination catenary.  The A/E will evaluate reprofiling versus eliminating inclined catenary sections where applicable and provide the appropriate design.  The new structures shall also facilitate the transfer of existing signal power, communications and leased utility occupations.  To facilitate the relocation and cut-over of the existing insulated aerial 3,300 volt signal power system, Amtrak anticipates the installation of a redundant signal power system based on the design of the current insulated signal power feeder system in the area.

Currently the existing electrification system is fed through step-down transformers at Zoo and Paoli Substations with Bryn Mawr Switching Station located approximately half way between.  The Bryn Mawr site will be the location of a new step-down substation to aid in supporting the catenary voltage between Zoo and Paoli substations.  Amtrak would prefer this new two (2) transformer substation to follow the design typical of its other step-down substations on the system with the drawings prepared in the typical PRR format.  Given possible space limitations, Amtrak is willing to entertain a complete or partial indoor substation.  In addition to the upgrades at Bryn Mawr, both the Zoo and Paoli Substations will require the necessary modifications and upgrades to tie into the existing 138,000 volt transmission network.  All existing equipment in Bryn Mawr Substation will be replaced, including the 100 Hz M-G set.

Minimum Qualifications:
            Qualifications will be based on demonstration of:

  1. The firm shall have the resources and capability to efficiently and effectively manage development of the designs, within scope, schedule and budget.
  2. The firm must have successfully performed or played a major role in the performance of five (5) comparable complex design projects, valued at between $3 - $5 million, within the last five (5) years.  Identify and describe the five (5) projects and provide current contact information from those clients that can attest and confirm your firm’s involvement and participation in those projectsNote:  The projects identified should clearly demonstrate a proven record of successful performance with projects of comparable size, complexity, dollar value, and which required completion within stringent schedule timeframes.
  3. The firm shall possess relevant railroad and transportation-related design experience, particularly on complex design construction projects involving Transmission Line and Overhead Contact Design, performed on active railroad sites.  Identify and describe in detail any specific railroad and transportation related experience your firm has been involved within the past five (5) years. Provide current contact information from clients that can attest to your firm’s involvement and participation in such projects.
  4. The firm shall have an appropriate in-house, in-place work-oversight QA / QC Program.
  5. The firms must identify the key person (principal in charge) they propose to use for this project and a resume of his/her qualifications.  The key person must demonstrate at a minimum the requisite education, qualifications, and experience that qualifies him/her to perform the work required.
  6. Identify your firm’s internal capability to manage performance of the Work described and provide details as to how much and which types of the work will be self-performed and how much and which type work will be subcontracted.
  7. Describe your firm’s ability to credibly document and report on project performance.
  8. Provide evidence of your firm’s financial resources capability, to undertake a project of this magnitude.
  9. Describe your firm’s capability to provide the necessary in-house organization and experienced resources to plan, schedule, execute and complete PHASE A Conceptual / Preliminary Design within 18 months from NTP; also, PHASE B Final Design within a subsequent 18 month period.

Letter of Interest submittals must be received no later than 2:00 PM Local Time on November 30, 2010.  It is anticipated that a Solicitation for this requirement will be issued during the fourth quarter of 2010.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information contained herein may not be reissued or redistributed in any form or manner in whole or in part without the advance expressed written consent and permission of Amtrak.

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