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Welcome to the Dodge Data & Analytics Accounts Page. You can access any and all of your accounts here. Our products include:

  • Dodge Construction Central
    The next generation market intelligence and collaboration platform for the construction industry.

  • Dodge Global Network
    The most trusted tool for finding projects and winning work in the construction industry, with more private and early stage projects than any other source.
  • Dodge BuildShare®
    An intelligent catalogue of leading owners, architects, engineers, contractors and other industry suppliers, Dodge BuildShare lets you target your business development and strategic selling efforts to maximum return on investment.
  • Dodge SpecShare®
    An interactive tool containing plans and specifications calling for your or your competitors’ products along with your brands’ historical spec rates by owner, designer and project type.
  • Dodge MarketShare
    Powered by Dodge’s proprietary “construction starts” data, insights into the construction market performance at the national, state and local level for over thirty building types based on detailed historical data and a five-year look ahead forecast.
  • Dodge PlanRoom 2017
    Dodge PlanRoom 2017 is a service for construction professionals to manage their bidding process and construction documents in a convenient, online location.
  • Dodge PlanRoom
    A single, secure location for contractors and sub-contractors to connect and share plans, specifications, and other construction documentation, from the bid phase through to project completion.
  • Dodge PipeLine
    Combines the most comprehensive source of information on construction projects in North America with the tools to find and win the next job.
  • Sweets
    The ultimate building product resource for architects, engineers, designers and contractors. And now with the new Sweets Autodesk Revit® app plug-in - you can easily search, select and annotate product information directly into your projects using the Sweets ProductTAG.
  • Dodge Market Research
    Identify target markets, firms, and industry trends and focus on the key industry drivers that will influence your success. Leverage Dodge’s custom market research and analysis on brand awareness, brand equity, new product development, customer satisfaction and competitive landscapes.
  • Dodge Lead Center
    Find construction projects and building plans in your area.
  • Dodge Pipeline for Salesforce
    Puts the industry's most comprehensive source of construction project leads directly into your CRM system for faster, more efficient selling in the construction industry.
  • Dodge Pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Integrates the industry’s most comprehensive source of construction project leads directly into your Dynamics system for faster, more efficient selling.
  • Dodge PlanHolders
    View the subcontractors, trades and construction service providers that have accessed plans and specifications for projects in the bidding phase. View aggregated results by trade, location and project type to know which firms to target, and see the types of projects a firm is associated with over time.


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