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Joshua Brown
Brayman Construction Corporation
Joseph Landeira
Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.

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Dodge is a very useful tool for keeping track of jobs as they go out and are awarded.

Troy Milne --Business Manager/FST

Dodge is one of the best search engines that I have used in my career of collecting and researching information, data and leads in the industrial and commercial construction industry.

Gary Ford
Greater Pennsylvania Regional Council of Carpenters

I receive many viable reports that I am able to forward to my contractors.

Mike Hill
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Dodge gives us the ability to track jobs and also know the work that is coming out.

Tony Ericksen
Sheet Metal Workers Union

Dodge is very easy to use—a great resource.

Haegar Long
Merit Professional Services, Inc.

I am really enjoying using and learning your system. I like all of the support that is available and easily accessible.

Joshua Brown
Brayman Construction Corporation

Dodge provides good information about upcoming projects.

Jerry Lampe
Systimax Solutions

For that one project a year you wouldn't hear about otherwise, Dodge has value!

Matt Weller
Bronco Excavating

Dodge is the best in this business.

Glenn McElroy
McElroy Tops & Floors LLC

Dodge is extremely helpful with keeping in touch with the market.

Kevin Hessler
C&C Group

I have always valued the great information that Dodge Data & Analytics provides. Dodge helps our company to make critical business decisions.

Martin Hoffey --Director of Business Development
MW Builders Inc.

Dodge enables you to refine your search to find potential work to bid.

Derek Labatch
CCA Civil/Plaza Construction

Dodge’s information is accurate, and your system is easy to navigate and flag potential projects for quoting.

Clint Rasch
Christensen’s Plant Center

When I search for a project you have it in the system. Good job!

Dan Rogers --Central Region Sales Manager
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Dodge is very easy to use and has a lot of information.

Michael Dark

Dodge is user friendly!

Paula Marble
American Hydrotech, Inc.

Your information on construction projects is valuable and diverse.

David Allen
RPM International-Tremco Group

Your information is always current.

Ron Murphy --Territory Manager
Armstrong Flooring, Inc.

I use Dodge a lot and it works well.

Timothy Cannon
Carrier Corporation

I have had a lot of experience with Dodge and I have a good relationship with your tech and sales teams. I love the functionality of Dodge and the way you approach the AEC community.

Steve Cooper
Balco, Inc.

I have had a great experience with Dodge Data & Analytics and have had tremendous customer support!

Olivia Schanz
Armstrong Flooring, Inc.

I find the information in Dodge very helpful. I like the accuracy of project information.

Dinamarie Laudenslager
FieldTurf USA

Dodge is a great service to provide insight and a roadmap to converting new business.

Aaron Mathews
Huber Engineered Woods, LLC

Dodge excels in ease of use and value of information.

Sally Lint

Dodge has been the centerpiece on my 35+ year career in the construction industry—put me in a territory and within eight hours I'll tell you who the major players are and the active opportunities to pursue.

Scott Lindsay

Dodge provides dependability, timeliness, and good overall performance.

Ken May , Estimator
American Cast Iron Pipe

Dodge provides timely access to bid documents as well as strong product support and customer service.

Patrick McClain, Estimating Manager
Epic Metals Corp.

Dodge provides good information. You allow me to protect shipments via notice or lien filing by providing all parties involved.

Matt Abbate
Construction Specialties

Dodge is the best way to find projects to bid.

Cary Gaddis
Yager Materials Inc.

Whenever I need help or service, I can count on an answer from Dodge.

Field Support Coordinator
Epic Metals Corp.

This is the best place for bidding on new jobs in our field!

Kathryn Gould
Aacer Flooring LLC

The project information is helpful. We find projects through Dodge much faster than through other platforms.

Marie Behra
Kadee Industries

The amount of information provided in the data base allows me to provide quick service to my customers. The filters are extremely helpful to minimize the time to access projects. Dodge offers a very user-friendly bid service program.

Shaun Byers
Assa Abloy Americas

Detailed construction and product data is not easy to find online elsewhere. I can quickly log in to my Dodge account and check for new projects—and better yet, with filters in place I am automatically emailed new projects and updates to those projects I am tracking on a weekly basis!

Dinamarie Laudenslager
Shaw Industries, Inc.

Dodge is a great tool for tracking real projects and getting important information about those projects.

Joseph Landeira
Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.

Dodge is a great tool for discovering opportunities for consultation. I highly recommend Dodge for anyone looking to build their business!

Brian Aron
ArjoHuntleigh Inc.

Dodge is the best of its kind.

John McNutt
Zurn Industries

Dodge provides access to a large number of construction projects and related information.

Jeffrey Job
Specifier Services-Insulation, Johns Manville

I think the ease of access and transparency are amazing. The user interface is very intuitive. In addition, the analytics portions are only getting better.

Daniel May
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Your data is useful for my job.

Charles Bennett
LSB Industries

Your system is easy to access and use.

Bill Click
Garaventa Ltd.

Dodge is a good source of information.

Jerry O’Keefe
United Subcontractors Inc.

Dodge offers good information about construction insights.

Dimitris Kourbetis
Titan Florida LLC

Dodge is well-detailed.

Keith Huggan
Kawneer Inc.

Dodge provides good value!

Gina LaCarrubba
Ketcham Cabinets

Dodge is the choice among few available equals.

Kishore Kumar
Nukote Coating Systems International, LLC

The information is thorough. It is a great resource for finding new business and for industry awareness of existing projects.

John Nigon
Nucor Corporation

Dodge has reliable, deep data.

Cynthia Belisle
Architectural Rep-Consultant, Behr Process Corporation

It is as much about the people at Dodge as their products and services. Dodge employees have always gone the extra mile for us.

Ken Major
Construction Specialties

The information is correct and helpful. Services provided are normally very good. I would recommend Dodge as a superior Lead Service.

Stacy Bartley
Isolatek International

There are a lot of projects in the system to generate jobs for our company.

Evan Green
Alucopro New Material Co. Ltd.

The information that we procure from your organization is a valuable tool that I incorporate into my daily activities as a territorial business development manager.

Cooper Collins
Marketing Services Inc.

The amount of information which is available is excellent.

Ken Berge
Brailsford Cast Stone Inc.

Dodge has accurate information.

Jim Martzolf

Dodge offers a wealth of information with valuable tracking and updating.

Paul Cochran
Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Co.

Dodge has reliable information on projects.

David Dunbar
ITW Commercial Construction

Of all the services available, Dodge offers the most comprehensive analysis of the construction marketplace.

Paul Brotcke
Brotcke Well & Pump Inc.

Dodge has great customer service for researching additional data on projects. I send requests and you respond the same day. I usually have the updated information I need in 24 hours.

John Pozerski
Sales Leader, Woodcraft Designers & Builders LLC

Dodge is very useful!

Paul Wang
Northwest Specialty Hardware Inc.

Dodge is very efficient and patient with end users.

Ann Finch
Armstrong Flooring, Inc.

Dodge has been a solid lead generator for our business for over 15 years.

Thad Knowles

Dodge has reliable service, and the email updates of all the projects are very helpful for our business.

Carl Reiser --Estimator
New England Glass & Mirror

Dodge gives current and updated information on the types of projects I’m looking for.

Newell Rollins
Harrington Industrial Plastics

You have provided many good leads.

Woodrow Chamberlain
eMars Inc.

So many new projects and an easy to use website.

Adam Cameron
Focus Media Group

I like the ease of the site.

Allen Seebeck
Harrington Industrial Plastics

Dodge Data & Analytics has the most complete and comprehensive data for building projects in the United States. Other services don't quite measure up. I could not do my job without Dodge.

David Nelson
Wood Products Council

Dodge has a large amount of information and is easy to use.

Mike Dejean
Arkansas Stone Company & Mason Supply

Dodge is very helpful!

John Scammon

Dodge has good information and is easy to use.

Brian Collier
International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Crafts

Dodge has an easy-to-navigate software interface.

Dave Dunbar
Sales Manager, ITW Commercial Construction

I can schedule weeks ahead with the information you provide.

James Ritchie
International Union of Bricklayers & Allied Crafts

Dodge is a good tool. I don’t have a better option to recommend.

Scott Murphy
Account Manager, Foundation Building Materials

Valuable information is always available with Dodge.

J.R. Dominguez
Outside Sales, Mar Vista Sales, Inc.

This has turned out to be the best possible way to learn information on new and existing construction in the commercial industry. Lots of information provides a much easier way to keep track of jobs which concern Amerigas most.

Rick Davis
Senior Accounts Manager, Amerigas Propane

I get all the information I need to do my job.

Rich Lair

Your service has been great and the data provided to us has been essential in contracts that are based on actual and projected numbers.

George Ann Blake
Sales Leader, Drake Cement

I get all the information I need to do my job.

David Gartner
Jefferds Corporation

Dodge works very well!

Rick Kordich
Kordich Construction

My Dodge account manager is there when you need him and keeps us updated on everything with Dodge Data & Analytics.

Bob Fillebrown
United Site Services

Dodge provides vast information and great customer service.

Peter Warren
Convergent Technologies

Responses from Dodge are timely as well as professional and courteous.

Jack Ripley

The information on your site is up to date and accurate.

Timothy Carpenter
RCI Disposal

Dodge is an integral part of how we get jobs and see what is going on in the industry. I personally don't know what else there is out there that does as good a job as Dodge! 

Bob Jessop
Rhine Construction

Your site offers confidence that we are not missing an opportunity. Even projects we bid on and are not awarded are valuable to track, so the continued updates on all of our tracked projects is a great tool.

Steve Gilliam
Gilliam Electric, Inc.

I feel that the system is very easy to navigate.

Peter Ranieri
GBA Architectural Products & Services

You make it easy to find jobs to bid that are in our specific scope of work. You provide the plans, specs and you usually keep up with the addendums.

Tony Christian
Rosendin Electric

Dodge is the most comprehensive and detailed job bid search engine I have used. Dodge makes it very easy to target specific items of interest

Peter Ryan
Metal Roofing System

I like your format and ease of searching projects.

Suzanne Dillard
Krazan & Associates

I am satisfied with the products and services provided by Dodge.

Jeremiah Wright
Pisor Fence Division Inc

I have used two other services of this nature, and neither was as informative and as easy to navigate as yours. It was well worth the cost! It didn't hurt that I landed three contracts in the first three weeks, and established a relationship with a 'Big' contractor that produced significant gross receipts already!

John Bennett
Bennett Building Services

Dodge is an extremely useful tool, and provides critical information in the markets we serve.

William Foy
Government Market Manager, SunSource

Dodge has excellent information and an easy-to-use web site.

Lee Pellicciotti
Galeb Paving, Inc.

Dodge makes it very easy to read the bids!

Sue DiGirolamo
PKM Contractors Inc.

Dodge has all the information that I need, and it’s easily accessible.

Christopher Hair
R.G. Hair Inc.

Dodge is the premier database for construction projects, and they have wonderful customer service. Their information is all up to date, and it can significantly help a contractor or subcontractor's business.

Jenny Collins
A.I. Concepts

Dodge offers easy-to-use software and extremely good tech support.

Sammy Van Pelt
Kapur & Associates

Dodge is easy to use, with lots of information.

Roger Hajek
D & H Demolition

I find Dodge useful in tracking jobs.

Larry Gendron
North American Cranes and Rigging

Dodge has large amounts of great data from the Business Intelligence side, and the leads from the Dodge Global Network side are always helpful for our sales team.

Robert Dorris
Aggreko LLC

I am a Fire Alarm Sales Administrator for Safeway Fire & Protection. Our salesmen are always on the go doing what they do best. I am eager to help out finding jobs/drawings/specs/companies before any contractor may request a proposal. Using Dodge Data & Analytics filters eliminates anything I don't need, and gives me everything I do need. Being ahead of schedule makes our company (and myself) look good. Thanks, Dodge, for making my job easier!

Tina Stark
Safeway Fire

Your information is clear, concise and timely. Thank you!

Frank Fontana, III
The Eagle Leasing Company

Dodge does a great job of offering market insight, news and general knowledge.

Scott Wright
Area Sales Manager, Doka USA, Ltd.

I believe you have the most thorough information. I like being able to find out the low bidder—some services aren't as good at providing that information.

Ann Magstadt
On Site Services

Dodge is a really good resource.

Alan Zeni
Global Shaft Drilling Services LLC

You update every day and it’s a great resource.

Bill Doherty
Pipefitters Local #562

Dodge has easy-to-use searches and great information.

Dean Vasquez
License Locators

We are using your services with all our franchisees. We use Dodge as our bible, so to speak. It helps every one of our franchisees find job sites and project managers to help us make bids. We would be lost without Dodge

Dan Bennett
Manager, Super Clean Jobsite Inc.

I like my experience with Dodge. Everything is great!

Theresa Ensley
Red River Area Vocational-Technical School

As the Economic Development Organization for Jackson County, Michigan, we use this data for community economic development metrics for our quarterly scorecard; it is great because the information is easy to compile and report to our investors.

Michelle Alexander
The Enterprise Group of Jackson, Inc.

We think Dodge is very useful and we have been recommending the program to some of our new contractors.

Tate Wright
IBEW Local 702

Your reports are informative and keep us up to date.

John Gallez
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Dodge provides information about upcoming projects in my service area.

Joe Mueller
International Union of Painters & Allied Trades (IUPAT)

"Dodge provides a lot of easy-to-navigate information." 

David Thomas
U.S. Department of Commerce

Dodge provides great information, and there’s lots of it to work from.

John Bozek
Sales Manager, Vicostone USA

I get all the information that I need. Technical support is always timely and thorough.

Daniel Hyatt
Mueller Industries Inc.

Dodge provides extremely useful information.

Gina Brown
Armstrong Flooring, Inc.

The training our team has received whenever there are updates to the system has allowed us to get up and running quickly. The recent upgrades and assistance we received with Dodge integration into our Salesforce platform have been excellent—a real time saver!

Jan Piccola
National Account Manager, Behr Process Corporation