Chris Archambault

Vice President, Engineering

As Vice President, Engineering at Dodge Data & Analytics, Chris Archambault leads and directs the execution of Dodge’s product delivery, software/data engineering, quality engineering, content ingestion, architecture, and the build/release/deployment processes.

Previously, Chris was a Principal Software Engineer at Elsevier, a worldwide digital content provider of scientific, technical and medical publications and information, where he worked on their semantic, linked data repository system. He has also been a Development Manager at IBM/Kenexa, a company specializing in cognitive talent management, where he was responsible for bringing their dynamic, adaptive assessment SaaS platform to market.  Chris’s areas of expertise are enterprise SaaS development, system and process automation, and agile team building.

Chris has an M.S. in Software Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and a B.S in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers College of Engineering.

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