Highlights of Sweets

There are many reasons to love the Sweets app. Check out the highlights of Sweets building products according to Sweets Specialist, Brian Miller.


  1. “Unlimited products” and an interactive user interface

    – Sweets now indexes each and every product our clients wish to make accessible to the AEC community, providing direct links from the Sweets presentation of the product to the specific product location deep within the client site. Over 90,000 products can now be accessed via Sweets in this manner, and the number is growing weekly.

    Just as important to this new “unlimited” product capacity is Sweet’s exclusive ability to match associated product information (CAD, BIM, Specs, videos, catalogs, etc.) with the selected product. For example, if I were a user of Sweets, and I decided that the EFCO Series 6555 Fixed Window was best suited for my project application, with a click of the “download” button, I could access everything I need to input that specific EFCO Series 6555 product into my design documents and specs! No more hunting for associated CAD, specs, or BIM!

    Our new user interface provides visuals of related products in a horizontal thumbnail browsing mechanism. If, after reviewing related products, I instead opted for the EFCO SX45 window, I could access the specific specs and CAD for those units as well, again with a simple click of the “download” button.
  2. Sweets award-winning apps for Revit and AutoCAD

    have enabled product sourcing from within the design software itself. Users of these two dominant brands of design software can now easily access existing proprietary BIM models or CAD from Sweets clients to import into their designs, or choose to simply label generic representations of those products with proprietary data using the tagging application. We’re all familiar with “add to cart” in e-commerce. This is practically “add to design” for our clients’ products – all of which are tag enabled on the Sweets site for quick and easy input into these projects. (Many of our clients have added this “add to design” capability to products on their own site via Sweets, at no additional charge!)

    By making it easier to input our clients’ products into the designs, Sweets dramatically increases the likelihood of our clients becoming the “basis of design” when these design documents are later reviewed by the specifier. In other words, Sweets is no longer simply a tool for the AEC community to locate manufacturers of a given product, Sweets is also a product input tool to insert those selected products into the project documents.
  3. Clients are seeing more project opportunities (“leads”) than ever before

    , based upon improved navigation on the site, the additional product representation, and increased usage. No other sourcing site comes remotely close to providing the kind of metrics and sales lead data through this powerful combination of Sweets and Dodge. Only Sweets, through this Dodge connection, can identify the current projects, the associated decision makers such as owners, contractors, etc. for nearly every lead along with contact information for others in the firms.
  4. Finally, if Sweets clients aren’t currently taking advantage of Dodge’s exclusive BuildShare

    , they really should. By adding Buildshare to their programs (and the underlying Dodge data), Sweets clients can make their sales and marketing operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Through this service, they can target the most active firms by project specialty and location, and have instant access to the owners and contractors those firms work with, the projects they’re engaged in currently, along with contact names, etc. – everything they need to create more narrowly focused sales and marketing campaigns. The additional investment is offset with huge savings as they go to market in a much more focused manner.




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