Spotlight on Hasaan Brown

Name: Hasaan Brown

Title: Performance Marketing Director

Office Location: NYC

How long have you been with Dodge Data & Analytics?
Just over a year. One year, one month

Tell us about your role with Dodge—how do you spend a typical day?
My typical day includes reviewing our paid advertising metrics from the previous day. Looking to see if there are any on-the-fly adjustments that need to be made. Working with new advertising campaigns recently launched, and determining if any long-running campaigns have any types of hiccups. Analytics and the performance of campaigns is a heavy focus. And looking to see where improvements can be made, and in addition, ideas may develop for future campaign launches. Next to reviewing performance, a great deal of time is spent building highly targeted campaigns to reach future Dodge customers. I also spend time monitoring the health of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for

What do you like most about your job?
Testing, testing and MORE TESTING. I love being able to deliver marketing messages online that provide USEFUL content and information to those who are on the Web seeking information and answers.

What is your proudest accomplishment in the past 12 months/your time with Dodge?
Helping relaunch!

What are your priorities for the next 12 months?
To work to continue to deliver targeted information to information seekers and create a rewarding online experience. I want to be there to serve what people are looking for online and deliver it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How would you describe the value that Dodge delivers to its customers and the construction community?
We provide EXCELLENT value – I work closely with product marketing, and they pay extra special attention and keep their ears to the ground to understand how we can enhance our products to address pain points and provide solutions to those in the construction industry. Technology moves quickly and Dodge is right there staying on top of emerging trends.

What are the most attractive opportunities that you see for Dodge?
The population is growing, infrastructure is aging, and technology is not fully utilized and integrated into the construction industry. Dodge will be there to be a part of the innovation of technology to help address concerns within the construction industry.

What changes in the industry have you seen in your time here?
The rise of tech. Drones and VR, especially. It is truly fascinating.

How do you spend your spare time?
Believe it or not, yes, I am an older guy born in the Atari generation, and I love to game (when my wife allows me to). While that is my indoor activity, I am a big outdoorsman – I spend a lot of time surf fishing in NYC’s awesome fishery!

What would you like people to know about you that they may not?
I have recently spent time as a member of the board of directors for the non-profit Rock and Roll for Children Foundation and continue to remain close to this organization. This charity raises money through a huge annual Rock and Roll concert charity event to benefit sick children at The Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Anything else that you’d like to share?
I have been in New York for the past four years, but I am a Marylander at heart and an often-disappointed DC sports fan having grown up during the Redskins Super Bowl era. Hoping for a Nats World Series title to get DC back on track! Let’s do this!!



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