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Global Construction Summit


Join leaders from the major construction markets around the world to explore how globalization is impacting and changing the construction industry, where the opportunities for growth are, and what is required to compete on the international playing field. ENR has hosted 300+ delegates from more than 20 countries representing the Asia-Pacific, North American, South American, European, and Middle-East construction markets.


June 6 - 7, 2013
McGraw Hill Companies Headquarters 
New York, NY


Thursday, June 6

  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM     Registration & Refreshments in Exhibit Hall  
  1:00 PM – 1:15 PM    

Opening Remarks

Glenn S. Goldberg - view bio »
President, Commodities & Commercial Markets
McGraw Hill Financial

Paul L. Bonington
- view bio »
Vice President Media
Publisher, Engineering News-Record
McGraw Hill Construction

  1:15 PM – 2:00 PM    

Navigating Historic Times: Where the Global Economy Goes From Here

In this opening keynote address, Mr. Sheard will speak about the global economic outlook.  In the U.S, san recovery gain traction or will it be stymied by the fiscal brakes being slammed on too soon?  Will the Fed's QE end in tears or in cheers?  In the Eurozone, what is the underlying source of the crisis?  Can policymakers fix the flawed architecture?  If so, at what cost?  As for China’s rebalancing challenge, can the country get off its investment treadmill without triggering a hard landing?  In Japan, can the Abe government and the new Bank of Japan leadership end the near-two-decade deflation?  All this and more will be addressed.

Paul Sheard - view bio »
Executive Managing Director; Chief Global Economist & Head of Global Economics and Research
Standard & Poor’s

  2:00 PM – 2:30 PM    

Keynote: Global Supply Chain Management
Manufacturing heavy equipment in a global world requires careful planning, logistics and quality control to ensure that plants are running efficiently, meeting regulatory requirements and delivering products of high quality and high value to world construction markets.  As the leader of one of the top manufacturers of heavy equipment worldwide, Mr. DeFeo will share his insights on how Terex has succeeded in doing work in emerging markets, best practices for global supply-chain strategy and ideas on global construction work in the near future.

Ronald M. DeFeo- view bio »
Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Terex Corporation

Introduction by:
Aziz Çengel
- view bio »
Regional Manager, Gulf Countries
Gap iNSAAT       

  2:30 PM – 3:00 PM     Networking & Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall  
  3:00 PM – 4:00 PM     Procurement: Outfitting the Global Firm

Logistics and procurement now occupy more important roles in international construction because of the complexities of supply chain management on a global scale.  In this session, experts will share best practices in meeting the challenges of sourcing materials, equipment and human resources and handling demand volatility, and will outline how new technology applications are expediting schedules and improving quality and efficiency.  Discussion will touch on new trends in risk assessment, modular construction, and management of local labor and business culture issues.


Ryan J. Orr
- view bio »
Executive Director, Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
Stanford University

Kathy Canaan - view bio »
Director Logistics & Export Compliance

Philip Ovanessians - view bio »
Vice President/General Manager of Global Procurement
Samsung Construction & Trading Corp.

Frank Roth
Vice President, Marketing
United Rentals

  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM    

The 24/7 Firm—Global Workload Sharing & Management
How are global firms managing workloads and workforces around the world to maximize productivity and profitability and create a “24/7” operation?  How has technology both propelled and challenged this trend?  What are the biggest benefits—and risks—of the approach for companies, their employees and clients?  This panel will address all this and more.


Greg Bentley- view bio »
Chief Executive Officer
Bentley Systems, Inc.

Leo E. Argiris, PE - view bio »

Andy Ewens - view bio »
Engineering Director - Group Operations

David A. McAlister, PE - view bio »
Director of Corporate Development
Parsons Brinkerhoff

John E. Taylor, Ph.D. - view bio »
Associate Professor
Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Virginia Tech

  5:00 PM – 6:30 PM    

Cocktail & Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall

  6:30 PM     ENR’s Global Best Projects Awards  
  Friday, June 7        
  7:00 AM – 8:00 AM    

Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

7:30 - 7:55 AM
Doing Business In and Through Turkey
Turkey has shown a remarkable economic performance in the last ten years, during which the global environment for the economies was not always good. This has been partly due to the stable political environment in the country, proper implementation of correct policies at the government level, as well as strong and vibrant companies doing businesses everywhere.  Companies in energy and construction have shown a distinctive track record of performance in successful project implementation and completion.  With close understanding of the business environment and the culture of countries in which it operates, Çalık has distinguished itself from other players with excellent communication skills and logistics capabilities.  Çalık believes that the young and educated population of Turkey and its proximity to a dynamic region creates the best excuse to invest and do business in and around Turkey.

Ridvan Aktürk - view bio »
Director, Midstream Business Unit 
Çalık Energy

  8:00 AM – 8:10 AM    

Opening Remarks
Janice L. Tuchman - view bio »
Engineering News-Record

  8:10 AM – 8:40 AM    

Keynote: Let's Go International
Our clients have globalized.  International diversifications look attractive.  Interesting global engineering challenges are alluring.  Shall we go international and if so, in what fashion?  In this keynote, CEO Lee McIntire will explore reasons for a business to expand internationally, and the opportunities and risks associated with going global.

Lee A. McIntire
- view bio »
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
CH2M Hill

  8:40 AM – 9:40 AM     

Follow the Owner: Getting on the A-List

In this panel, owners from different market sectors who work around the world will explain what skills and experience are most important to them as they build teams for global projects.  What matters most in choosing firms to work outside their home countries?  What aspects of work go to international players more often than local competitors?  How can construction and design firms that would like to partner with their clients abroad assist them in preparing to build overseas?  Discussion will explore factors like safety, productivity, technology, front-end planning and ethics.

Cliff Brewis, AIACC - view bio »
Senior Director Editorial Operations, Dodge International
McGraw Hill Construction

James C. Ellis - view bio »
Global Engineering Director

Brett Henderson - view bio »
Upstream Director, Europe, Eurasia & Middle East
Project Resources
Chevron Corporation

Irv Kieback - view bio »
Corporate Engineering Director
Procter & Gamble

Grant R. Stevens - view bio »
Senior Managing Director & Co-Country Head
Hines India

  9:40 AM – 10:10 AM    

Networking & Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall

  10:10 AM – 11:10 AM    

Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Mergers & Acquisitions: Different Models for Different Global Markets
Determining how to be successful in global markets has required firms to try a variety of approaches to gain a foothold in different geographies.  Progressive firms are actively engaging a variety of partners to create meaningful networks and build business.  Whether chasing a specific project or working on long-term business development strategies, building the right team and partnering with the right firms are essential to winning work.  This panel will share information on how to find, establish, evaluate and maintain affiliations for your next big global pursuit.  Panelists will share approaches ranging from finding and vetting a local partner to forming effective partnerships to partial or full acquisition.  Also, what are the unique challenges of cross-border teaming, valuation, due diligence and integration?

Stephen P. Darnell - view bio »
Managing Director, Investment Banking
FMI Capital Advisors, Inc.

John M. Dionisio - view bio »
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Uwe Krueger - view bio »
Chief Executive Officer

Nassef Sawiris - view bio »
Director & Chief Executive Officer
Orascom Construction Industries

William P. Utt - view bio »
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
KBR, Inc.

  11:10 AM – 12:00 PM    

Digital Cities & Smarter Growth

How can cities become more sustainable?  This panel will explore the challenges cities around the world face as they seek ways to effectively manage growth.  Panelists will discuss solutions such as smart and green infrastructure, transit-oriented development, renewable energy, modular construction, and intelligent building networks.

Paul Doherty, AIA - view bio »
President & Chief Executive Officer
the digit group, inc.

Jeffrey Heller, FAIA - view bio »
Heller Manus

Anil Menon - view bio »
President, Smart+Connected Communities
Deputy Chief Globalisation Officer

  12:00 PM – 12:30 PM    

Closing Keynote: Global Construction 2025

Global Construction 2025 will explore how regional construction markets around the world are likely to grow during the period to 2025 as well as help identify and highlight opportunities for construction corporations looking for long-term growth markets.  Emerging construction markets in Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey as well as LATAM will see growth through rising populations, greater demographic impact and faster urbanisation.

Graham D. Robinson - view bio »
Executive Director
Global Construction Perspectives

  12:30 PM    

Closing Remarks

Paul L. Bonington - view bio »
Vice President Media
Publisher, Engineering News-Record
McGraw Hill Construction

  12:30 PM    

Conference Concludes


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