SNAP Editorial Calendar

2015 SNAP Editorial Calendar
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Green Source



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Materials Due

Display Ad: 1/10

Spotlight Ad: 1/10

Case Study: Health Care


Made in USA: Midwest

Product Specs: Health Care Products, Resilient Flooring; Daylighting & Sun Control; Paints & Coatings; Accessible Design Solutions

Products: Top 10 Green Products of the Year


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Spotlight Ad: 3/5

Materials Due

Display Ad: 3/10

Spotlight Ad: 3/10


Bonus Distribution: Lightfair & AIA 

Case Study
: Cultural


Made in USA: Mid-Atlantic

Product Specs: Wood;Plumbing Fixtures; Windows & Doors; Exterior Lighting; Concrete & Masonry


Products: Exterior Envelope 

May June

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Materials Due

Display Ad: 5/10

Spotlight Ad: 5/10


Bonus Distribution: NeoCon

Case Study: Hospitality


Made in USA: West Coast

Product Specs:Decorative Lighting; Finishes; Flooring (all types);Site Furniture;Landscape

Products: Lighting


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Spotlight Ad: 7/5

Materials Due

Display Ad: 7/10

Spotlight Ad: 7/10

Case Study: Office

Made in USA: Gulf Coast

Product Specs: Glass & Glazing; HVAC; Walls & Partitions; Contract Furnishings; Interior Lighting (all types)


Products: Residential


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Materials Due

Display Ad: 9/10

Spotlight Ad: 9/10


Bonus Distribution:
Neocon East & Greenbuild

Case Study: Education

Made in USA: New England 

Product Specs: Education Solutions, Roofing & Siding; Safety & Security: Acoustics; Building Envelope

Interior Finishes


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Materials Due

Display Ad: 11/10

Spotlight Ad: 11/10

Case Study: Retail

Made in USA: Southwest

Product Specs: Hardware; Storefronts & Entrances; Tile, Stone & Surfacing; Stairs & Elevators; Kitchen

Products:Rapidly Renewable & High Recycled Content Materials