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McGraw-Hill Construction's Mold Update Center gives you the latest news from our publications plus from regional and national news sources. You can ask questions of the experts and view sponsored features. Content on the left is from our editorial staff; content on the right is sponsored material.

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National and Regional Mold News Stories
» Teachers, Parents Stay Away from Tainted Classroom
» Mold Prompts Orders for Testing of Residential Towers
» Mold Strikes New Orleans School
» Senior Complex To Be Razed
» Tenn. One of Top States at Risk for Mold (
» Flooded Buildings Are Powerless Against Mold Growth (
»A Growing Problem (
»Florida Schools Hit by Mold Lawsuits (
Mold May Not Be a Severe Health Menace, But It’s Still a Complex Problem

I read your response here to an earlier question on dealing with mold in ventilation systems. How do I create the negative pressure you described and/or how do I assure proper ventilation to best reduce moisture?

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