The Business Value of BIM in Europe

The Business Value Of BIM In Western Europe Cover

This report provides new insights on how the adoption, value and use of BIM in Western Europe resembles and differs from that in North America. It explores BIM adoption and the value that users are experiencing. For non-users the report explores their reasons for not implementing BIM and the factors that would motivate them to implement BIM in the future. For adopters the report probes deeper into their length of usage and level of expertise; their usage levels (% of projects) – now and in the future; the cost of their types of BIM investments they are making; and the return on investment (ROI) and business benefits that they are getting from using BIM. Five case studies and two industry perspectives provide additional insight into how companies in Western Europe are implementing BIM within their organizations and how the tangible business benefits they derive as a result compare to those experienced in North America