Using Building Information Modeling to Connect Design and Construction


BIM (building information modeling), an intelligent model-based design process, provides a critical foundation to help designers, builders and owners leverage disruption to gain a competitive advantage with enhanced ability to access, share and make useful enormous amounts of information throughout the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure.

BIM is blurring the lines between digital processing and physical systems, causing the design and build phases of projects to move closer together. Seamless integration of these processes saves time and money. Tools used to connect design and construction include streamlined fabrication technology, prefabrication of materials offsite, modular construction and 3D printing.

Building information modeling initially gained traction in the US marketplace with design professionals to iterate more fluidly, analyze options more objectively, and produce better documentation. As modeling has matured, an increasing number of contractors and fabricators have embraced BIM for its exceptional value in downstream activities, such as detailing, fabrication, installation and handover; integrating the complete design and construction workflow as an efficient, collaborative digital effort. In the report, this is referred to as the integrated workflow.

The integrated workflow is transforming the design and construction process. The research in this report, which was produced with the support of Autodesk, focuses on the architectural, structural and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) aspects of the integrated workflow for building projects.

  • The study includes data on how BIM (building information modeling) is used to connect design professionals with fabricators and contractors, as well as the current and future value they find in BIM.
  • It also reveals the frequency of current implementation and the current and future impacts of a fully connected integrated workflow for building projects.

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