Connecting Owners and Contractors – How Technology Drives Connected Construction

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Project management information systems (PMIS) have improved processes and the exchange of data between owners and the project team. This study demonstrates the high level of satisfaction owners and contractors have for the systems they are using now, and the degree to which they find that data connectedness in general has improved on their projects in the last three years. However, it also reveals the potential for greater improvement is still very high. Requirements that contractors use owners’ PMIS have cost and productivity implications, and they can lead to the loss of valuable data. The findings suggest that the industry as a whole will continue to benefit as the flow of data gets easier between owners and their project teams.

This SmartMarket Brief includes:

  • Data from a survey of 98 building project owners and 112 U.S. contractors on ways to improve the flow of data between contractors and owners.
  • Perspectives from four senior executives at large owner organizations (Howard Hughes, Inova, University of California San Diego and University of Chicago) on the advantages of having contractors use their PMIS and the best ways to address the challenges contractors face because of this requirement.

Topics Covered:

Benefits and Challenges of Contractors’ Use of Owners’ PMIS

  • Use of a PMIS, generally and for RFIs and submittals by owners and contractors
  • Increased risks faced by contractors due to owner requirements for contractors to use owners’ PMIS
  • Added value of seamless workflow for submittals and RFIs