Key Business Trends for Commercial Contractors


Since 2016, Dodge Data & Analytics has been surveying hundreds of US commercial contractors every quarter to determine the current state of their business and their view of the coming months. Respondents come from Dodge Data & Analytics’ Contractor Panel, comprised of over 3,000 general contractors and specialty trades in a wide range of sizes and locations. The Key Business Trends for Commercial Contractors Report analyzes the data from the 2017 and 2018 quarterly surveys of contractors conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics that form the basis of the quarterly USG Corporation + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index. Its highly graphical approach provides a succinct overview of the trends, drivers and concerns of hundreds of U.S. contractors.

  • The report shows how backlog and confidence about new business have evolved in this period, along with revenue and profit margin expectations.
  • It also looks at the challenge with the construction labor shortage, including the trades with the greatest shortages and how contractors are dealing with this issue.
  • It demonstrates the emergence of concerns in 2018 about the cost and availability of products, materials and equipment.

This report, Key Business Trends for Commercial Contractors, is an analysis by Dodge Data & Analytics of some of the key trends gleaned from all the surveys completed during 2017 and 2018. It provides a unique look at the trends, drivers and concerns of hundreds of knowledgeable, experienced practitioners about this active and dynamic two-year period in the US commercial construction industry, as well as a glimpse into what they believe the coming months may hold. Dodge Data & Analytics wishes to thank the US Chamber of Commerce and USG Corporation for sponsoring the surveys on which this analysis report is based.

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