Construction Bidding Opportunities as of 10/18/2021

Construction Bidding Opportunities USA is a free listing of select construction projects currently seeking bids. Click on the project name for more information, or to get all of the details and the complete list of construction leads and in your area, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo below, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.


Helena Middle School Classroom AdditionsALPaving
RFQ/GC: Joe Davis Stadium Exterior Facade RenovationsALOffice
Augusta Lift Station Force Main ReplacementALSite Development
Highway 25 Sewer ExtensionALPrison/Jail
Lowder Hall Financial Lab RenovationALMilitary Facility
Archibald Yell Boulevard Safety ImprovementsARMiddle/Senior High School Athletic Facility
Pinal County Medical Examiner's Office BuildingAZPark/Playground
Granite Creek Corridor Master PlanAZPaving
Orange Therapy Fitness TICAPaving Runway/Taxiway Site Development Storm Sewer
McFarland Gymnasium Remodel REBIDCACollege/University Theater/Auditorium
Magnolia Ave Bridge RepairsCAAirline Terminal
CA/DOT: Bridge ReplacementsCASite Development
CA/DOT: Place Structural Concrete Bridge & BarrierCACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Fernwood Avenue Park ImprovementsCAMiscellaneous Education Building Paving
CA/DOT: Rock Slope Protection & Bridge Rail ConstructionCASewage Treatment Plant
F and 1st Street Bridge ReplacementCAAirline Terminal
City Hall Improvements Phase 2CALandscaping
SBVC Technical Building Replacement CP1CAStorm Sewer
Reedley College Fine & Performing Arts CenterCASite Development Landscaping
Fullerton College Building #840 Restroom RenovationCAWater Treatment Plant Water Line
UCLA CHS 105A Biomedical Cyclotron ReplacementCASite Development Storm Sewer
Sunset Ridge ConstructionCAClinic/Medical Office
Pacific View Drive 7300 Bulkhead ReplacementCAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
RFQ/GC: High-Voltage Power TransformersCAParking Garage
9362 Studio Court Acquisition and RemodelCAWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
Fire Station No. 81CAPark/Playground
RFQ/CM/GC: Ingleside Police Station ReplacementCAPark/Playground
Fire Station No. 3CALandscaping
Real Time Awareness CenterCAAirline Terminal
BF Sisk Dam Safety Modifications Phase ICAFire/Police Station
RFQ/DB: Dining and Affordable Student Housing ProjectCADock/Pier
South Fontana ParkCAPaving Bridge
CA/DOT: Metal Beam Guardrails InstallationCAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Silverado Fire Damaged Toll Plaza Landscape RepairCAPaving
Multiple Schools Shade Structure Installation REBIDCAPaving Site Development Storm Sewer
Matilda Torres High School StadiumCACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Legacy Magnet School Gymnasium (Phase 2)CASidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/DB: Public Works Department Metal BuildingCARoadway Lighting
Bayside Terminal IMT Double Track REBIDCARoadway Lighting
Accessible Improvement Program Phase ICAPaving Site Development
CA/DOT: Precast Concrete Pavement & HMACAOffice
Annual Water Distribution System ImprovementsCARoadway Lighting
Heber Avenue Sidewalks InstallationCAStorm Sewer
Orchard Dale Elementary School Interim HousingCAVehicle Sales/Service
Orchard Dale Elementary School ModernizationCAMilitary Facility
Folsom Rail ModernizationCAPaving
Traffic Signal Left Turn Phasing ImprovementsCADry Waste Treatment Plant
Traffic Signal RehabilitationCAPaving Landscaping
CA/DOT: Lighting InstallationCAWater Line
MacArthur Boulevard Regional Traffic Signal SynchronizationCACollege/University
CA/DOT: Guardrail ImprovementCAStorm Sewer
Barstow and Palm Traffic Signal Improvement REBIDCAStorm Sewer
Escondido Creek Trail Bike Path ImprovementsCAMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
Special Structures Phase 1CAMiscellaneous Education Building
El Toyon- Las Palmas Bicycle CorridorCACollege/University Hospital
Citywide Sidewalk RepairCAOffice
Reverse Flow Pumping Structures 22 23 25 & 27CAHospital
Gateway and Zone ReservoirCAFire/Police Station
VTA Plumbing and Utility Services & MaintenanceCASocial Club Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Fire/Police Station
Roberts Pool RenovationCAPaving
Aloft Hotel with Swimming PoolCAOffice
Traffic Signal Street Lights & Concrete Wheel Chair Ramp IQCCARailroad
BRT Corridor Improvements Phase 1BCAOffice
RFQ/DB: BART Silicon Valley Phase II Extension REBIDCAOffice
RFQ/DB: Dams and Reservoirs Security ImprovementsCAOffice Airline Terminal Miscellaneous Recreational
Garfield Reservoir Rehabilitation No 1CAWater Treatment Plant
Water Sewer and Recycled Water System FacilitiesCASewage Treatment Plant
Kings Tanks & Blanca Tanks RehabilitationCAApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Well No. 37 & 39 & 50 Treatment FacilityCAWater Line
Recycled Water Facility Improvements Phase 1 REBIDCACollege/University Hospital
Regional Groundwater Storage and Recovery Ph 2ACAWater Line
RFP/DB: Uncompahgre Riverway Trail North End RestroomCOOffice Fire/Police Station
Sheridan Parking Structure RepairsCOFire/Police Station
CT/DOT: I-95 NB Bridge Improvements (CO 004) REBIDCTHighway Signs/Guardrails
CT/DOT: CT-154 Bridge Replacement (CO 004)CTPower Lines Storm Sewer Water Line
RFQ/CM: Burritt Library Renovation & Addition(Library Annex)CTPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Sanitary Sewer
Clinton Manor Office Interior RenovationsCTCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Parking Garage
Parking Deck RepairsCTUtility Tunnel
CREC Head Start Build Out - Swift FactoryCTRoadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Dollar Tree Plainfield, CTCTPaving Bridge Storm Sewer
Irrigation Systems Maintenance & Repairs REBID IQCCTWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant Paving Water Tank
815 W. 9th Street RenovationDEWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
Neptune Apartments Rehabilitation Phase IIFLWater Tank
Stay Apt SuitesFLDock/Pier
RFP/DB: South Shore Community ParkFLAthletic Facility
Durante Park Boardwalk & Observation Pier ReplacementFLRoadway Lighting Paving Site Development
North Beach Oceanside Park Beachwalk REBIDFLCustom Homes
Jonnie Ruth Clarke Health Center (St. Petersburg, FL)FLWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
Bridge Electrical & Control System RehabilitationFLPark/Playground Storm Sewer
Hardening Residential RetrofitFLStorage Tank (Other)
Emergency Shelter Bridge-Housing and Homeless ServicesFLOffice Prison/Jail
RFQ/DB: Solid Waste Facilities RelocationFLMilitary Facility
Weeki Wachee River Channel RestorationFLMilitary Facility
FL/DOT: SR 8(I-10) Roadway Signing Improvements (CO 02FLAircraft Sales/Service
Oak View Middle School New ClassroomsFLOffice
Hallandale High School Smart ProgramFLWater Treatment Plant
Sumner & Newsome HS AdditionsFLBridge Storm Sewer
SDO Board Room Exterior Finishes & RoofFLPaving
Whispering Pines Educational CenterFLStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
Ryan Park ADA Trail & Picnic FacilitiesFLTheater/Auditorium
Estero Crossings Building 4FLSanitary Sewer
City Building and Park General Facility MaintenanceFLPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
Community Services Building Hardening Ada ImprovementsFLOffice
Parker Commons Medical Office BuildingFLVehicle Sales/Service
Administration Building POD 1AFLMilitary Facility Paving
H. Spurgeon Cherry Pool Aquatics Center RenovationsFLPaving Highway Signs/Guardrails Landscaping
Public/Park Works Operations Facility REBIDFLOffice
Orange County Summerlake Park Improvements REBIDFLSocial Club Dormitory
RFQ/DB: Pros Golf Course Reconfiguration FairwaysFLFire/Police Station
FY21 Paving Resurfacing REBIDFLPark/Playground Site Development Storm Sewer
Solon Avenue Force Main & Fiber Optic ImprovementsFLCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Relocatable Classrooms Exterior RenovationsFLDredging
Home Centric Store #326FLPrison/Jail
Weavers Community Park LightningFLMilitary Facility
Rifle Range Street Lighting ReplacementsFLSidewalk/Parking Lot Highway Signs/Guardrails Park/Playground
Seminole Estates Clubhouse Parking Lot LED Lighting ReplacemFLSite Development
FL/DOT: SR 25(US 27) Asphaltic Concrete Resurfacing (CO 015)FLPaving
FL/DOT: SR 25 Okeechobee Road Improvements (CO 001)FLPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
FL/DOT: SR 75 Milling and Resurfacing (CO 004) REBIDFLTower/Signal System
FL/DOT: SR 5 Traffic Maintenance (CO 016)FLMiscellaneous Education Building
FL/DOT: Davenport Complete Street Resurfacing (CO 003)FLPaving
FL/DOT: SR 95 Sidewalk & Road Resurfacing (CO 013)FLMiscellaneous Education Building Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
FL/DOT: SR 292 Milling & Resurfacing (CO 004)FLCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Roadway ImprovementsFLPark/Playground
Sligh Boulevard and Columbia Street ImprovementsFLPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
Flagler Executive Airport T-Hangars TaxilanesFLWater Tank
Meadowlane Avenue Sanitary Sewer Force Main ImprovementsFLStorm Sewer
FL/DOT: US 98 (SR 30) Ditch Lining Installation (CO 006)FLAirline Terminal Hotel/Motel
Underground Utility RehabilitationFLPark/Playground Landscaping
St. Johns Golf Clubhouse & Cart Barn RenovationFLPark/Playground
Diesel Storage Tank InstallationFLMiscellaneous Education Building
Units 1-10 Culvert Pipe Replacement REBIDFLSidewalk/Parking Lot
Green Swamp Cuverts - NorthFLAirline Terminal Water Tank
Wawa Convenience Store and Gas Station @ Pura Vida #5359FLMilitary Facility
Fleet Garage Build OutFLPaving
Tesla Service Center Expansion (Eatonville, FL)FLHighway Signs/Guardrails
FL/DOT: Seffner Weigh Station (CO 021)FLSite Development Storm Sewer
19th Hole Walk-In Cooler REBIDFLPaving Park/Playground
Walk-In Cooler & Freezer ReplacementFLWater Tank
NW 12th Avenue Force Main InstallationFLMiscellaneous Education Building
Planet FitnessGABridge Storm Sewer Water Line
GA/DOT: CR 85 Fairview Road Bridge Improvements (CO 013)GABridge
GA/DOT: CS 784 Bridge and Appoaches (CO 002)GAOffice
GA/DOT: CR 433 Bridge and Approaches (CO 015)GAPaving Bridge
Harbor Freight Tools (TI) Lithia Springs, GAGAOffice
GA/DOT: Traffic Signal Improvements (CO 007) REBIDGAOffice
Forsyth County Water Tower Repair IQCGAMiddle/Senior High School
Physical Education Athletic Complex RepairHIMilitary Facility
Administration Renovation and 2nd Floor RepurposeHIPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Construction Contractor Services IQCHIMuseum Miscellaneous Recreational
IA/DOT: H20 Bridge Replacement (CO 012)IASite Development
IA/DOT: Bridge Replacement (CO 002)IAOffice
IA/DOT: Bridge Replacement (CO 010)IARailroad
IA/DOT: 160th St Bridge Replacement (CO 005)IAMiscellaneous Education Building
IA/DOT: US 65 Bridge Deck Overlay Improvements (CO 013)IAParking Garage
IA/DOT: I-35 Bridge Deck Overlay (CO 017)IACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
IA/DOT: US 6 Bridge Deck Overlay Improvements (CO 015)IAPaving
IA/DOT: US 169 Bridge Deck Overlay Improvements (CO 009)IADormitory
IA/DOT: US 6 Bridge Deck Overlay Improvements (CO 004)IAPaving Site Development
IA/DOT: Bridge Deck Overlay (CO 018)IARailroad
IA/DOT: Bridge Deck Overlay Improvements (CO 014)IAMiddle/Senior High School
IA/DOT: F 50 Bridge Improvements (CO 006)IACollege/University
IA/DOT: I-175 Bridge Replacement (CO 011)IACollege/University
John Pappajohn Pavilion - Expand Lower Level Pet DispensaryIACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
IA/DOT: Guardrail Repair (CO 351) IQCIAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
2020 South Tower BHU MEP Infrastructure RenovationIASewage Treatment Plant
Keokuk County Health Center Clinic and Pharmacy ExpansionIASite Development Shoreline Maintenance Water Line
IA/DOT: US 30 Landscaping Improvements (CO 502)IAPark/Playground
IA/DOT: Landscaping Improvements (CO 501)IAPrimary School Athletic Facility
Audubon HS & Middle School Facility Improvements REBIDIAWater Treatment Plant
IA/DOT: Bridge Replacement (CO 003)IAWorship Facility
IA/DOT: US 30 Road & Culvert Improvements (CO 304)IATesting/Research/Development Lab
Cedar River Recreational Area & Riverbank ImprovementsIAMiscellaneous Recreational Tower/Signal System
IA/DOT: I 29 Slope Improvement (CO 302)IARoadway Lighting Paving Site Development
2021 Water Supply WellIASocial Club
Precast Cement Bridge FootingsIDPaving Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
Christine Street Northview Street to Ustick RoadIDPaving Park/Playground Storm Sewer
Summit Senior Housing Exterior Upgrades & Unit RenovationsILMilitary Facility
Phase-5-Group-5-StrILPaving Bridge Landscaping Storm Sewer
Phase-5-Group-6ILPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
Mineral Springs Park RestroomsILRoadway Lighting Paving
RFP/CM: Construction Management ServicesILPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
Aledo City Hall Interior Remodel - Phase 2 3ILPaving
North Wing Renovation - Parking Garage Improvements PH-IIIILPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Flossmoor & Heather ES Asphalt Repair REBIDILPaving
Cornelius Early Learning Center (Capital Improvements)ILMiddle/Senior High School
Sauganash Elementary School Annex IIILPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
Phase 5 Group 4ILOffice
Phase 5 Group 3 STRILLandscaping
Pavement Removal and ReplacementILPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
Stickney WRP A/B and C/D Service Tunnel Rehabilitation PH3ILFood/Beverage Service Middle/Senior High School
CPS Warehouse (ADA Upgrades)ILOffice Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer Water Line
Lauren Robel Plaza SiteINPaving
White River Valley ES Cafeteria Addition and ImprovementsINCollege/University
New Main Lift StationINMiscellaneous Recreational
Horticulture Therapy & Campus ImprovementsKSPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
10th Street & 15th Street Bridge ConstructionKSOffice
Re-Deck/Widen BridgesKSPaving
97 Metcalf Office Building Lot 4 ShellKSPark/Playground
Aircraft Parking Ramp ImprovementsKSMiscellaneous Education Building
Trinity Point 2nd Addition Phase 1KSRoadway Lighting Bridge Landscaping Storm Sewer Water Line
Inland Port Buildings 61 and 62KSElderly/Assisted Living
Waterline Improvements REBIDKSOffice Athletic Facility Miscellaneous Recreational Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground Landscaping
Water Main ExtensionKSSewage Treatment Plant Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
Water Main ReplacementKSSewage Treatment Plant Roadway Lighting Paving Storm Sewer
Cawood Ledford Boys and Girls Club New Gymnasium REBIDKYOffice
KY/DOT: US 41 Bridge Replacement (CO 100)KYDredging
Still & Maturation BuildingKYPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Polo Club Boulevard Middle SchoolKYSite Development
RFP/DB: KY/DOT: I-69 Ohio River Crossing I-69 ORX Section 1KYSite Development Dredging
KY/DOT: CR-1210 Bridge Improvements (CO 400)KYPaving
Russell Lee Park Tennis Courts RepairsKYMilitary Facility
RFP/DB: Cardinal Stadium Club RenovationKYPaving
Huddy Site #7 Waterline RelocationKYPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Water Main InstallationKYStorage Tank (Other)
River Water Intrusion Groups 2 & 3 ImprovementsKYCollege/University
East Annex, West Annex, Courthouse (Hurricane Laura Damage)LAMiscellaneous Education Building
Southern University Lab School Exterior and Interior RepairsLAMiscellaneous Recreational
141ST Field Artillery Regiment Readiness Center Zeta RepairsLAPaving Highway Signs/Guardrails Storm Sewer
St. Charls Parish Sheriff Office Shooting RangeLACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Woodvale Elementary School Cafeteria RenovationLAPaving Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
LA/DOT: I-10 Navigation Lighting Improvements REBIDLACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Sanitary Sewer Water Line
LA/DOT: LA 24 Sidewalk RehabilitationLAOffice
Three Sided Metal Equipment Shed InstallationLAOffice
Pleasant Hill Phase 3 Water Tank & Water WellLAOffice
Municipal HVAC Mechanical & Automated Control System ServiceMACollege/University
FSB: Kitchen & Bath Modernization House DoctorMAPark/Playground
FSB Dennis Fire Station 2MAWarehouse
Wachusett Dam Bastion ImprovementsMACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Fire/Police Station
FSB Shawme Crowell Comfort Stations Renovations REBIDMAOffice
FSB MA/DOT: Highway Operations Center ImprovementsMAPaving
FSB New Maintenance and Operations Facility REBIDMAAirline Terminal
MA/DOT: Highway Lighting Repairs & ImprovementsMAPrison/Jail
WWTP Baffle Wall ReplacementMAPrison/Jail Dormitory
FSB Olsen Pool Bathhouse RenovationMAPrison/Jail Dormitory
FSB Magazine Beach Pool Bathhouse RenovationMAPrison/Jail
Scantic Valley Water Main ExtensionMACollege/University Testing/Research/Development Lab
Specialty Construction JOC IDIQMDApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories Dormitory
Centreville & Chestertown Freight Lines Seven Grade CrossingMDPaving
Johnsville Road Sidewalk ImprovementMDSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/DB: Fairland Tennis Bubble ReplacementMDAirline Terminal
ME/DOT: I-295 Bridge ReplacementMESocial Club
Business Faade Grant - Waterfall ArtsMEStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
MI/DOT: South Wakeley Bridge Rd ReplacementMIPrison/Jail
Sparta Township Sports Park - Walking Trail and BridgeMIStorm Sewer
MI/DOT: Bridge Replacement (CO 058)MIPark/Playground
EHRM Training and Admin Space SupportMIRetail (Other)
Staebler Farm Park Multipurpose BuildingMIPaving
MI/DOT: Signal Modernization (CO 056)MIFire/Police Station
MI/DOT: Traffic Signal Modernization (CO 030)MITheater/Auditorium
MI/DOT: Concrete Sidewalks and Signal Improvements (CO 060)MIStorm Sewer
2020 & 2021 Sewer LiningMIVehicle Sales/Service Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/DB: Baby Creek CSO Effluent Conduit AccessMISite Development
Franklin O & M Facility Geothermal Systems ModificationsMNHospital
Transportation Center 2022 AdditionMNSite Development Dock/Pier Shoreline Maintenance
County Road 49 & County Road J ImprovementsMNPaving
Grant Avenue Bridge ImprovementsMOCollege/University
MO/DOT: IS 255 Bridge Rehabilitation (CO F01)MOPaving Site Development Storm Sewer
MO/DOT: Adelaide Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation (CO F10)MOWater Line
MO/DOT: Route 65 Bridge Rehabilitation (CO A01) REBIDMOFire/Police Station
Premanufactured Precast Concrete Transmitter Buildings REBIDMODock/Pier
Duncan Estates Exterior Remodel REBIDMOCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Sikeston K Center Safe Room / Multi-Purpose BuildingMOOffice
SRC Manufacturing/Office Building Phase IIIMOSite Development
2021 Court Garage RepairsMOApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
MO/DOT: I-70 Bridge Improvements (CO D10)MOFood/Beverage Service
MO/DOT: Roaring River State Park Resurface (CO G04)MOCollege/University Miscellaneous Education Building
MO/DOT: ITS Maintenance (CO F06)MOCollege/University Miscellaneous Education Building
Wabash Drive ExtensionMOOffice College/University Miscellaneous Education Building Miscellaneous Recreational
Carriage Commons Channel ImprovementsMOMiscellaneous Education Building Miscellaneous Recreational
Auditorium RenovationMOMiscellaneous Education Building Miscellaneous Recreational
Old Highway 40 Waterline RelocationMOPaving
Lone Elk Park Lake RepairMOOffice
Industrial Park Lift Station ReplacementMOLandscaping
Pump Station P-750 ImprovementsMOLibrary
Bridge Repair REBIDMSPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development
MS/DOT: SR 302 Bridge Preservations (CO 001)MSPaving Site Development Storm Sewer Water Line
0.073 MI Bridge MaintenanceMSPaving Site Development
CEF Central Plant Heating Water System UpgradesMSMiddle/Senior High School
Culinary Arts Program RelocationMSSanitary Sewer
NEMCC Outdoor ClassroomsMSSite Development Dredging
West Small Craft Harbor Fishing Pier Hurricane Zeta REBIDMSWater Line
Police Station Addition & Renovation REBIDMSWater Line
Forrest General Hospital Cross Corridor Addition REBIDMSSidewalk/Parking Lot
Desoto Central Middle School Classroom AdditionMSMiscellaneous Education Building Theater/Auditorium Athletic Facility
Snowden Grove Amphitheater ImprovementsMSPark/Playground
2009 Holmes County Courthouse RenovationMSOffice
Ms Hwy No. 442 Water Line RelocationMSPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
Fayetteville Regional Airport T-Hangar Area DevelopmentNCRoadway Lighting Paving
RFQ/SUBS: CLT Concourse A (Expansion) PHASE IINCFire/Police Station
Grifols D-520 Building ExpansionNCWater Supply Flood Control
RFP/CM: Popp Martin Student Dining (Renovations)NCHospital
Embassy Suites by Hilton & Parking Deck (Asheville, NC)NCHighway Signs/Guardrails
Upper Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsNCAirline Terminal Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
FY 2022-E Storm Water Repair & ImprovementNCSite Development
AutoZone Auto Parts Retail Store #5426NCAirline Terminal Paving Runway/Taxiway Site Development
Water System ImprovementsNCCollege/University
Waxhaw StorageNCPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
South Prairie Reservoir & Control StructureNDPaving
Minot Landfill Entrance Improvements & WatermainNDWarehouse Military Facility
Central Nebraska Regional Airport Sanitary Sewer CollectionnNEDock/Pier
USS Hazard Access Gangway Ramp ImprovementsNEPaving Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
NE/DOT: Sign Improvements (CO 315)NEOffice
NE/DOT: District 5 Sign Improvements (CO 500) REBIDNEFuel/Chemical Line
NE/DOT: Sign Improvements (CO 100)NERoadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
2021 22nd Street and H Avenue Intersection ImprovementsNEMiscellaneous Recreational
Eddy Street Underpass RehabilitationNEOffice
NE/DOT: N-57 Concrete Pavement (CO 300)NESewage Treatment Plant
NE/DOT: N-39 Milling & Bridge Repair (CO 415)NESewage Treatment Plant
NE/DOT: N-97 Road Resurfacing (CO 600)NEAirline Terminal Warehouse
Sanitary and Storm Sewer Section 1NEHospital
Residential & Commercial Building (FortyOne Elm)(Lakeport)NHPaving
NH/DOT: US 4 Bridge Rehabilitation REBIDNHBridge
Manchester 527 Patrol Shed Improvements REBIDNHBridge
Lancaster District Office AdditionNHCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Crumbl Cookies - Morris Plains, NJNJBridge Storm Sewer
Parkway Bridge Deck & Superstructure Reconstruction (CO579)NJOffice
NJ/DOT: Timber & Underwater Structural RepairNJCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Fire/Police Station
NJ/DOT: Underwater Structural Repair Contract South 2022NJAirline Terminal
Multicultural Center RenovationsNJPrimary School
West Essex Campus New Academic BuildingNJMiscellaneous Education Building
Port Street Corridor ImprovementsNJMiscellaneous Education Building
Raton Municipal Airport - HangarNMCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
NM/DOT: US 550 Bridge Rehabilitation (CN A301235)NMSite Development
NM/DOT: NM 556 Bridge Rehabilitation (CN A300923)NMPrimary School
Taos County Veteran's Cemetery REBIDNMMilitary Facility
NM/DOT: US 550 Guardrail Installation (CN 5101450)NMMuseum
NM/DOT: I-25 Roadway & Lighting Improvements (CN A300375)NMWater Line
Lyden Flood Control Channel ImprovementsNMWater Treatment Plant
Rio Wrangler Elementary SchoolNVCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Mill Street Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements REBIDNVStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
NY/DOT : Rte 27 Bridge ReplacementNYMiscellaneous Education Building
NY/DOT: Bridge Deck Replacement (CO 610)NYDock/Pier
NY/DOT: I-86 Bridge Painting (CO 614)NYCollege/University
Sandpiper Lodge Pavilion UpgradesNYStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
Patchogue-Medford Library Facility ConstructionNYOffice Water Treatment Plant Paving Storm Sewer
2020 Security Vestibule ConstructionNYApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Hospital Site Development
2019 Franklin D Roosevelt HS Capital OutlayNYPaving Site Development
2020 Capital Improvement Phase IB and Phase IINYAirline Terminal
Poughkeepsie MS Structural ImprovementsNYSocial Club
Fitness Center First Addition and AlterationNYMiscellaneous Recreational Paving
Rondout Valley CSD - 2019 Capital Improvements (Phase 3)NYBridge
2nd Floor RenovationNYMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
Village Municipal Building Building Shell REBIDNYMiscellaneous Recreational
Riverside Parks 102nd Street Staircase ReconstructionNYLandscaping
NY/DOT: I-390 Resurfacing & Bridge ReplacementNYMiscellaneous Recreational
Water Quality ImprovementsNYPaving
Newburgh Enlarged CSD 2019 Capital Improvements Phase 5NYRoadway Lighting Paving Landscaping
NY/DOT: 2021 and 2022 Traffic Signal REBIDNYSewage Treatment Plant
Sidewalks & Signage ReplaceNYCollege/University
Fuel Oil Tank Reconfigure SystemNYSocial Club
Reso Auditorium UpgradeNYWater Line
2021 Harding Road Deck ReplacementOHPaving Bridge Sidewalk/Parking Lot
OH/DOT: SR 188 Bridge Replacement (Proj No: 210581)OHPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
OH/DOT: Bridge Replacement (Proj No:210577)OHStorm Sewer
OH/DOT: SR 21 Bridge Repair (Proj No: 210570)OHCollege/University Miscellaneous Recreational
OH/DOT : IR 475 Bridge Repair (Proj No: 210578)OHPaving Bridge
OH/DOT: SR 122 Bridge Preservation (Proj No:210583)OHPaving
OH/DOT: Bridge Preservation (Proj No:210582)OHMilitary Facility Flood Control Site Development
OH/DOT: SR 72 Bridge Preservation (Proj No:210566)OHOffice
OH/DOT: US 62T Bridge Deck Replacement (Proj No:210584)OHAirline Terminal Runway/Taxiway
OH/DOT: SR 122 Bridge Repair (Proj No: 210565)OHCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
2021 Small Bridge ReplacementOHMiscellaneous Education Building
Concord Fire Stations #1 REBIDOHMiddle/Senior High School Athletic Facility Testing/Research/Development Lab
Additional Terminal Units UpgradesOHMiddle/Senior High School
Home Side Grandstand ReplacementOHPaving
The Reserve at Stoney Creek Event Facility & Office BuildingOHStorm Sewer
Lake White State Park Boater Education CenterOHRoadway Lighting
Harrison Central Mazeroski Field REBIDOHRoadway Lighting
Tesla Service Center (TI) Moraine, OHOHWater Supply Site Development Storm Sewer
Sunny Lake Dam ImprovementsOHMiscellaneous Recreational
Sugar Farms Pump Station and Force MainOHPaving
OK/DOT: Bridge Rehabilitation (CO 215)OKFire/Police Station
Greenway Trail Improvements Ph IIOKSewage Treatment Plant
Oka Park Additions - Phase 3OKHazardous Waste Disposal
Airport Checked Baggage System ExpansionORParking Garage Fire/Police Station Vehicle Tunnel
Salmon River Hatchery Holding Pond ImprovementORPaving
Main Street Phase 2 ImprovementsORSwimming Pool
RFP/DB: Old Harrison Elementary School RenovationORCollege/University Site Development
Marion County Traffic Signal Intersection ImprovementsORHazardous Waste Disposal
OR/DOT: US-101 Roadway ImprovementORPaving Park/Playground
OR/DOT: I-84 Bridge Preservation (CO 002)ORRoadway Lighting Paving Storm Sewer
OR/DOT: US 20 Signing Improvements (CO 003)ORPrison/Jail
OR/DOT: 108th Ave Pedestrian Safety ImprovementsORPark/Playground
2021 Salem Downtown Streetscape ImprovementsORShopping Center/Strip Mall
Haystack Lift Station ImprovementsORAthletic Facility
South Slough National Estuary Reserve Pole Barn BuildingOROffice
SABER Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station IDIQPAOffice Water Line
Parodi Lofts Apartments - RenovationPAMiscellaneous Education Building
PA/DOT: Emigh Run Bridge ReplacementPACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/DB: PA/DOT: SR 1011 over White Deer Creek BridgePASewage Treatment Plant
Emergency Restoration ServicesPACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Wayfinding Phase IIPAStorm Sewer
South Hall RenovationPACollege/University
PA/DOT: I 80 ITS Dynamic Message Signs ImprovementPASite Development Water Line
Trinity High School AuditoriumPASanitary Sewer
Bacton Hill ParkPACollege/University
Haldeman Maintenance Headquarters REBIDPADormitory
PA/DOT: SR 1017 Bridge ReplacementPAPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
Electrical Power Distribution System ReplacementPAPower Plant (Other)
James Logan ES - Toilet Room RenovationsPAMiddle/Senior High School
Palmyra-Macedon CSD 2018 CIP Phase 3PAMiscellaneous Education Building
Amazing Lash Studio Tenant BuildoutPAFire/Police Station
PA/DOT: 6th Street Bridge RehabilitationPAOffice Library
RFP/DB: PA/DOT: PA 309 Sumneytown Pike Connector PH 2PAWater Treatment Plant
PA/DOT: Pavement Milling & OverlayPAPower Lines
Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation LiningPACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Unruh Ave Water Mains Relay REBIDPASite Development
Reynoldsville Community Pool ImprovementsPAStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
Manchester and PITT Tower HVAC and Electrical UpgradesPAAnimal/Plant/Fish Facility
Delmar Vehicle Maintenance BuildingPAWater Treatment Plant
Solar Array & Electric Vehicle Charging Station InstallationPAMilitary Facility Paving Storm Sewer
Camtran Ebensburg Bus Wash ServicesPAFire/Police Station Sidewalk/Parking Lot Landscaping Storm Sewer
Hazard Building- Miscellaneous ImprovementsRICollege/University
Great Swamp Maintenance GarageRISewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/DB: USC School of Medicine Health Sciences CampusSCOffice
Low-Rise Cryogenics Facility ImprovementSCWater Treatment Plant Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground
Old Towne Creek County Park Phase 1 DevelopmentSCCollege/University Dormitory Landscaping
Mathews Elementary School Classroom Wing AdditionSCSewage Treatment Plant Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
Business Park Gravity Sewer & Manholes Installation Phase IISCMuseum
Richardson Hall Interior Renovation Phase 4SDCollege/University
B-21 Washrack & Maintenance HangarSDPark/Playground
Minnehaha CWC Water Tower #2ASDOffice
RFP/DB: East Baggage Makeup Carousel ReplacementTNHospital
South NorthShore Greenway Phase 1b REBIDTNWater Line
VUMC Health IT RenovationTNWater Treatment Plant
Kitchen & Bath RenovationTNSewage Treatment Plant
New Fire Station #1TNPaving Bridge
Collins Chapel Day Center RenovationsTNRailroad
Administrative Building Exterior UpgradesTNMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
Kub Corporate Services Building UpgradesTNElectric Substation
AutoZone Auto Parts Retail Store #3655TNAirline Terminal
U-Haul Self Storage BuildingTNSidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Storm Sewer
Bridge Serve West Denali Wilderness Parkway Phase IIITXMiscellaneous Education Building
Justice Center Site ImprovementsTXVehicle Sales/Service Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
Multiple Systems Maintenance Central Region Phase IITXPaving Bridge Storm Sewer
RFQ/DB: Medical Examiner ExpansionTXStorm Sewer
Mountain View Early College CenterTXMiddle/Senior High School
Turning Basin Terminal Wharf 1 Fender SystemTXCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Older Adults Residential RepairTXWarehouse
Sharpstown Trail SegmentTXSite Development
Bay Colony Area Detention ModificationsTXMilitary Facility
Flood & Drainage ImprovementsTXGuidance Detection Tracking System
Velvet Taco Restaurant - GrandscapeTXPassenger Terminal (Other) Site Development Storm Sewer
Dutch Bros Coffee Drive-ThruTXRoadway Lighting Paving Park/Playground Storm Sewer
K-8 Stem RenovationsTXMiscellaneous Recreational
KCAL Renovations & AdditionsTXBridge
RFQ/DB: Eunice Recreation Center RepairTXCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Fredrick Herring Recreation Center RenovationTXFire/Police Station
Curtis Park Upgrades REBIDTXOffice
Alamo Exhibition Hall & Collections BuildingTXFire/Police Station
New Office BuildingTXFood/Beverage Service Retail (Other) Athletic Facility Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Landscaping
Main Room 674 RenovationTXSite Development
Harris Co Precinct 1 Administration Office & Service CenterTXLibrary
RFQ/DB: McKalla Commuter Rail StationTXApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
FY 2022 Citywide Asphalt Overlay Package 2TXOffice
TX/DOT: SH 289 Roadway RehabilitationTXManufacturing Building
TX/DOT: FM 822 Roadway ImprovementTXCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
TX/DOT: US 59 Roadway ImprovementsTXWater Tank
Ladera Trails Water Sanitary Drainage & Paving Section 2 REBTXFire/Police Station
Arnold Street Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsTXSewage Treatment Plant Storm Sewer
Annual Pavement ReplacementTXPark/Playground
Sanitary Sewer Targeted Cleaning and Television InspectionTXSewage Treatment Plant
Waterline & Street ImprovementsTXStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
West Pipeline Road Improvements Phase 3TXPaving Bridge
Port of Beaumont Truck Staging AreaTXSidewalk/Parking Lot
Lot 5 & Lot 13 PavingTXPaving Site Development
Elementary School #3TXPaving
Bell County Detention Facility ImprovementsTXClinic/Medical Office
Taco Bell StoreTXMiscellaneous Recreational Water Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant Dry Waste Treatment Plant Paving Site Development Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
Traffic Signal InstallationTXWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground Storm Sewer
Kowis Street Royal Pine Drive Reconstruction & ImprovementsTXRoadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Highway Signs/Guardrails Storm Sewer
Sorters Road - Segment 1 & Segment 2 Precinct 4TXStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
FM 529 Phase 3 ImprovementsTXSidewalk/Parking Lot
Street Preventative MaintenanceTXWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
Crawford St 72-Inch Water Line ImprovementsTXPaving
Pearland SH 288 Beautification Master Plan ImprovementsTXOffice
Water & Wastewater Extraction ServicesTXSite Development
Dayton Brookstone Section 2TXRoadway Lighting Paving
Downtown Inner Loop Improvements Phase 1TXCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Rock & Brews Restaurant - InfrastructureTXVehicle Sales/Service Warehouse Site Development Storm Sewer
RFQ/DB: Texas Border Wall InfrastructureTXCommunication Lines
Ditch Regrading and ReshapingTXHeating/Cooling Plant
Drainage Channel RestorationTXCustom Homes
Drainage Improvements Barrett Station Subdivision Phase IITXCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Ground Storage Tank RehabilitationTXHospital
Water Improvements Plant 1 Storage TankTXShoreline Maintenance
Copper Ridge Elevated Storage Tank RehabilitationTXPaving Bridge
Elevated Storage Tank InstallationTXOffice Fire/Police Station
Drainage ImprovementsTXSewage Treatment Plant
Mustang Ridge Utility & South Detention ImprovementsTXPaving Park/Playground
Estates 2 and Pecan Estates 3 Utility ImprovementsTXCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Fort Worth (TX) Walmart Sam's Club 6845-209 SPTXCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Leo Cancellare Pool ImprovementsTXBridge
Meridiana NE Village Recreation CenterTXHospital
Shepherd Durham and Cross Street Reconstruction Phase 1TXSidewalk/Parking Lot
PL19TUN Long Tunnel CrossingsTXSite Development
Take 5 Oil Change ConversionTXMiscellaneous Education Building Hospital
Kaufman (TX) Walmart Supercenter 4164-543 GSTXHospital
Sh 62 Water Line ExtensionTXMiscellaneous Education Building
Fm 691 Water LineTXWater Line
KBR Yard Piping and Inlet and Outlet Modifications REBIDTXLibrary
Apache Elevated Storage Tank RehabilitationTXPedestrian Tunnel
Terrell Unit Water TankTXCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Potable Water Storage Tank RehabilitationTXRoadway Lighting Paving
Lake Halbert WTP ImprovementsTXPark/Playground
Pine Gully Wastewater System Infrastructure RetrofitTXOffice
Water Well at Fritsche Park REBIDTXSanitary Sewer
Well 4 ReplacementTXApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
WWTP Headworks and Non-Potable Water System ReplacementTXApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFP/DB: Vertical Construction MATOCTX AR LA NM OKCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Fish Rock Park ImprovementsUTWater Line
Rockport State Park Day Use Facilities ImprovementsUTOffice Water Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
Spanish Oaks Irrigation VaultUTWater Line
Downstream Swinging Bridge- Blackwater CreekVARoadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground
Memorial Hall Sprinkler & Office RenovationVADry Waste Treatment Plant
VA/DOT: Benjamin Harrison Bridge Generator Facility REBIDVASidewalk/Parking Lot
Bear Creek Lake State Park UpgradesVASewage Treatment Plant
Chesapeake Elizabeth WWTP Site RepurposeVAMiscellaneous Education Building
Carvana Customer CenterVAPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
Enon Road Elevated Water Storage TankVAStorm Sewer
Packwood Steel BuildingWAMiscellaneous Education Building Athletic Facility
Drain Piping Replacement Phase 2WASite Development Dredging Storm Sewer
Magnuson Park Community Center ImprovementsWAMiscellaneous Education Building
SPU PRV Hydro-Turbine ControlWAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RT 7 Transit Plus Multimodal CorridorWAPaving
Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations Bldg Restore REBIDWAPaving Site Development
Tolt Pipeline No. 1 RehabilitationWAHospital
Water System Improvements REBIDWAPark/Playground
FVHA Surgery Center Improvement & UpgradesWIOffice
Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center ExpansionWISite Development
Mcgraw Hall Exterior Entrance RepairWIApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
UW Madison Kohl Center (Addition/Renovation)WIDredging
Cleveland Street Senior LivingWIPaving Highway Signs/Guardrails Storm Sewer
East Troy Dam Removal REBIDWIOffice Retail (Other)
Wilson Park Creek Reach 3 - Phase 1 (Flood Control)WIWater Line
Lakeshore Park Four-Seasons BuildingWIApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
ADA Chairlift Building ModificationsWISite Development
Downtown Transit Center Facility ExpansionWIWater Line
WV/DOT: Middleway Bridge Improvements (CO 002)WVDredging Dock/Pier Shoreline Maintenance
Woodsdale Elementary School Bid Pkg 4WVPaving
Water Treatment Plant RehabilitationWVMiscellaneous Recreational
Water Line Upgrades and Improvements Phase IVWVSanitary Sewer
Mixed Use Building Alpine WYWYDock/Pier
WY/DOT: Bridge & Concrete Barrier Rehabilitation (CO 009)WYCollege/University Hospital
WY/DOT: I-90 Milling & Overlay (CO 002)WYSanitary Sewer