Construction Bidding Opportunities for the Week of 9/16/2019

If you’re bidding for construction contracts, here’s a list from the Dodge Construction Central database to get you started. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list and detailed information of all construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.



AK/DOT: KTN Reconstruct Road to Airport Boundary AK Airline Terminal
Chilkoot Lake Road Corridor Improvements AK Storm Sewer
Mal M Moore Athletic Facility AL Athletic Facility
JSU School of Business & Industry AL College/University
AG Heritage Park ALFA Pavilion Renovations AL Miscellaneous Recreational
Hurtsboro Sewage Lift Station Replacement AL Sewage Treatment Plant
Cottonridge PVC Water Main Replacement Phase 2 AL Water Line
Lake Charles State Park Bath House - Area E AR Miscellaneous Recreational
Genpact Office AR Office
(2) Community Residence Centers AZ Elderly/Assisted Living
Fire Station 616 REBID AZ Fire/Police Station
Valentine Well Improvements AZ Water Treatment Plant
1064 Mission Supportive Housing & Mixed-Use Development CA Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
UCLA 924 Westwood GR920 Audiology Clinic Renov CA Clinic/Medical Office
Fire Station 24 Remodel CA Fire/Police Station
Marysville Ring Levee Repair Phase 2C CA Flood Control
PL 84-99 Feather River Site 0521-41 Levee Repairs CA Flood Control
Reach B Levee Improvement CA Flood Control
Mickey Cafagna Community Center REBID CA Miscellaneous Recreational
Heritage of The Americas Museum Renovation CA Museum
Customer Service Center Tenant CA Office
Cordova Park School Safe Routes CA Park/Playground
Main Street Public Improvements CA Paving
Del Amo Boulevard Street Improvements REBID CA Paving
Legion Street Improvements CA Paving
CA/DOT: Pavement & Curb Ramp Improvements CA Paving
Middletown Switch 9 11 Improvements CA Railroad
Federal Downtown Controllers Project CA Roadway Lighting
Brackett Field Airport Apron Pavement Rehabilitation CA Runway/Taxiway
Storm Water Pump Station - Police Pistol Range CA Sewage Treatment Plant
Gravity Belt Thickener Number 3 Addition REBID CA Sewage Treatment Plant
South Francisco Pump Station Improvement CA Sewage Treatment Plant
Bonita Cove West Improvements CA Sidewalk/Parking Lot
CA/DOT: Erosion Control and Sediment Stabilization CA Site Development
Napa River Emergency Bank Stabilization CA Site Development
Ward Street Sewer Line Improvement CA Storm Sewer
CA/DOT: Vehicle Pullout and Plant Establishment CA Vehicle Sales/Service
East-West Water Transmission Pipeline Segment 6A & Segment 4 CA Water Line
Big Bend Water System Improvement CA Water Treatment Plant
Poplar Hall - Innovation Agriculture Center CO Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
Bradley IA Airline Waste Triturator CT Airline Terminal
CT/DOT: Signing Improvements CT Highway Signs/Guardrails
Coleytown MS Rehabilitation CT Middle/Senior High School
H Smith Richardson Golf Course Clubhouse Facility CT Miscellaneous Recreational
Safety Improvements CT Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Water Mains Improvements Contract 36 REBID CT Water Line
Herring Creek Sanitary Sewer Oak Crest & Chapel Green DE Sewage Treatment Plant
Heartland Dental Office FL Clinic/Medical Office
Gulf Boulevard Advanced Traffic Management System FL Communication Lines
Tiger Landing Student Housing Facility FL Dormitory
Base Recycle Center Bldg 6035 - Repair FL Military Facility
Westside Service Center Renovation FL Office
Orange County Community Park FL Park/Playground
Cruise Terminal D and 1500 Building Tenant Relocation FL Passenger Terminal (Other)
Phillips Parkway Manholes Cable Repair FL Power Lines
Chapel Trail Elementary School - Smart Program Renovations FL Primary School
Ocean Ridge & Delray Beach Renourishment MATOC FL Shoreline Maintenance
RS-G341 Conveyance Improvements Phase 1 FL Storm Sewer
Aldi Food Store #27 and SunTrust Bank Building @ Midtown FL Supermarket/Convenience Store
Buc-ee's Travel Center Convenience Store & Gas Station #47 FL Supermarket/Convenience Store
Umbrella Shade Structure Funbrella Repair FL Swimming Pool
FL/DOT: Automated Vehicle Test Facility (CO 002) FL Vehicle Sales/Service
Pump Station G-310 and Pump Station G-335 Pump Refurbishment FL Water Treatment Plant
Water Reclamation Facility Effluent System Ph 1 FL Water Treatment Plant
Dixie Park Facility Demolition & Booster Station Improvement FL Water Treatment Plant
G420 Pump Station Turning Vane and Pump Modifications FL Water Treatment Plant
Hillsborough County PS Wastewater Treatment Plant FL Water Treatment Plant
GA/DOT: SR 334 Bridge Replacement (CO 015) GA Bridge
GSW Indoor Baseball & Softball Hitting Facility GA College/University
GA/DOT: SR 4 Road Widening (CO 016) GA Paving
GA/DOT: SR 3/US 19/41 Widening (CO 013) GA Paving
GA/DOT: Sr 9 Roundabout Improvement (CO 004) GA Paving
Altama Elementary School Replacement GA Primary School
Youth Challenge Academy Buildings 1786 and 1787 HI Office
Camp Dodge PT 8 Athletic Training Complex Phase 1 IA Athletic Facility
North Scott SD -Batting Cage Facility REBID IA Athletic Facility
IA/DOT: Local Road Bridge Replacement - Ccs (CO 003) IA Bridge
North Hall Fourth Floor Renovation IA College/University
UIHC Pomerantz Family Pavilion Clinical Cancer Center IA Hospital
DMPS Kurtz Building Professional Development Center IA Miscellaneous Education Building
IA/DOT: Santa Fe Depot Building Renovation (CO 401) IA Passenger Terminal (Other)
IA/DOT: Hwy 6 HMA Resurfacing (CO 153) IA Paving
Rotary Addition Plat 1 IA Sanitary Sewer
IA/DOT: Lake Belva Trail & Pcc Sidewalk (CO 101) IA Sidewalk/Parking Lot
IA/DOT: Lewis & Clark Pcc Sidewalk & Trail (CO 102) IA Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Francis Lauer Youth Services IA Social Club
SH-41 Gravity Sewer Main Upsize ID Sanitary Sewer
Pike County Courthouse Security Entrance IL Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Plano Campus Renovation IL College/University
IL/DOT: HMA shoulders and Guardrail Improvement (CO 048) IL Highway Signs/Guardrails
South Mahomet Road Pump Station Sanitary Sewer Lining REBID IL Sanitary Sewer
Sewer & Filter Generators Installation IL Sanitary Sewer
Mccook and West Lyons Levee IL Site Development
Holy Family Church IL Worship Facility
Broadway Lofts Apartments IN Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Fire Station No 93 Replacement IN Fire/Police Station
Hwy 41 and CR 350 Sewer Extension IN Sanitary Sewer
North Miami St & Harrison Ave Drainage Improvements IN Storm Sewer
KS/DOT: Pedestrian & Bicycle Path Improvements (CO 453) KS Paving
Temporary Raw Water Supply KS Water Line
Water Distribution System - Emerald Bay 4th Addition KS Water Line
NuLu 700 E Main Street Apartments/Parking Garage KY Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
KY/DOT: KY-1747 Bridge Replacement (CO 112) KY Bridge
WHFRTC 3-Span Bridge Improvements KY Bridge
Renovate Space KY College/University
Public library - Ridgway Branch Book Machine Canopy KY Library
Greenwood High School Auxiliary Gymnasium Phase 2 KY Middle/Senior High School
Lexington Readiness Center Interior Modernization KY Military Facility
Wendel H. Ford Regional Training Center KY Military Facility
Leitchfield Readiness Center Assembly Hall Addition KY Pre-School
Belmont Booster Pump Station KY Sewage Treatment Plant
Unheated Storage & Paint Booth KY Warehouse (Refrigerated)
Emergency Equipment & Operation Building- Phase 1 REBID LA Beach/Marina Facility
Courthouse Building Renovations LA Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Houma Navigation Canal Dredging Maintenance LA Dredging
Zachary Fire Station LA Fire/Police Station
Section E-South Levee Interim Improvements REBID LA Flood Control
Tubman Elem Aurora Building & Gymnasium/Crescent City School LA Miscellaneous Education Building
Sanitary Sewer Collection System LA Sanitary Sewer
MA/DOT: District 1 Bridge Structure Repairs REBID MA Bridge
MA/DOT: (District 1) Bridge Deck and Joint Repairs MA Bridge
Thorndike Street Reconstruction (Lord Overpass) MA Bridge
Bass River Marina Timber Boardwalk & Bulkhead Installation MA Dock/Pier
FSB Medford Public Library MA Library
FSB Modular Wood Framed Building REBID MA Parking Garage
MA/DOT: (Bourne & Wareham) Route 25 Resurfacing MA Paving
MA/DOT: (Fall River) I-195 Storm Water Improvements MA Storm Sewer
Northern Precinct Security Upgrades MD Office
Rollins Avenue Neighborhood Park Improvements MD Park/Playground
UMB Campus Electrical Distribution Upgrades ? Phases 1B MD Power Lines
BWI Marshall Taxiway T2 Construction MD Runway/Taxiway
DC Water Fleet Maintenance Facility MD Vehicle Sales/Service
P-341 Steam Decentralization Phase II ME Manufacturing Building
Brook Lodge Marijuana Grow Facility MI Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
Frankel Samuel And Jean Cardiovascular Center CVC EP Lab 6 MI Hospital
Hartford Library & VanDerlyn Community Center MI Library
Central Meridian Regional Asphalt Trail Connector MI Miscellaneous Recreational
King Road Widening MI Paving
General Repair and Rehabilitation MI Sale/Spec Homes
Kroger D-751 (Oak Park, MI) MI Supermarket/Convenience Store
2019 Terminal 2-Humphrey & Outbuildings Misc Modifications MN Airline Terminal
Buffalo Lake Healthcare Center Project IV MN Hospital
Cass Lake Early Childhood Development Facility MN Miscellaneous Education Building
Turnblad Mansion & Carriage House Restoration MN Museum
2019 Street and Trail Improvements MN Paving
16th Street NE Improvements MN Paving
Harambee Elementary Additions & Remodeling MN Primary School
Barnum Municipal Liquor Store MN Retail (Other)
Water Treatment Plant Reverse Osmosis Addition MN Water Treatment Plant
Primate Canopy Trails MO Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
MO/DOT: Route U Bridge Redeck (CO G06) MO Bridge
MO/DOT: Route.D Bridge Rehabilitation (CO D04) MO Bridge
MO/DOT: Bridge Replacements (CO A05) MO Bridge
MO/DOT: Rte. T Bridge Rehabilitation (CO A01) MO Bridge
MO/DOT: Route.W Bridge Replacement (CO A02) MO Bridge
MO/DOT: Route 18 Bridge Rehabilitation (CO G01) MO Bridge
MO/DOT: Route 24 Bridge Rehabilitation(CO B01) MO Bridge
WCA Transfer Station and Wash Bay MO Industrial Waste Disposal
MO/DOT: Pavement & ADA Improvements (CO B02) REBID MO Paving
MO/DOT: Route I-49 Coldmill and Resurface (CO G02) MO Paving
MO/DOT: I-44 New Interchange and Roadway (CO G09) MO Paving
2020 Infrastructure Repairs Rehabilitation Contract A MO Sanitary Sewer
Twin Equalization Basin Improvements MO Sewage Treatment Plant
Water System Improvements- Contract 1 MO Water Treatment Plant
WWTP - Bypass Elimination MO Water Treatment Plant
Campus Mccain Training Center Repairs to S112 MS Military Facility
State Disaster Recovery Single Family Home #2 NC Custom Homes
Stump Sound Elementary School NC Primary School
Catherine Lake Elementary School NC Primary School
Fire Protection System and ground storage tank Improvements NC Storage Tank (Other)
Folger Drive Storm Drainage Improvement NC Storm Sewer
MOTSU Firefighting & Potable Water System NC Water Line
Rugby Courtyard Apartments ND Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Biota Water Treatment Plant Contract 7-2A REBID ND Water Treatment Plant
NE/DOT: N-92 Farwell West Bridge (CO 400) NE Bridge
NE/DOT: Wahoo Viaduct Bridge Improvements (CO 115) NE Bridge
NE/DOT:N 10 Asphalt Surface Removal (C0 710) NE Paving
Nebraska State Penitentiary - 100 Bed Dormitory NE Prison/Jail
NE/DOT: N 50 Traffic Signal Improvements (CO 205) NE Roadway Lighting
Town Center Enhancements Phase One and Two NH Miscellaneous Recreational
SNHRW Pressure Reducing Valve Stations-Contract S2 NH Sewage Treatment Plant
Northern Recycling Center Drum Feeder NJ Dry Waste Treatment Plant
Blower Station Modification REBID NJ Dry Waste Treatment Plant
Sludge Management Facility Odor Control NJ Sewage Treatment Plant
Lovelace Medical Group Clinic Expansion NEGOTIATED NM Clinic/Medical Office
Coyote Willow Family School K-8 Classroom Addition Phase 2 NM Miscellaneous Education Building
South Valley Multi-Purpose Senior Respite Center NM Social Club
NV/DOT:Cold Mill & Plantmix Bituminous Surface Improvements NV Paving
Charleston and Lamb Intersection Improvements NV Roadway Lighting
Lightning W Tank 2 and Tank 1 Rehabilitation NV Water Tank
Hangar 100 Renovations NY Airline Terminal
Sayville Fire District Exterior Masonry Repair NY Fire/Police Station
Hammondsport CSD 2017 Capital Improvement Project NY Middle/Senior High School
Weldon E.Howitt MS New Aquatic Center Improvement NY Middle/Senior High School
Hilton CSD 2016 Capital Projects - Phase 2B NY Middle/Senior High School
Doubleday Field Improvements NY Miscellaneous Recreational
Life Guard Headquarters and Comfort Stations NY Miscellaneous Recreational
Building Renovation Building 110 NY Office
Parking Garage Structural Repair NY Parking Garage
Grade Level & Below Ground Subway Stations IQC NY Passenger Terminal (Other)
Water Street Corridor Streetscape Improvements NY Paving
Northeast Elementary School Reconstruction NY Primary School
Replace Doors & Housing Blocks NY Prison/Jail
Coxsackie Correctional Facility Cell Block & Records Storage NY Prison/Jail
Hillbrook Juvenile Detention Center REBID NY Prison/Jail
Clifton Park Eastside Drive Sewer Contract 4 NY Storm Sewer
Temporary Storage Building REBID NY Warehouse
Michigan Avenue Waterline Rehabilitation NY Water Line
Fire Sprinkler Riser & Water Main Connection REBID NY Water Line
Veterans Memorial Cemetery Chapel Renovation REBID NY Worship Facility
West Clermont High School Athletic Field House OH Middle/Senior High School
Wood County Committee on Aging WCSC OH Social Club
Groveport Links Golf Course Maintenance Facility OH Warehouse
Branch Hill Guinea Water Main Replacement OH Water Line
South Broadleigh Water Line Replacement OH Water Line
2019 D-Water Main Renewal OH Water Line
OK/DOT: US 169 Bridge Repair (CO 877)REBID OK Bridge
OK/DOT: Asphalt County Road Resurface (CO 795) OK Paving
Spokane St. Apartments OR Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
Deschutes County Stabilization Center OR Clinic/Medical Office
OR/DOT: I-205 Roadway Improvements (CO 003) OR Paving
RFP/CM/GC: Edison Elementary School Replacement OR Primary School
OR/DOT: US 395 Culverts Repair (CO 001) OR Storm Sewer
Ambler Branch Library PA Library
MSB & OPB Bldg - Elevator & Escalator Renovation PA Office
Queen Lane WTP Pretreatment Building Restoration PA Water Treatment Plant
HVAC Building Upgrades and Latrine Modernization RI Military Facility
Brockington Heights Apartments SC Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Hunting Island State Park Beach Restoration Groins SC Site Development
Discovery Island Slide Renovations and Repair SC Swimming Pool
Flandreau - Convert Indoor Firing Range SD Military Facility
Court Clerk Office Renovations TN Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Keith Street Primary Care Medical Office Building TN Clinic/Medical Office
KFC Restaurant (Kimball, TN) TN Food/Beverage Service
EPB Engineering Building Renovation TN Office
2019 Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade TN Sewage Treatment Plant
Nonconnah Creek Pumping Station Electrical Rehabilitation TN Sewage Treatment Plant
CDJR Chattanooga Dealership Showroom TN Vehicle Sales/Service
Castle Point Rehabilitation and Site Improvements TX Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Police Fire Training Facility TX Fire/Police Station
Gulf Intracoastal - Dike Rehabilitation TX Flood Control
Rivera Early College High School TX Middle/Senior High School
Red River Army Depot Bldg 336 Modernization TX Military Facility
Buildings 1717 & 1735 Renovation TX Military Facility
Lake Wichita Revitalization TX Miscellaneous Education Building
Sodexo Building Phase II TX Miscellaneous Education Building
Landside Roadways & Bridges Rehabilitate Phase 4 A B D TX Paving
Mantua Point Phase 1 Paving & Utilities TX Paving
Roadway Drainage Improvements & Water Line Relocation TX Paving
Fulshear Run Section 3 Paving & Utility Improvements TX Paving
Woodlake Elementary School Modernization & Improvements TX Primary School
Holliday Creek Sanitary Sewer Trunk Main Rehabilitation TX Sanitary Sewer
CRWS Mountain Creek Relief Interceptor Segments MC7&8 PhII TX Sanitary Sewer
Bradford Alley Wastewater Improvements TX Sanitary Sewer
16-Inch Sanitary Sewer Extension TX Sanitary Sewer
Balmoral Lift Station No.3 TX Sewage Treatment Plant
Red Oak Creek Regional Wastewater System TX Sewage Treatment Plant
Ten Mile Creek Regional WWTP Ultraviolet Disinfection TX Sewage Treatment Plant
Jacinto Port Sewer Lift Station REBID TX Sewage Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant TX Sewage Treatment Plant
Grand Central Park Lift Station #1 Improvements TX Sewage Treatment Plant
Grove Creek Force Main and Gravity Outfall Sewer TX Storm Sewer
Hughes Ranch Road Brookney Drainage Improvements TX Storm Sewer
Towne Lake Regional Detention and Mitigation Phase II TX Storm Sewer
Canterbury Water Quality Improvements TX Water Line
Water System Capital Improvement Phase 1 TX Water Line
Jordan Ranch WSDDP Improvements TX Water Line
Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvements TX Water Line
Elevated Storage Tank Improvements TX Water Tank
Well Sites and Re-Pump Stations Improvements TX Water Treatment Plant
2019 Surface Water Treatment Plant - Sludge Removal REBID TX Water Treatment Plant
BPRB Level 1 Lab Remodel UT College/University
UNG Draper Complex CSMS Remodel UT Military Facility
Sorenson Multi-cultural Center Phase 2 UT Miscellaneous Education Building
Camp Williams Buildings 4101 & 4141 Restrooms Remodel UT Miscellaneous Recreational
South Jordan City Cemetery Memorial Park Expansion REBID UT Park/Playground
Bartholomew Water Tank Replacement UT Water Tank
Influent Screen(s) Rehabilitation/Retrofit UT Water Treatment Plant
RFP/DB: Mariner Skills Training Center VA Military Facility
Sheriff's Office Building VA Office
RFP/DB:Reserve Training Center Complex Upgrade REBID VA Office
99 Ranch Remodel VA Shopping Center/Strip Mall
Hunting Creek at Fairchild Stream Restoration VA Shoreline Maintenance
Pacific Court Envelope Upgrade WA Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Clean Energy Technology Center and Modular Data Center Site WA Communication Building
Horn Rapids Battery Energy Storage System Site Construction WA Electric Substation
Sunset Neighborhood Park Improvements Phase 2 WA Miscellaneous Recreational
Franklin Elementary School Classroom WA Primary School
Walnut Grove Elementary Replacement WA Primary School
Central Heating Plant Water Softening System WI College/University
Wayland Academy New Girls Dormitory WI Dormitory
Superior Readiness Center Indoor Firing Range WI Miscellaneous Recreational
FY 2020 Wind Turbine Installation WI Power Plant (Other)
Julian Thomas ES Health Center WI Primary School
Lakevista Estates Subdivision Sewer & Watermain Improvements WI Water Line
WV/DOT: Slide Repair (CO 026) WV Site Development
WWTP Secondary Treatment Facilities Rehabilitation WY Sewage Treatment Plant

collapse;width:195pt" width="261" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"> PROJECT PROVINCE PROJECT TYPE RFQ/AE: Airport Water System Capacity Improvement AB Water Line RFP/CM/GC: Spruce Community Lodge Phase 4 AB Social Club RFP/CM: ITEM: Glacier and Olympus Halls Demolition AB College/University RFP/AE: Augustana Area Redevelopment Plan Update AB Office RFP/DB: Calling Lake Playground Improvements AB Park/Playground RFP/AE: ITEM: Williams Lake Campus Solar Photovoltaic Array BC College/University RFP/AE: Evergreen Reservoir Leakage Repairs BC Water Tank RFP/AE: ITEM: Elevator Modernization BC Office RFP/AE: ITEM: Electrical Engineering Services BC Office RFP/AE: Prince George Courthouse Revitalization BC Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall RFP/AE: Ruskin Dam Boom Installation BC Flood Control RFP/AE: Engineering Consultancy Services IQC BC Office RFP/AE: UBC David Lam Building Renovation BC College/University RFP/AE: Sanitary Lift Station Upgrades BC Sanitary Sewer RFP/AE: Broadway Reservoir Replacement NB Water Supply RFP/DB: Howley Building 2nd Floor Renovations NF Office RFP/DB: ITEM: Govt Bldg Light & Flag Pole Replacements NF Office RFP/AE: 2020 Engineering Services NT Paving RFP/DB: South End Pump Station Replacement NS Water Treatment Plant RFP/AE: Waste Water & Solid Waste Planning Study NU Sewage Treatment Plant RFP/AE: ITEM: Iqaluit District Heating System NU Office Altas Tube Centre Pro-Shop ON Miscellaneous Recreational RFP/DB: ITEM: Kitchen Exhaust Fan & Fire Suppression ON Miscellaneous Recreational RFP/DB: ITEM: Collins Bay Institution Kitchen Exhaust Fan ON Prison/Jail RFP/AE: John Street Wastewater Pumping Station Replacement ON Sewage Treatment Plant ITEM: Brantwood School Gymnasium Demolition ON Unclassified Halton Waste Management Site - Landscape Maintenance ON Site Development Sherman Ave N Warehouse Expansion ON Warehouse RFP/AE: Affordable Rental Housing Development ON Custom Homes RFP/AE: Transportation Master Plan ON Paving RFP/AE: Storm and Sanitary Piping Replacement ON Storm Sewer Architectural service ON Miscellaneous Education Building RFP/AE: 3rd Floor Renovations ON Office RFP/SUB:ITEM: Montpetit Hall HVAC Modernization - Mechanical ON College/University RFP/AE: Jeanne Mance Building Improvements ON Office RFQ/AE: Highway 15 Intersection Illumination ON Paving RFP/DB: Town Square Development ON Library RFP/AE: Norfolk County Climate Change Adaptation Plan ON Site Development RFP/AE: Building Envelope Rehabilitation ON Office RFP/AE: Replica Toronto Sign Improvements ON Highway Signs/Guardrails ITEM: Roofing ON Office RFQ/SUB: Keele Street Concrete Pressure Pipe Watermain ON Paving Floors 7 & 8 Space Optimization QC Office RFP/AE: Consulting Services QC Office Former Union Hospital Site Development SK Site Development RFQ/GC: Prince Albert Pedestrian Bridge Replacement SK Bridge