Construction Safety Week: A One Stop Job Site Safety Resource Hub


In celebrating Construction Safety Week 2019, Dodge is highlighting the best of our job site safety related resources, updated every day of Safety Week.



Friday's Resources:

This in-depth report covers the most effective safety practices, trends in safety training, and overall benefits of developing a safety culture in your company.


This webinar examines how construction companies are employing safety measures and promoting the creation of a "safety culture," as well as impacts of safety programs on business results.


This article distills Dodge safety data into three vital job site safety factors.


Thursday's Resources:

This issue of the Commercial Construction Index's Spotlight Article focuses on construction site safety, particularly the effects of the construction labor shortage.


This article reflects specifically on connections between the construction labor shortage and job site safety.


This podcast highlights some of the top factors affecting job site safety on jobsites today.


Wednesday's Resources:

This report examines safety in the construction industry with data, case studies, though leadership perspectives, and feature articles on critical trends in construction site safety.


Tuesday's Resources:


This informative webinar, covering some of the top ways your competitors are improving job site safety, helps you compare your safety practices to those of your peers.



This article focuses on 4 specific best practices that have been shown through original Dodge research to be vital for an effective modern safety program.


In this video interview, Dodge Director of Industry Insights Research Donna Laquidara-Carr is interviewed about recent Dodge safety data including physical injuries due to lifting and noise issues in the industry.


Monday's Resources:

This report, produced in partnership with CPWR, provides new research on best practices for improving safety in construction, and offers insights into how the industry can improve its appoach to safety.


Best Practices for Improving Safety in Construction – A Safety Study for Construction Safety Week
This podcast, based on the research from the Contractor Use of Safety Best Practices report, features guest Donna Laquidara-Carr, the report's author.