New projects near me in the U.S. as of 11/23/2020

If you’re bidding for construction contracts, here’s a list from the Dodge Construction Central database to get you started. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list and detailed information of all construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.



RFP/AE: ANPCC 2 West ExpansionAKClinic/Medical Office
RFQ/AE: BAA Administration Offices ExpansionALAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering Services IQCALCollege/University
Correct Building 1 SOURCES SOUGHTALHospital
Med Gas System Replacement SOURCES SOUGHTALHospital
Pathology Building 4 Renovation Sources SoughtALHospital
RFP/AE: ITEM: Field Office Facility Roofing RepairsALOffice
RFQ/AE: New City Hall BuildingARCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Modernization Norfork Powerhouse - SOURCES SOUGHTARElectric Substation Flood Control
Laundry Building Renovation Sources SoughtARHospital
RFQ/CM: Fort Smith Public Schools Capital ImprovementsARPrimary School Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: New Facility and On-Site ParkingARSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/DB: ITEM: Airport Cafe Grease Exhaust Hood ImprovementsAZAirline Terminal
RFQ/GC: Fire Safety Services JOC IDIQAZFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Fire Station 282 ReconstructionAZFire/Police Station
RFQ/CM: Library Campus and Landscape ImprovementsAZLibrary Landscaping Water Line
RFP/CM: Garden Lakes Elementary School RenovationsAZLibrary Primary School
RFP/AE: Boys & Girls Club Building RemodelAZMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: Guadalupe Road ImprovementsAZPaving
RFP/CM: Silver Valley Elementary AdditionAZPrimary School
RFQ/CM: Western Canal Interceptor RehabilitationAZSanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: Buckeye Fuel StationAZVehicle Sales/Service
RFQ/GC: Southwestern College Landscape NurseryCACollege/University
ITEM: Building Automation System InstallationCAFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Fire Station 90CAFire/Police Station
SLO High School Bldg 100 Center Phase 2CAMiddle/Senior High School
CPAC Corrosion Repair Facility SOURCES SOUGHTCAMilitary Facility
RFQ/AE: Structural Engineering Services IQCCAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Architectural ServicesCAMiscellaneous Education Building
2021 Specified Park & Recreation FacilitiesCAMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
2020 Job Order Contracts IQCCAOffice
RFP/AE: Building & Safety ServicesCAOffice
RFQ/AE: Consulting Services IQCCAPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/AE: Local Roadway Safety PlanCAPaving
RFQ/DB: CA/DOT: Roadway Design IQCCAPaving
RFP/AE: Local Road Safety PlanCAPaving
RFQ/AE: CA/DOT: Roadway Design Services IQCCAPaving
RFP/AE: Picacho Bridge at Yuma Main Canal ReplacementCAPaving Bridge
RFQ/AE: Civil Engineering Services IQCCAPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Traffic Engineering Services IQCCARoadway Lighting
RFQ/AE CA/DOT: On-Call Roadway Design IQCCARoadway Lighting
RFP/AE: Airport RunwayCARunway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Kenneth Hahn Park Recycled Water Lateral ProjectCASewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment PlantCASewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Undergrounding Utility Districts IQCCAShoreline Maintenance Water Line
RFQ/AE: PH HSE 11 Lab RenovationCATesting/Research/Development Lab
RFP/AE: SGPD Fueling Station & Air CompressorCAVehicle Sales/Service
RFP/DB: Corporate Yard Administration BuildingCAWarehouse
Storm Water Drain Pipeline ProjectCAWater Line
RFQ/PM/CM: Waterfront Project IQCCAWater Line
RFQ/AE: Water Management & Water Shortage Contingency PlanCAWater Line
RFP/AE: Domestic Well Inventory and Well InstallationCAWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: 1 2 3-Trichloropropane Removal Treatment PlantCAWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Leadville-Lake County Airport IQCCOAircraft Sales/Service Airport Lighting Paving Runway/Taxiway Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: On-Call Engineering ServicesCOCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Medical office and Medical Treatment SpaceCOHospital
Grand Junction VAMC Lab RenovationCOHospital
RFP/DB: Junior/Senior High School ImprovementsCOMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/CM/GC: ITEM: Roof Improvements - Three SitesCOMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: ITEM: Historic Building AbatementCOMiscellaneous Education Building Museum
RFP/AE: Lincoln Memorial RehabilitationCOMuseum Site Development
RFP/AE: WCR23/Great Western Trail Pedestrian ConnectionCOPark/Playground
RFP/AE: ITEM: Mechanical Engineering Consulting Services IQCCOPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/AE: Graves Avenue Safe Route DesignCOPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: On-Call Airside Landside Engineering Services IQCCOPaving Site Development
RFP/AE: Arkansas Valley Conduit Utility Locating ServicesCOPower Lines
RFP/AE: Letford Elementary School ReplacementCOPrimary School
RFQ/AE: Runway 16R-34L Rehabilitation Engineering ServicesCORunway/Taxiway
RFP/CM/GC: Timnath Reservoir Shoreline ImprovementsCOShoreline Maintenance
RFQ/AE: Subsurface Utility Engineering ServicesCOWater Line
RFP/AE: ITEM: Energy Performance ContractCTCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
New Surgical and Clinical Space Tower SOURCES SOUGHTCTHospital
RFP/AE: New High School DesignCTMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: ITEM:North Branford Intermediate Scl Masonry RepairsCTMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/DB: Rockville HS Turf Field and Track Replacement D/BCTPark/Playground Site Development Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: ITEM: Windsor Locks Public Schools HVAC SystemCTPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: Sewer ExtensionsCTStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
RFQ/P/AE: Aquatic Facilities Designs & EvaluationsCTSwimming Pool
RFP/DB: Fire Training Facility Building D/BCTVocational School
RFP/DB: South T-Hangar Facility DevelopmentFLAircraft Sales/Service
RFQ/DB: Deuces Rising Townhomes and Commercial DevelopmentFLApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Office Retail (Other)
RFQ/CM: Ridgewood Drive Bank Building RenovationsFLBank
RFQ/CM: Minor Construction Management Services IQCFLCollege/University
SPC Business Tech CL RemodelFLCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Civil Engineering Services IQCFLCollege/University Storm Sewer
RFQ/CM: ITEM: Emergency Generators InstallationFLFire/Police Station
RFQ/CM: Fire Rescue Station and Training FacilityFLFire/Police Station
RFP/DB: UF Racquet Club DiningFLFood/Beverage Service Miscellaneous Education Building
Port Charlotte High School Bldg 5 Gymnasium RenovationFLMiddle/Senior High School
Port Charlotte HS Bldg 18 Mens Varsity Locker Room RnvsFLMiddle/Senior High School
RFQ/GC: ITEM: HVAC RenovationFLMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/CM: Santaluces HS Facilities Renovations and RepairFLMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE Rail TrailFLMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
Minor Construction Services IQCFLOffice Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/DB: Utility Training Center Renovation D/BFLOffice Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/DB: New Tampa Community Park Inclusive PlaygroundFLPark/Playground
RFP/DB: FL/DOT: Signing and Pavement ITS Design D/BFLPaving Highway Signs/Guardrails
Afsoc Civil Works (SOURCES SOUGHT)FLPaving Runway/Taxiway Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Storm Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Suncoast Elementary School HVAC ReplacementFLPrimary School
RFP/AE: FL/DOT: Traffic Operations and Maintenance IQCFLRoadway Lighting Paving
RFQ/AE: Replacement of the Existing Gravity SewerFLSanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: SW 5th Avenue Wastewater Collection/Pumping SystemFLSewage Treatment Plant
Shore Protection & Beach Renourishment Segment II 2020-2021FLShoreline Maintenance
RFQ/AE: Airport Capital Improvement PlanGAAirline Terminal Aircraft Sales/Service Paving Runway/Taxiway Site Development Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
Ogeechee Place ApartmentsGAApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFP/AE: Rose Hill Cemetery Master PlanGAFuneral/Interment Facility Site Development Landscaping
RFQ/AE: Greenblatt Library (Renovations) PHASE 2GALibrary College/University
RFP/AE: Dawson County HS and Agriculture Center UpgradesGAMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
RFP/DB: ITEM: Audio Visual Equipment and ServicesGAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/CM: Five Various ProjectsGAMiscellaneous Education Building Theater/Auditorium Athletic Facility
RFP/CM: Madison County School System Bus ShopGAMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/P/CM: 3- Story Administrative Bldg RenovationGAOffice
RFP/AE: Overhead/Subsurface Utility Engineering ServicesGAPaving
RFP/AE: Airline Road ExtensionGAPaving
RFP/AE: Snapping Shoals Road ImprovementsGAPaving
RFP/AE: Downtown Master PlanGAPaving Landscaping
RFP/AE: Utility Feeder Pole ReplacementsGAPower Lines
RFP/CM: Woodbine ES Modifications and RenovationsGAPrimary School
RFP/CM: McDuffie County Elementary SchoolGAPrimary School
RFQ/AE: ITEM:Phillips State Prison Lock & Control RenovationGAPrison/Jail
RFQ/AE: West Dallas Collector Sewer ExtensionGASewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Jasper County Food BankGAWarehouse (Refrigerated)
RFQ/AE: Drinking Water and WWTF ImprovementsGAWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Airfield Development Projects IQCIAAircraft Sales/Service Runway/Taxiway
RFQ/AE: Tait Cummins Sports Complex RepairsIAAthletic Facility
RFP/AE: Natural Playscape and Parking LotIAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Landscaping
Harper's Slough Flood Damage RepairIASite Development
RFQ/AE: WTP Scada System Upgrades Pahse IIDWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Facilities Master Plan IQCILCollege/University
Waterway Hydraulic Dredging IDIQILDredging
RFQ/AE: Milner Library Faculty Success CenterILLibrary
RFP/CM: New Public Works Facility ProjectILOffice Warehouse
RFP/AE: West Street Resurfacing Project Phase IIIILPaving
RFQ/AE: Seil Road Widening Phase II and IIIILPaving
RFP/AE: Riverwalk - South Branch of the Chicago River Ph IILPaving
RFP/AE: Streets Rehab and Storm Water InfrastructureILPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Oak Park Ave ADA Improvement Phase IIIILSidewalk/Parking Lot
Pl84-99 Canton & Hannibal Flood Damage RepairILSite Development
RFP/AE: ITEM: HVAC and Lighting Related Engineering ServicesILSwimming Pool
RFQ/CM: Mann Hall Basement RenovationINCollege/University
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Window Sealant ReplacementINCollege/University
Manufacturing FacilityINManufacturing Building
RFQ/P/AE: Two Locations Restroom RenovationINMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/Q/CM: Murphy Park ProjectINPark/Playground
Grissom Ave Const and Repair SOURCES SOUGHTINPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Downtown Curb Ramps PH IIIINPaving Site Development
RFP/CM: City Pool and Pool House RehabilitationINSwimming Pool Miscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: Junction City Airport-Freeman Field IQCKSAirline Terminal Power Lines Runway/Taxiway
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesKSApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Installation Asphalt Requirement IDIQ SOURCES SOUGHTKSPaving Site Development
RFP/AE: Greek Housing Delta Gamma House ImprovementKYCollege/University
RFP/AE: UK Healthcare Building Systems ImprovementsKYCollege/University Hospital
RFP/AE: Trapp Community Fire Department Building ProjectKYFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Flap Gate ReplacementKYFlood Control Site Development
Training Target Structure SOURCES SOUGHTKYMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: KY/DOT: KY-32 Safety ImprovementKYPaving
RFP/AE: KY/DOT: Taylorsville Road WideningKYRoadway Lighting Paving
Forage Animal Production Research Lab SOURCES SOUGHTKYTesting/Research/Development Lab
RFP/AE: ITEM: Central Lab Air Handler ReplacementKYTesting/Research/Development Lab
RFP/AE: Water Treatment Plant RehabilitationKYWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Fire and Roof Damages RepairLACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesLACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Louisiana Watershed Initiative Round 1LAFlood Control Site Development
RFQ/GC: Childrens Medical Center FacilitiesLAHospital
RFQ/AE: Baker Branch Library RenovationsLALibrary
RFQ/AE: Scotlandville Branch Library RenovationsLALibrary
RFP/AE: ITEM: Security and Fire Alarm MonitoringLAOffice
RFQ/AE: Fema 361 Safe RoomLAOffice
RFP/AE: Watershed DesignLASite Development
RFP/AE: Watershed Initiative DesignLASite Development
RFQ/AE: Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI) Round 1LAStorm Sewer
RFQ/SUB: Salem State University Water Heater ReplacementMACollege/University
RFP/AE: General Building Renovations Repairs & Upgrades IQCMACollege/University Paving Site Development
FY-21 Ground Cremains ConstructionMAHighway Signs/Guardrails Site Development Landscaping
RFP/AE:Global Learning Charter Public School Convent RenovtnMAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Green River School Heating System ReplacementMAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Fairhaven High School Athletic Turf FieldMAPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Park Overview Engineering ServicesMAPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: Flynn Marine Park Channel Street Stair DesignMAPark/Playground Site Development
RFP/AE: Rail Maintenance and Facilities IQCMAPassenger Terminal (Other) Railroad
RFP/AE: B'2021' Roadway ImprovementMAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/P/AE: Deer Island Treatment Plant Pump Station ImpvmtsMASewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Clock Tower RestorationMATower/Signal System
RFP/AE: Truth Hall and Chapel Water InfiltrationMDCollege/University
ITEM: Charles W. Woodward High School DemolitionMDMiddle/Senior High School
East Campus Integrated Program Office SOURCES SOUGHTMDMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Planning Consultant Services IQCMDPaving Site Development
Pad & Parking Lot Prefabricated Structure SOURCES SOUGHTMDSidewalk/Parking Lot
NIST Center Building Upgrades SOURCES SOUGHT IDIQMDTesting/Research/Development Lab
RFP/AE: On-Call Cm and Pm Assistance IQCMDWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Wieden Hall RenovationMECollege/University
Dry Dock 2 Complex SOURCES SOUGHTMEDock/Pier
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Mechanical Engineering ServicesMEMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: ITEM: Shingled Roof ReplacementMEMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: Pump Stations ImprovementsMESewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Facilities Master PlanMIMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Holland State Park ? Lake Macatawa CampgroundMIMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: ITEM: LED Lighting ConsultantMIOffice Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: Electrical Upgrades and ReplacementsMIPark/Playground
RFP/AE: 2021 Crooks Road ResurfacingMIPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Water Line
RFP/AE: Anderson Hall RenovationMNCollege/University
RFP/AE: St Croix Bluffs Regional Park Conference CottageMNDormitory
Building 223 Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTMNHospital
RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesMNPaving Site Development
RFQ/AE: South Jefferson County Bridge ReplacementMOBridge
RFQ/AE: Fingerprint LabMOFire/Police Station Testing/Research/Development Lab
RFQ/P/CM: Various School FacilitiesMOMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Recreational Trails ProgramMOPaving
RFP/AE: Ada Transition Plan and Bicycle/Pedestrian PlanMOPaving Park/Playground
RFP/AE: MO/DOT: Pedestrian Facilities UpgradesMOPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesMOPaving Site Development
RFQ/GC: ITEM: HVAC Water Treatment ChemicalsMSAirline Terminal
RFQ/GC: Affordable Housing ConstructionMTApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFP/DB: Modular Factory Built HousesMTCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services QCMTPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: Irrigation Structures DesignMTWater Line
RFQ/AE: Statewide Energy Installation and Water PlanMTWater Line
RFQ/AE: Fort Harrison Energy Installation and Water PlanMTWater Line
RFQ/AE: On-Call MEP General Engineering (IDC)NCAirline Terminal Aircraft Sales/Service
French Creek Ambulatory Care Clinic Sources SoughtNCClinic/Medical Office Site Development
Bldg 17A&C HVAC Upgrades SOURCES SOUGHTNCHospital
MCI East AOR General Construction IDIQ MACCNCMilitary Facility
Toilet and Sewer Replacement SOURCES SOUGHTNCMiscellaneous Recreational Sanitary Sewer
RFQ/CM: New Administration BuildingNCOffice
RFQ/AE: Rider Transit Bus Stop SitesNCPassenger Terminal (Other) Site Development
RFQ/AE: Energy Generation Using MethaneNCPower Lines
New Elementary School ReplacementNCPrimary School
RFQ/CM: Elementary School "F"NCPrimary School
RFQ/AE: Electrical Safety ProgramNCRoadway Lighting
Camp Davis North Runway Erosion Repair SOURCES SOUGHTNCSite Development
Existing Warehouse Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTNCWarehouse
RFP/AE: New River Light & Power Laydown Yard (Renovations)NCWarehouse College/University
RFP/AE: New River Light & Power Warehouse (Renovations)NCWarehouse College/University
RFQ/AE: Airport Engineering and Architectural ServicesNDAirline Terminal Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: ND/DOT: Williams County Multiple Bridge ReplacementNDBridge
Pembina LPOE OfficeNDOffice
RFQ/AE: Street and Force Main ReplacementNDPaving Sanitary Sewer Water Line
Softball Complex SOURCES SOUGHTNEMiscellaneous Recreational Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development
Offutt AFB Campus Consolidated Rec Facility Sources SoughtNEWarehouse Miscellaneous Recreational Dock/Pier
RFP/BD: Municipal Buildings DESIGN/BUILDNHCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/DB: Underground Storage Tank Cathodic RepairNHStorage Tank (Other)
Mixed-Use Development (Metropark Station)NJApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories Office Food/Beverage Service Retail (Other) Shopping Center/Strip Mall
RFP/AE: NJ/DOT: Bridge Deck/Superstructure ReplacementNJBridge
RFP/AE: Venice Lagoon Bridge ReplacementNJBridge
RFP/AE: Architectural ServicesNJCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: Architectural Services IQCNJCasino Roadway Lighting Landscaping
RFP/DB: Residential Property RenovationNJCollege/University Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: ITEM: Elevator ModernizationNJCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Food Waste Recycling Facility DevelopmentNJDry Waste Treatment Plant Site Development
RFP/AE: Professional ServicesNJFire/Police Station
RFP/AE: 2021 Annual Professional ServicesNJFire/Police Station
RFP/AE: 2021 Professional Services - Rochelle ParkNJFlood Control
RFP/AE: 2021 Engineering ServicesNJFlood Control Site Development
RFP/AE: Harrison Public Library Building Rehab/RestorationNJLibrary
RFP/AE: Chiller System & Roof (Rpmt) Veterans Haven NorthNJMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: ITEM: 2021 Mechanical EngineerNJOffice
RFP/AE: Risk Management ConsultantNJOffice
RFP/AE: Consulting Engineer ServicesNJOffice
RFP/AE: Architectural Services IQCNJOffice
RFQ/AE: Engineers and Landscape Architects Services IQCNJOffice Landscaping
RFQ/AE: 2021 Professional ServicesNJOffice Paving Site Development
RFP/AE: Multiple Professional Services IQCNJOffice Paving Site Development
RFP/AE: Engineer Services IQCNJPaving Bridge Site Development
RFP/Q/AE: General Engineering ServicesNJPaving Site Development
RFP/AE: 2021 Engineering ServicesNJPaving Site Development
RFP/AE: Professional Services IQCNJPaving Site Development
RFP/AE: Consulting Traffic Engineer IQCNJRoadway Lighting Paving
RFQ/AE: Professional Services IQCNJRoadway Lighting Paving Site Development
RFQ/AE: 2021 Engineering ServicesNJSewage Treatment Plant
Mendel Grocery StoreNJSupermarket/Convenience Store
RFP/AE: Remsen Avenue Water Main UpgradeNJWater Line
RFP/AE: 2021 Professional Services Contract PositionsNJWater Treatment Plant Water Line
RFP/AE: Bridge Replacement (CR-18b Over Lobo Canyon)NMBridge
WSMR Earthen Covered Magazine ConstructionNMMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Tashiro Road Operations FacilitiesNMOffice Warehouse
RFP/AE: NM/DOT: Road Safety ImprovementsNMPaving
RFP/AE: NM/DOT: Roadway Reconstruction PH I & II DIST 6NMPaving
RFP/DB: Road and Bridge Improvements IQCNMPaving Bridge Storm Sewer
RFP: CE Sierra del Sol Subdivision Site DevelopmentNMSite Development
RFP/AE: Water System ImprovementsNMWater Treatment Plant Water Line
Nevada National Security Site SOURCE SOUGHTNVMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: ITEM: Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments Roof RepairNYApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/GC: UMHA?s Rental Assistance DemonstrationNYCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/GC: Major Transmission and Substation-EPC Service IQCNYElectric Substation Power Lines
RFP/AE: ITEM: Electrical ServicesNYMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: ITEM: Energy Performance ContractNYMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Architecture and Engineering Services IQCNYOffice
RFP/AE: Quiet Cove Park Design Phase IIINYPark/Playground
183 Water Street Mixed Use DevelopmentNYParking Garage
At Home Furnishing StoreNYRetail (Other)
RFP/AE: Burgoyne Avenue Water Line ExtensionNYWater Line
Advanced Metering Phase IINYWater Line
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Airport Fencing and Access ControlOHAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Perry County Airport Project IQCOHAirline Terminal Airport Lighting Paving Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Township FacilitiesOHCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: Columbus State Community College PrequalificationOHCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Campus Switchgear UpgradesOHCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Blackwell Inn Hotel Pavilion RenovationOHCollege/University Hotel/Motel
RFQ/AE:Sandusky Library Exterior Maintenance and RestorationOHLibrary
RFQ/CM: New Middle/High School ProjectOHMiddle/Senior High School
RFQ/AE: Capital Improvements ProjectOHMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: BSH - Thoracic Team Room- OSU Brain & Spine HospitalOHMiscellaneous Education Building Hospital
RFQ/AE: Township Facilities RenovationOHOffice Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: 2021 Design & Engineering Services IQCOHPaving Bridge Storm Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: Misc Dev - American Addition Infrastructure Phase 4OHPaving Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Jefferson County Signal RehabilitationOHRoadway Lighting
RFQ/AE: 2021 Architectural and Engineering ServicesOHRoadway Lighting Paving Storm Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Alum Creek Cheshire/Camp Boat Ramp ImprovementsOHRoadway Lighting Sidewalk/Parking Lot Dock/Pier Shoreline Maintenance
RFP/AE: Home Sewage Treatment Systems EliminationOHSanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: Water DistributionOHWater Line
Vance AFB Center Runway B RepairOKAirport Lighting Runway/Taxiway
RFP/DB: ITEM: Security Camera SystemOKCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Oklahoma Housing Authority - Design Services IQCOKCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/DB: Bearskin Health Care Clinic ExpansionOKHospital
Home Forward - Bid Phase 1 (Fir Acres & Stark Manor Apts)ORApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Office
RFP/CM/GC: Justice Bldg Weatherization and Envelope RenovORCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/CM/GC: Klamath Health Clinic Building RenovationsORClinic/Medical Office
PCC Sylvania Campus ST Biology RenovationORCollege/University
RFP/DB: Fairview Food Cart PlazaORFood/Beverage Service
RFP/PM/AE: Multi-Use ArenaORIndoor Arena
NW Natural Warrenton Resource CenterOROffice Vehicle Sales/Service Warehouse
RFP/AE: OR/DOT: Site Restoration and MitigationORSite Development
RFP/AE: Pilot Butte Canal Piping ProjectORStorm Sewer
RFQ/GC: University Park Campus JOCPACollege/University Hospital
RFP/AE: Public Housing Structures ModernizationPACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
FY21 Postal Facilities Sources SoughtPAOffice
RFP/AE: Percy Ruhe ParkPAPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Kohler Ridge Park Master Site Development PlanPAPark/Playground Site Development
RFP/AE: Parks and Streetscape ImprovementsPAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground
RFP/AE: Township Engineering ServicesPAPaving Site Development
RFP/DB: Falling Spring Generation StationPAPower Plant (Other)
RFP/AE: Hyndman Borough Water Line Replacement Phase VPAWater Line
RFP/DB: WTP Scada System D/BPAWater Treatment Plant Water Tank
RFP/AE: Crook Point Bascule Bridge ReuseRIBridge
USCG District 1 A/E Services IDIQRIMilitary Facility
VA Compensation and Pension Clinic SOURCES SOUGHTSCClinic/Medical Office
RFP/AE: Underground Steam & Condensate PipesSCGas/Chemical Plant
RFP/AE: Airport Learning Resource Center ImprovementSCLibrary
Shaw AFB SABER Minor Renovation IDIQSCMilitary Facility
RFP/DB: ITEM: Howard Recreation Center Roof RepairsSCMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: Steward Street Park RenovationsSCMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Mills Jarrett Operable Windows ReplacementSCOffice
RFP/AE: Greenhill Parish and Spring Park SidewalkSCSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Water Distribution/Wastewater Collection Master PlanSCWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Airport Engineering Services IQCSDAirline Terminal Paving
RFP/AE: Wells Fargo Bank Building and Grounds RenovationSDCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Wind Cave NP - Water Tank Repair & ReplaceSDWater Tank
RFP/AE: TN/DOT: SR-1 Broadway BridgeTNBridge
RFP/DB: Fiber Circuits InstallationTNCommunication Lines
RFP/AE: Natchez Trace State Park Inn Refurbishing Phase IITNPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Pedestrian ImprovementsTNPark/Playground
RFQ/CM: Shopper?s Garage ImprovementTNParking Garage
RFQ/AE: Asphalt ResurfacingTNPaving
RFP/DB: Sabalauski Air Assault Obstacle Curb Design D/BTNPaving Highway Signs/Guardrails Site Development
RFQ/AE: Maryville to Townsend Greenway Project Phase 1TNPaving Railroad Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: ADA ConstructionTNSidewalk/Parking Lot
White River Backwater SeepageTNWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Dry Creek WRF Headworks and Class A BiosolidsTNWater Treatment Plant
Naval Facilities SOURCES SOUGHT IDIQTXAircraft Sales/Service
RFQ/AE: Automated People MoverTXAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: Pavement ImprovementsTXAirline Terminal
RFP/DB: Palacios Municipal Airport Box HangarTXAirline Terminal Paving Site Development Storm Sewer
Val Verde Terrace CondominiumsTXApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/GC Multifamily/Mixed Use Development PPPTXApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Office Food/Beverage Service Retail (Other) Landscaping
RFP/DB: ITEM: Clinic Building DemolitionTXClinic/Medical Office
RFQ/AE: Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing ServicesTXCollege/University
RFQ/AE: NAH East Building Exterior StairsTXCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Architecture Services IQCTXCollege/University
RFQ/DB: Maritime Campus Davit UpgradesTXDock/Pier
Deep Draft Houston Ship Channel Dredging SOURCES SOUGHTTXDredging
RFP/DB: New Station 15 Construction ProjectTXFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Master Drainage Plan IQCTXFlood Control Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Jps Mri SuiteTXHospital
RFQ/AE: JPS Space Consolidation ProjectTXHospital
Veterans Affairs New Health Care Center Sources SoughtTXHospital Clinic/Medical Office Roadway Lighting Paving Site Development Landscaping
RFQ/AE: Landscape Architecture ServicesTXMiddle/Senior High School Miscellaneous Education Building
Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility Building RenovationTXMilitary Facility
RFQ/DB: ITEM: Energy Efficiency and ConservationTXMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: 2020 Bond Program & Capital Improvement Project IDIQTXMiscellaneous Education Building
Lavender Spring Phase #2 Assisted Living FacilityTXNursing/Convalescent Center
RFQ/AE: 2021 Brownfields Environmental Services IQCTXOffice
RFQ/AE: Headquarters and Command Center RemodelTXOffice Fire/Police Station
RFP/AE: New Tourism Office and Public RestroomTXOffice Miscellaneous Recreational
BTU Electrical Distribution Service CenterTXOffice Warehouse
RFP/AE: Parks and Trails Master PlanTXPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: Taylor's Bayou Drainage ImprovementsTXPaving Bridge Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Donna ISD Professional Services IQCTXPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
RFQ/AE: TX/DOT: Cleveland Municipal Airport Runway/TaxiwayTXRunway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Wastewater Infrastructure ImprovementsTXSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services IQCTXStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Treatment Plant and Utility System ImprovementTXWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Wellfield and Transmission ImprovementTXWater Treatment Plant Water Line
RFP/AE: Clearfield Station Transit Oriented DevelopmentUTPassenger Terminal (Other) Roadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: UT/DOT: I-84, SR-66 ImprovementsUTPaving
Jordan School District ImprovementsUTPrimary School Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/GC: Tabiona Water Improvements ProjectUTWater Line
RFP/AE: New Waste Collection Convenience CenterVADry Waste Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Dillwyn Recycling Center Re-DesignVADry Waste Treatment Plant
WFF Main Base Electrical Infra Restoration SOURCES SOUGHTVAElectric Substation Power Lines
Hampton VA Medical Center Bathroom UpgradesVAHospital
Envelope Building RepairVAMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Manassas Museum RenovationVAMuseum
Northern Virginia Federal Buildings IDIQ Sources SoughtVAOffice Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: 2nd&3rd St Neighborhood Civil Infrastructure ProjectVAPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: Seafood Market DevelopmentVARetail (Other) Site Development
RFP/AE: On-Call Professional Engineering Services IQCVASewage Treatment Plant
Enterprise Rental Car Maintenance FacilityVAVehicle Sales/Service
RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCVAWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/GC: ITEM: Energy Services PerformanceVTOffice
RFP/DB: Storm Water Runoff Mitigation MeasuresVTStorm Sewer
RFQ/P/AE: Cougar Creek Fish Passage Design ProjectWAAnimal/Plant/Fish Facility Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Jason Lee Middle School Solar ProjectWAAthletic Facility
RFQ/AE: Criminal Justice FacilityWACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
110b Drydock Availability Fy21 SOURCES SOUGHTWADock/Pier
Chief Joseph Dam Intake and Tailrace Cranes ReplacementWAFlood Control Site Development
RFQ/AE: Office Space Renovation and Kitchen RemodelWAHospital
RFQ/AE: Spokane International Academy Phase 2WAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Bex V Levy School ProjectsWAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Electrical Engineering ServicesWAOffice
RFQ/AE: Horn Rapids Industrial ParkWAPark/Playground
RFP/AE: US 2 Non-Motorized Shared PathWAPaving
RFQ/AE: Harbour Reach Drive ImprovementsWAPaving
RFQ/AE: Road Construction Consultant ServicesWAPaving
RFQ/AE: 2021 Municipal Engineering ServicesWAPaving Bridge Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesWAPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: Middle Nemah River Watershed Stream RestorationWASite Development
RFP/AE: Cedar Hills Regional Landfill Area 8 ClosureWASite Development Landscaping
Home Individual Site Sanitation FacilitiesWASite Development Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Sitkum USFS 2900 Road Crossing Designs ProjectWAStorm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Water System Planning and DesignWAWater Line
Skokomish Pump House ImprovementsWAWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/GC: Control System IntegratorsWIWater Treatment Plant
Clarksburg Federal Bldg & Courthouse SOURCES SOUGHTWVCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Building Construction and Site Work MATOC Sources SoughtWVMilitary Facility Paving Landscaping Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Sanitary Wastewater Collection SystemWVSewage Treatment Plant Sanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: WTP and Water Storage FacilityWVWater Treatment Plant Water Tank
115-Kv Line Bay Expand Yard & New Communciations BuildingWYCommunication Building Electric Substation
RFP/CM: YMCA Facility RenovationWYMiscellaneous Recreational