New projects near me in the U.S. as of 06/21/2022

New Construction Projects USA is a free listing of select new construction projects and construction leads from across the United States. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list of construction leads and detailed information of all U.S. new construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo below, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.


RFP/DB: ANB Hall RepairsAKPaving
Well Pump RepairAKOffice
RFP/AE: Salmon Walk Branding and InterpretationAKSite Development
RFP/CM: Housing Development ProjectsAKPrison/Jail
RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesALMilitary Facility
RFQ/AE: University Boulevard Drive Through RetailALMiddle/Senior High School Athletic Facility
RFQ/AE: Alabama Aviation Training Center AdditionALPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: ABPP Buildings RenovationALPaving
RFP/DB: New Clinic FacilityARPaving Runway/Taxiway Site Development Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Sewer ImprovementsARCollege/University Theater/Auditorium
RFQ/AE: Shop BuildingARAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Existing Fire Station RenovationsARSite Development
ITEM: RFQ/AE:Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Service IQCAZCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/DB: Town Monument SignageAZMiscellaneous Education Building Paving
RFQ/AE: Airport Engineering Services IQCAZSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/SUB: RFQ/GC: Mountain View Whisman School DistrictCAAirline Terminal
ITEM: RFP/AE: Ton OSA Air Conditioner ReplacementCALandscaping
RFQ/AE: Petaluma Municipal Airport Rehabilitation IQCCAStorm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Barker Hall Advanced Bio-Imaging CenterCASite Development Landscaping
Smittle Creek Trail Bridges SOURCES SOUGHTCAWater Treatment Plant Water Line
RFQ/AE: Architectural ServicesCASite Development Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Wellness Center and Main Clinic ImprovementsCAClinic/Medical Office
RFQ/AE: GSPP Landscape and Grounds ProjectCAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer
RFQ/P/AE: Student Housing DesignCAParking Garage
RFQ/AE: Health Sciences AV-600 Vivarium Staff Area RenovatioCAWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Sweetwater River Trail RenovationCAPark/Playground
1580-1590 Maple Street DevelopmentCAPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Gateway Wastewater Treatment FacilityCALandscaping
RFP/AE: Hart Street ConnectorCAAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: District Engineering ServicesCAFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services IQCCADock/Pier
RFP/AE: Automated Weather Observing System DesignCAPaving Bridge
ITEM: RFQ/CM:East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility GeneratorCAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: Rural Fire StationCOPaving
RFP/CM/GC: Renovation and New ConstructionCOPaving Site Development Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: 16th Street EnhancementCOCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Lutz Reservoir Pump StationCOSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/CM: ARPA Road ResurfacingCORoadway Lighting
RFP/AE: Cemetery IrrigationCORoadway Lighting
RFP/AE: Irrigation System ReplacementCOPaving Site Development
RFP/AE: Norfolk Royal Arcanum Improvements/RepairsCTOffice
RFQ/AE: Planning and Engineering Services IQCCTRoadway Lighting
RFQ/P/PM/OR: Windermere Elementary SchoolCTStorm Sewer
Whole House Rehabilitation Quarters 6 SOURCES SOUGHTDCVehicle Sales/Service
Reedy Point Bridge RepairDEMilitary Facility
Communication Lines InstallationFLPaving
RFQ/CM: New Facilities ConstructionFLDry Waste Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: East Boulevard Widening and ResurfacingFLPaving Landscaping
RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesFLWater Line
RFP/AE: FL/DOT: US 98 From US 301 S to US 301 N ImprovementFLCollege/University
RFP/AE: FL/DOT: Resurface & Safety ImprovementsFLStorm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services - Parks and RecreationFLStorm Sewer
Repair Sprung City Parking LotFLMiscellaneous Recreational Park/Playground
LOI/AE: Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge ReplacementFLMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Hollywood Beach Heights Sidewalk NetworkFLCollege/University Hospital
RFQ/AE: Beverly Park Sidewalk NetworkFLOffice
RFP/CM: Mclaughlin Middle High School GymnasiumFLHospital
RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCFLFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Central Park Performing Arts Center RedesignFLSocial Club Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Fire/Police Station
RFP/CM: Waterlefe Golf Clubhouse Renovation and ExpansionFLPaving
Herbert Hoover Dike PS & Stilling Well SOURCES SOUGHTFLOffice
Imagine North Magnolia- Residential LotsFLRailroad
RFQ/AE/CM: Natural Gas Distribution ImprovementsGAOffice
RFP/CM: New Rome Middle SchoolGAOffice
RFP/AE: Engineering & Landscape Architectural Services IQCGAOffice Airline Terminal Miscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/CM: Power/Public Works Building (Renovations)GAWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/CM: Acworth City Hall (Renovations)GASewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Water and Sewer Infrastructure ProjectsGAApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/AE: Water & Sewer (Improvements) IDQGAWater Line
RFQ/AE: Airport Consulting ServicesGACollege/University Hospital
30 Meter Internal Climbing Sampling TowerHIWater Line
RFQ/AE: Inpatient Tower Vertical ExpansionIAOffice Fire/Police Station
ITEM: RFP/AE: DHS IMHI Storage Building Roof ReplacementIAFire/Police Station
RFQ/GC: 45th East Roadway Widening ProjectIDHighway Signs/Guardrails
Parking Lot Drainage RepairIDPower Lines Storm Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: Miscellaneous Wastewater and Planning ServicesIDPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Sanitary Sewer
Building 5 Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTILCustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories Parking Garage
Paving ImprovementsILUtility Tunnel
RFP/AE: Masonry and Building Envelopes RepairILRoadway Lighting Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: Sparland Salt Storage BuildingILPaving Bridge Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Storage Buildings Upgrade & Office Building ConstrucILWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant Paving Water Tank
RFP/AE: Team Section & Traffic HeadquartersILWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Concrete Walls Replacement and Building ExpansionILWater Tank
RFQ/AE: New Rail Switchyard ConstructionILDock/Pier
RFP/AE: Architectural ServicesILAthletic Facility
RFQ/AE: Water & Wastewater ProjectsILRoadway Lighting Paving Site Development
RFQ/AE: Community Park EnhancementILCustom Homes
Natural Gas Line Repair SOURCES SOUGHTKSWater Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/CM: New Technical Education and Innovation CenterKSPark/Playground Storm Sewer
Ft Riley Barracks 7081 a B E F Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTKSStorage Tank (Other)
RFQ/AE: 2022 Playground ReplacementKSOffice Prison/Jail
RFQ/AE: New Senior Living Center FacilityLAMilitary Facility
Dusenbury and Engineer Lake Dam Road Repair SOURCES SOUGHTLAMilitary Facility
RFQ/AE2022 Capital Fund Program 23 Residential Housing UnitsLAAircraft Sales/Service
RFQ/AE: Dwelling Units ImprovementsLAOffice
RFQ/AE: Aircraft Wash Rack Associated Pavement ImprLAWater Treatment Plant
ITEM: RFQ/AE: Back Flow PreventionLABridge Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: West Colyell Downstream Drainage ImprovementsLAPaving
ITEM: RFQ/AE: Baker Community Municipal Center HVAC SystemLAStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: St. Landry Parish School Board Esser IILATheater/Auditorium
RFQ/AE: St. Landry Parish School Board Esser IIILASanitary Sewer
Parking Deck and Structural Systems Repair SOURCES SOUGHTMAPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
Castle Park 1 Playground Repair (Replace)MAOffice
RFP/AE: New Athletic Fields & PlaygroundMAVehicle Sales/Service
Vacant Homes RehabilitationMAMilitary Facility Paving
RFP/AE: Various City Owned Streets ImprovementMAPaving Highway Signs/Guardrails Landscaping
RFP/AE: Family Housing ResiliencyMAOffice
RFQ/AE: Lowell Wastewater Plant UpgradeMASocial Club Dormitory
ITEM: RFQ/AE: Building 78 Roof ReplacementMAFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services - Treatment Plant UpgradesMAPark/Playground Site Development Storm Sewer
ITEM: RFP/AE: Apartment Bathroom Ventilation ReplacementMACustom Homes Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE:Existing Storm Water Management Facility RetrofittingMDDredging
EOI/AE: CCBC Dundalk Student Service Center RenovationMDPrison/Jail
RFP/AE: New School of Social Work BuildingMDMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Storm Water ImprovementsMDSidewalk/Parking Lot Highway Signs/Guardrails Park/Playground
ITEM: RFP/AE: Multiple Schools Roof ReplacementMDSite Development
Loch Raven VAMC EHRM Infrastructure UpgradesMDPaving
RFP/AE: Medical Office Building RenovationMDPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: Sanitary Sewer ExtensionMITower/Signal System
ITEM: RFP/AE: Probate Court Youth CenterMIMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: New Taxilane and Box HangarsMIPaving
RFQ/AE: Buildings #11 & #12 Taxilane RehabilitationMIMiscellaneous Education Building Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFP/AE: Van Buren Township Pathway DesignMICapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: Pre-K Centers DesignMIPark/Playground
GLERL LMFS Building 3 Foundation SOURCES SOUGHTMIPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: Pontiac Skate ParkMIWater Tank
ITEM: RFP/AE: HVAC Consulting ServicesMIStorm Sewer
RFP/AE: MI/DOT: Bridge RehabilitationMIAirline Terminal Hotel/Motel
RFQ/AE: Waste Water Facility ImprovementsMOPark/Playground Landscaping
RFQ/AE: Tarkio WWTF ImprovementsMOPark/Playground
RFP/AE: MO/DOT: Route 32 Curve RealignmentsMOMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: MO/DOT: Engineering ServicesMOSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Wastewater Collection System Upgrades and RepairsMOAirline Terminal Water Tank
RFQ/DB: Sewer System ImprovementMOMilitary Facility
RFQ/AE: Wastewater Anemphasis ImprovementsMOPaving
RFP/AE: Well Design and Water Line ExtensionsMOHighway Signs/Guardrails
RFP/AE: Electric Vehicle Charging StationMSSite Development Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Industrial Park Access Road ImprMSPaving Park/Playground
RFP/AE: Jackson County Emergency Operations CenterMSWater Tank
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument SOURCES SOUGHTMTMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: FY23 West Side Recreation ConstructionMTBridge Storm Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: BBWA StabilizationMTBridge
RFQ/AE: Mobile Classroom InstallationsNCOffice
RFQ/AE: Block Q DevelopmentNCPaving Bridge
RFQ/AE: Pier Properties RedevelopmentNCOffice
RFQ/AE: Spectrum Center RenovationsNCOffice
RFQ/AE/CM: Wiggins Mill Park ImprovementsNCMiddle/Senior High School
RFQ/AE: Water Treatment Plant Filter RehabilitationNCMilitary Facility
ITEM: RFQ/AE: Direct Digital Ctrl/Bldg Automation SysNDPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
ITEM: RFP/AE: Plumbing System Replacement/UpgradeNDMuseum Miscellaneous Recreational
Schnell Rec Area Shade Structures InstallNDSite Development
RFP/AE: Lots Police Training FacilityNJOffice
RFP/AE: County Bridge WE-74 ReplacementNJRailroad
Nm Faa Dem1 Deming Access RoadNMMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/DB: Pavement Resurfacing & Safety ImprovementsNMParking Garage
RFQ/AE: Alamogordo Family Recreation Center NatatoriumNMCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/DB: CR-42/Taborton Road Precast Concrete StructureNYPaving
RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesNYDormitory
RFP/AE: Pedestrian WalkwayNYPaving Site Development
RFP/AE: Municipal Water Service DevelopmentNYRailroad
RFP/AE: Housing Needs AssessmentNYMiddle/Senior High School
RFQ/AE: Bridge Design Support Services Albany Division IQCNYCollege/University
RFP/AE: Tonawanda Island Infrastructure AnalysisNYCollege/University
RFP/AE: Old Jackson Ave Bridge RehabilitationNYCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
ITEM: RFQ/AE: ATLC Roof ReplacementOHPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Windward Siphon ReplacementOHSewage Treatment Plant
Hillsboro Commons Retail CenterOHSite Development Shoreline Maintenance Water Line
CRJMTC DFAC Kitchen Installation SOURCES SOUGHTOHPark/Playground
RFP/CM: New Medical Office BuildingOHPrimary School Athletic Facility
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services IQCOHWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Fire Station 63 ProjectOHWorship Facility
RFP/AE/PM: Nature PlaygroundOHTesting/Research/Development Lab
RFQ/AE: Erie Trail Engineering Design ServicesOHMiscellaneous Recreational Tower/Signal System
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering Services IQCOHRoadway Lighting Paving Site Development
RFP/DB: Fiber Backbones & Main Distribution FramesOHSocial Club
RFQ/AE: Sewer Facility ImprovementsOHPaving Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Various Lakefront SitesOHPaving Park/Playground Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Single Mixed-Use BuildingOHMilitary Facility
Joe Cooper CDR+J Yukon, OKOKPaving Bridge Landscaping Storm Sewer
Oregon Slough Clamshell Maintenance Dredging SOURCES SOUGHTORPrimary School Middle/Senior High School
ITEM: RFP/AE: Roofing Consultant ServicesORRoadway Lighting Paving
ITEM: RFP/DB: Bldg. 542 WHARF-N Install 120 Lux LightingPAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: Streambank Restoration and Pedestrian Bridge DesignPAPaving
ITEM: RFP/AE: Hilltop Manor 34 Roofs ReplacementPAPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: Parks Recreation and Open Space Master PlanPAPaving
RFP/DB: Aerial Adventure ParkPAMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/DB: Weathered-Look GuardrailSCPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: Park Improvements - EngineeringSCOffice
ITEM: RFP/AE: HVAC Units Upgrades and ReplacementsSCLandscaping
RFP/AE: Community Building and Picnic ShelterSCPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services IQCSCFood/Beverage Service Middle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: Architectural/Engineering ServicesSCOffice Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Storm Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: 2021 Campus Wide ImprovementsSCPaving
RFQ/AE: Government Center Parking GarageSCCollege/University
ITEM: RFP/AE: State Capitol Window and Roof RepairTNMiscellaneous Recreational
LOI/AE: Tennessee Residence Storm Water System ReplacementTNPaving Storm Sewer Water Line
LOI/AE: RS Gass State Lab Chemical Terrorism Lab RelocationTNOffice
ITEM: RFP/AE: State Capitol Conference Room AV ReplacementTNPaving
RFQ/AE: MSQ2 FY 2022-23 Stormwater ServicesTNPark/Playground
Wastewater Treatment PlantTNMiscellaneous Education Building
ITEM: LOI/AE: Campus Wide Elevator ModernizationTNRoadway Lighting Bridge Landscaping Storm Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Technical Educational FacilityTNElderly/Assisted Living
RFQ/AE: Technical Education FacilityTNOffice Athletic Facility Miscellaneous Recreational Sidewalk/Parking Lot Park/Playground Landscaping
RFQ/CM: New Auto Mechanics ShopTXSewage Treatment Plant Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Landscaping Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFQ/CM: New Mineola Primary School RelocationTXSewage Treatment Plant Roadway Lighting Paving Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Smithville City Hall Building ImprovementsTXOffice
RFQ/CM: Parking FacilityTXDredging
Kelsey Seybold Medical Office Building / Parking GarageTXPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesTXSite Development
RFQ/AE: City Owned Water Well RehabilitationTXSite Development Dredging
RFQ/AE: Flood MitigationTXPaving
RFQ/AE: Demographic & Facilities Study IQCTXMilitary Facility
RFQ/CM: Nursing Addition and RenovationTXPaving
RFQ/AE: Reclaimed Water Master Plan IQCTXPaving Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: WWTP On Call Professional Engineering Services IQCTXStorage Tank (Other)
RFP/AE: Structural Engineering ServicesTXCollege/University
RFQ/OR: City Center and Justice CourtUTMiscellaneous Education Building
ITEM: RFP/DB: Arches National Park WaysideUTMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: SVBP Dogwood Site GradingVAPaving Highway Signs/Guardrails Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: SVBP Dogwood Site Engineering ServicesVACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Salem VAMC Asphalt Patching SOURCES SOUGHTVAPaving Storm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: N Norfolk International Terminal Wharf ImprovementsVACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Paving Sidewalk/Parking Lot Site Development Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFQ/AE: Elam Farm Infrastructure DevelopmentVAOffice
RFP/AE: Architectural Design ServicesVAOffice
RFP/AE: Preston Ave & Harris St Pedestrian FacilitiesVAOffice
RFP/AE: Southside Behavioral Health Metal BuildingVACollege/University
ITEM: RFP/DB: BTV Parking Garage Fire Alarm Sys ReplacementVTPark/Playground
McGimpsey Septic & Community Water System SOURCES SOUGHTWAWarehouse
Rainforest Trailhead Comfort Station ReplacementWACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall Fire/Police Station
NOAA Manchester Research Facility Seawater SOURCES SOUGHTWAOffice
RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCWAPaving
RFQ/AE: Fircrest Park Athletic Field ImprovementsWAAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Bridge Engineering Services IQCWAPrison/Jail
RFQ/AE: Bay Street Pedestrian Pathway ImprovementsWAPrison/Jail Dormitory
RFP/AE: Bridge Guardrail Safety ImprovementsWAPrison/Jail Dormitory
RFQ/AE: Wallula Dodd Water System Improvements Phase 2WAPrison/Jail
RFQ/AE: Berth 5 Storage FacilityWACollege/University Testing/Research/Development Lab
RFP/AE: Food Truck CourtWAApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories Dormitory
RFP/AE: Architect and Engineer Services MATOCWAPaving
RFP/AE: Annual A/E RosterWASidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: Street Rebuild DesignWIAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: Fire Stations 53 Sleeping Quarters RenovationWISocial Club
RFP/AE: Courthouse Remodel and RenovationWIStorm Sewer Sanitary Sewer Water Line
RFP/AE: Beckley Veterans Nursing FacilityWVPrison/Jail
RFP/AE: 2022 North AML Contract 7WVStorm Sewer
EOI/AE: Architectural/Engineering Services - Contract 6WVPark/Playground
EOI/AE: Architectural/Engineering ServicesWVRetail (Other)
Louis A. Johnson Ehrm Infrastructure UpgradesWVPaving
RFQ/AE: Pine Street Pedestrian Safety ProjectWYFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: General Services Building AdditionWYTheater/Auditorium
RFP/AE: Riverton High School AuditoriumWYStorm Sewer