Fresh Projects USA for the Week of 10/16/2018

Fresh Projects USA is a listing of select new construction projects from across the U.S. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list and detailed information of all U.S. construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.

RFP/AE: ITEM: WWTP SBR Building Roof ReplacementAKWater Treatment Plant
Echols Middle School Classroom AdditionALMiddle/Senior High School
RFQ/AE: Fort Smith Public School Facilities UpgrdadesARMiscellaneous Education Building
Road and Site Preparation(Sources Sought)AZPaving
RFQ/CM: Water Main ReplacementAZWater Line
RFQ/AE: El Mirage Alternative AccessAZPaving
RFQ/AE: Arena Plumbing & Mechanical RepairsAZIndoor Arena
Chuck E Cheese Restaurant (Remodel)CAFood/Beverage Service
RFQ/AE: Sierra Way Storm Drain ProjectCAStorm Sewer
RFP/DB : San Jose International AirportCAAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Residential CenterCAPrison/Jail
RFP/GC: Alder Randal Street ImprovementsCAPaving
RFQ/DB: La Honda Creek Agricultural Workforce HousingCASale/Spec Homes
Levee Repairs (Sources Sought)CAFlood Control
ITEM: Gymnasium Floor ReplacementCAAthletic Facility
Intersection Improvements(Hyperion Ave & Glendale Blvd)CAPaving
RFP/AE: Transit Center Relocation Feasibility StudyCAPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFQ/AE: New Comprehensive High School No. 19CAMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/DB : C2 Well Site - Chlorine Room ModificationsCAWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE :CA/DOT : Roadway ImprovementsCAPaving
RFP/AE: Price Canyon Rd Emergency Relief ProjectCAPaving
RFP/AE: Sub Basin Sustainable GroundwaterCAStorm Sewer
RFP/AE: ITEM: Grace Hudson ES Mechanical RetrofitCAPrimary School
RFQ/AE: Cesar Chavez Park Soccer and BasketballCAPark/Playground
RFP/DEV: North Concord/Martinez BART Station TOD DevelopmentCAApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFQ/SUB The Aurora Highlands InfrastructureCOSite Development
RFQ/AE: Water/Sewer/Roadway and Drainage ReplacementCOSanitary Sewer
Middle Haddam School Building (Historic Restoration)CTOffice
RFP/AE: Jefferson Science Magnet Elementary (Renovation)CTPrimary School
RFP/AE: Cranberry Elementary School (Addition/Renovation)CTPrimary School
RFP/AE: Senior Center (Renovation)CTMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: Hartford Public Schools central office RelocationCTOffice
RFQ A/E: ITEM: Stafford Elementary School Roof ReplacementCTPrimary School
RFP/AE: ITEM: South Side ES/HVAC System UpgradeCTPrimary School
RFP/AE: Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink Evaluation StudyCTMiscellaneous Recreational
Central Violation of Probation Center - Conversion ProjectDECapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
FRQ/AE: Street Light Improvement ProjectFLRoadway Lighting
Ptp Roadway Improvements (Sw 137th Avenue)FLTower/Signal System
Water & Wastewater Lines - InstallFLWater Line
RFP/AE: Drainage ReconstructionFLOffice
RFP/AE: Watermain Extension & Control SystemFLWater Line
RFQ/AE: SR 429 Widening From West Road to SR 414FLPaving
RFQ/AE: Whiting Aviation Park WAPFLSite Development
RFQ/AE: Environmental Engineering ServicesFLWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/GC: South Terminal Complex Quick Turn-Around FacilitiesFLVehicle Sales/Service
RFP/AE: Whiting Aviation Park DevelopmentFLSite Development
RFQ/AE: Miramar Area Wide Drainage Improvements ProjectFLPaving
RFP/AE: Canal Rehabilitation ProgramFLStorm Sewer
RFP/DB: Marianna Airport Runway ExtensionFLRunway/Taxiway
RFQ/AE: New Tourist Development Council (TDC) Visitor CtrFLOffice
RFP/CM: Milledge Avenue Remediation Site Task OrderGACollege/University
RFP/CM: East Barrow High School (PHASE I)GAMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/CM: HI/DOT:Highway Improvements Phase 2HIPaving
RFP/AE:HI/DOT:Wahiawa Pedestrian BridgeHIBridge
RFP/AE: HI/DOT:Lihue Airport -Terminal Holdroom ImprovementsHIAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: Pedestrian Route DevelopmentHIPark/Playground
RFP/AE: ABD Phase Viii Warehouse ExpansionIAWarehouse
Idaho Teton Centennial Trail(Sources Sought)IDPaving
RFQ/DB: New Community Re-Entry Center (Design/Build)IDPrison/Jail
RFP/AE: North Main Street Improvement Phase IIILPaving
Government Owned Contractor Operated (Sources Sought)ILMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Library Expansion ProjectINLibrary
RFP/AE: Hornaday Rd. and Co. Rd. 300 N. RoundaboutINPaving
RFP: Carroll RoadINPaving
RFQ/DB: Public Works Project Addition/Renov (Design/Build)INVehicle Sales/Service
RFQ: Environmental Consultant ServicesINSite Development
RFP/AE: Municipal Harbor & Waterways PlanMADock/Pier
RFP/CM: Cadet Housing (Renovation)MADormitory
RFQ/AE: Bus Systems Infrastructure ImprovementsMAPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFQ/AE: New Parks and Recreation Facility Feasibility StudyMAMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: Freshwater Fish Culture Facilities StudyMAAnimal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFQ/AE: West School Playground RehabilitationMAPark/Playground
RFP/AE: WWTP Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) UpgradeMDSewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE Classroom RenovationMECollege/University
RFP: Middle Huron Sediment Reduction Design and StudyMIStorm Sewer
RFP/DB : Parks & Recreation Garage ImprovementsMIParking Garage
Oscar G. Johnson Va Medical Center Microbiology RenovateMIHospital
RFQ/AE: East 15th Street ExtensionMOPaving
RFQ/AE: Central Fire Station Feasibility StudyMOFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE : Parking and Transit Facility Design ServicesMSParking Garage
RFQ/AE: MS Coast Coliseum Demo & VIP Hospitality Area ConstMSIndoor Arena
RFP/DB :ITEM: Gulf Coast Veterans-Photovoltaic Solar SystemMSHospital
RFP/AE: NC/DOT: I-5718 and U-6103 Stip UpgradesNCPaving
RFP/AE: Open End Design Service Agreements (IDC)NCCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Anne Street Bridge Condition AssessmentNDBridge
RFQ/AE: Replacement of Two Bridges on Province RoadNHBridge
RFP/AE: Park Street Area (Survey)NHSite Development
New Jersey VA HC System Waste Water Plant ModernizationNJHospital
RFP/AE: Social Enterprise CenterNMOffice
RRFP/AE: Buckman Booster Station Bs-3 & Bs-4 RehabilitationNMWater Line
RFP/AE:NM/DOT: Street ImprovementsNMPaving
RFP/AE: NM/DOT: Statewide General Engineering (IQC)NMPaving
San Juan Lateral Water Treatment Plant(Sources Sought)NMWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: NV/DOT: On-Call Geotechnical ServicesNVPaving
RFQ/AE: Whitney Ranch Channel Replacement ProjectNVFlood Control
RFP/AE : NV/DOT : Interstate 15 Feasibility StudyNVPaving
RFP/AE : NV/DOT : I-15n Speedway ImprovementsNVPaving
RFP/DB: Centro Bus Shelter Project (Design/Build)NYMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE:NY/DOT:Rehabilitation Major Deegan Expressway (I-87)NYPaving
RFP/CM:NY/DOT : Hunts Point Interstate Access ImprovementsNYPaving
RFP/AE: Newburgh-Beacon Bridge North SpanNYBridge
VA New York Harbor Healthcare System vascular Lab UpgradeNYHospital
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Buckeye Village-Bldg Demolition (Design/Build)OHCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Technology Building Related Infrastructure (BGU)OHUtility Tunnel
AFMC Renovation (SATOC) (IDIQ)OHMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Dayton International Airport Sanitary Sewer ServicesOHSanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: Statewide Cabinet Project (FY 19-20)OHHotel/Motel
Extra Space StorageOKWarehouse
RFP/CM: Foster Elementary & Holley Elem School RetrofitORPrimary School
RFP/CM/GC: La Grande HS Gymnasium/Greenwood ES RetrofitORPrimary School
RFQ/AE: County Public Works Department ProjectsPACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ: Bridge No DB-210 ReplacementPABridge
RFP: 2018 Conyngham Streetscape ProjectPAPaving
RFP: Feasibility for New Regional Rail StationPAPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFP: Jones Street Road & Storm Sewer Improvements ProjectPAStorm Sewer
RFQ: Engineering ServicesPAPaving
RFP: Engineering ServicesPASanitary Sewer
RFQ: LHRT Pedestrian Connection to Steamtown NHSPABridge
RFP/AE: Jail Cell RenovationPAPrison/Jail
RFP/CM: Ninth & Penn Garage RedevelopmentPASidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/CM: Pre-Construction Phase ServicesSCPrimary School
RFP/DEV: Beaufort Commerce Park Shell Building (SITE 13)SCOffice
RFP/DEV: Beaufort Commerce Park Shell Building (SITE 20)SCOffice
RFQ/AE: Fire Station No. 4 (Replacement)SCFire/Police Station
RFP/CMR: Boscobel III Apartment DevelopmentTNApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFQ/AE: Water-Sewer Improvements (IQC)TXWater Line
RFQ/P/CM: Construction Manager At Risk 2019 BondTXMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Water-Sewer Improvements (IQC)TXWater Line
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services (IQC)TXSite Development
RFQ/AE: City of Richwood Sewer ImprovementsTXSanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: Parking -Drainage ADA Downtown ImprsTXPaving
RFP/CM: Restroom RenovationTXMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: Wastewater Design ServicesTXSanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: Water Storage Tank Inspection and CleaningTXWater Tank
RFQ/AE: Fire Station 104 ReplacementTXFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Tarleton State University Aquatics CenterTXSwimming Pool
RFQ/AE: District's Wastewater Collection SystemTXSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/RFP/CM: Army Futures Command Tenant Finish OutTXOffice
RFP/CM: East Parking Garage RenovationTXParking Garage
RFQ/CM: Criminal Jst Ctr Mit and Improvement ProjTXCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: ASB Freezer ExpansionUTWarehouse (Refrigerated)
RFP/AE: Bountiful City Trails Master Plan UpdateUTPark/Playground
LF Powell Jr Courthouse Exterior Renovation(Sources Sought)VACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: Regional Commission OfficeVAOffice
RFP/AE: Shell BuildingVAOffice
RFP/AE: Bingham Falls (Master Plan)VTLandscaping
Electrical Construction&Improvement of a electrical FacilityWAElectric Substation
RFQ/AE: Stormwater Retrofit & Park ImprovementsWAPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: 2019 Sanitary Sewer Repair ProjectWASanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: New Campground& Restroom/Shower buildingWAPark/Playground
Transmission & Distribution Line ConstructionWAPower Lines
RFP/DB: Longview Grade CrossingWAPaving
RFP/AE: Phase 2 Lower Yahara River TrailWIPaving
RFP/AE: Flat Creek South Restoration Phase IIWYStorm Sewer
Sinks Canyon State Parks (Master Plan)WYPark/Playground