Fresh Projects USA for the Week of 2/18/2019

Fresh Projects USA is a listing of select new construction projects from across the U.S. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list and detailed information of all U.S. construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.

RFQ/GC/CM:Kelsey Dock Warehouse Renovation&Exterior Upgrades AK Warehouse
RFQ/CM: Poultry Complex Facility AR Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFP/CM: Cherokee Elementary School AZ Primary School
RFP/DB: Telecommunication Network Upgrades (D/B) AZ Communication Lines
RFQ/CM: Sierra Linda HS New Performing Arts Center AZ Miscellaneous Education Building
Eastside Bypass Improvements Weir Removal Sources Sought CA Flood Control
Flood Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration CA Flood Control
Maintenance Area 09 - Levee Erosion Repairs (Sources Sought) CA Site Development
RFP/CM: North Shoreview Flood Improvement CA Flood Control
RFQ/P/DB: ITEM: Energy Management Systems CA Middle/Senior High School
SNL CA Data Center Replacement Facility CA Testing/Research/Development Lab
Station Vallejo Permanent Facilities Sources Sought CA Office
Bridge Preservation SOURCES SOUGHT CO Paving
CO/DOT RFQ/AE: Multiple Building - Improvements and Remodel CO Office
RFP/CM: Bridge Repair and Replacement IQC CO Bridge
RFP/DB: Hadley Reservoir Improvements CO Water Supply
RFQ/CM/GC: New Detention Center CO Prison/Jail
RFQ/GC: Water Quality Laboratory Upgrade CO Testing/Research/Development Lab
San Simon Crossing Culvert & Haekel Resurface SOURCES SOUGHT CO Paving
Curtain Grouting & Concrete Repair Curtain Sources Sought DC Power Plant (Other)
RFP/DB: Blue Plains AWTP Segment C DC Sewage Treatment Plant
Creekside MS Bldg 1, 3, & 10 HVAC Renovations FL Middle/Senior High School
Eglin Afb Paving IDIQ SOURCES SOUGHT FL Paving
New Smyrna Beach HS Campus Wide Elevated Walkway Repairs FL Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/CM: Moffitt Cancer Center Hospital FL Hospital
RFQ/CM: City Improvement Plan FL Paving
RFQ/CM: Shuttle Landing Facility Utility Corridor FL Space Facility
RFQ/DB: City Garage and Public Facilities Storage Building FL Parking Garage
RFQ/GC: Construction Services IQC FL Office
RFQ/GC: Okaloosa County Affordable Housing Construction FL Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Building Upgrades MATOC IDIQ (Sources Sought) GA Military Facility
Kings Bay Dry Dock Recapitialization Sources Sought GA Dock/Pier
RFP/CM: New Public Safety Complex GA Office
RFQ/GC: Wardlaw Deck Lighting Upgrade GA Dock/Pier
RFQ/P/AE: 2019 CDBG Public Infrastructure Improvements GA Storm Sewer
RFQ/RFP/AE: 2019 ARC Sewer Lift Station GA Sewage Treatment Plant
Kamokala Road Structural Repairs (Sources Sought) HI Paving
RFP/AE/HI/DOT: Daniel K. Inouye Airport Replacement HI Airline Terminal
Various Utility Systems IDIQ Sources Sought HI Site Development
RFP/PM: New Public Safety Radio System IA Tower/Signal System
Warehouse Upgrades (Sources Sought) IA Warehouse
HVAC Mechanical & Plumbing Services SOURCES SOUGHT ID Office
Burns Harbor Breakwater Repair IL Shoreline Maintenance
Landscaping (Sources Sought) IL Site Development
MTO VOR shelter&RCO DME antennas Construction SOURCES SOUGHT IL Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/DB : East & West State Street Sidewalk Gaps IL Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/Q: Parks and Recreation Maintenance Facility IN Miscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/DB: Technology Center and Special Education Facility IN Miscellaneous Education Building
Geothermal HVAC Building Renovations Sources Sought KS Military Facility
RFP/GC: ITEM: Inmate Transfer Elevator Modernization KS Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
New Industrial Areas Expansion KY Park/Playground
Reconstruct Unsafe Cave Trail Sources Sought KY Park/Playground
RFQ/CM: Housing Modernization LA Custom Homes
Boys and Girls Club of Lynn MA Athletic Facility
Minor Construction MACC IDIQ Sources Sought MA Military Facility
Renovate Mep Office and HVAC System Bldg Sources Sought MD Office
Riverbed Technologies Tenant Renovation MD Office
Bridge Supplemental System Sources Sought MI Bridge
Ludington Harbor Dredging Maintenance MI Dredging
RFP/CM: Bedford Public Schools MI Primary School
RFP/DB: North 8th and Street Cullimore Cottages Design MO Custom Homes
RFP/DB: Veterans Memorial Park Irrigation System MO Park/Playground
Alpha Phi Sorority House NC Dormitory
Novant DIMA NC Clinic/Medical Office
Pedestrian Bridge Upgrades (Sources Sought) NC Bridge
PN 87437 SOF Group Headquarters Sources Sought NC Military Facility
Pump Stations #32 & #54 Rehabilitation NC Water Treatment Plant
RFP/CM: ITEM: UNC Hospitals Nurse Call System Replacement NC Hospital
RFQ/AE/NC/DOT: Miscellaneous Water and Sewer NC Storm Sewer
RFQ/CM: New Northeast Academy School Renovation NC Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/GC: Commercial TPO Roof NC Clinic/Medical Office
RFQ/P/AE: Salem Creek Greenway Pedestrian Side Path NC Sidewalk/Parking Lot
Underwriters Laboratory Chemistry and Biology Lab NC Testing/Research/Development Lab
Glur Park Splash Pad NE Park/Playground
RFP/CM: Santee Community Schools NE Primary School
RFQ/GC: Drain and Sewer Structures Reconstructing NH Storm Sewer
Grounds Maintenance Services IQC NJ Site Development
Upgrade of Building 18 Sources Sought NJ Hospital
NIIP Block 4 6 and 7 Power Factor Corrections NM Water Treatment Plant
RFP/DB: Ada Accessible Route Ramp NV Paving
Compactor Station Renovate Sources Sought NY Hospital
Main Hospital Facade Phase 2 Repair(Sources Sought) NY Hospital
Remove Domestic Water Dead Legs NY Hospital
RFP/CM: Massena Central School District NY Middle/Senior High School
Ability Chiropractic OH Clinic/Medical Office
RFP/DB: North Olmsted Park Playground(Design/Build) OH Park/Playground
WPAFB MACC (Sources Sought) OH Military Facility
Building 9201 Program Office - Phase I OK Office
RFQ/AM: Gill Coliseum Women S Basketball Locker Room OR College/University
Mental Health 9th Floor Renovation PA Hospital
RFP: Engineering Services PA Paving
RFQ: Environmental/Engineering/Stormwater PA Bridge
VA Medical Center Data Center Renovation PA Clinic/Medical Office
Odd Fellows Hall Redevelopment RI Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Pavement Repairs RI Paving
Camden Multi-Building Complex SC Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Lock C Improvements (Sources Sought) TN Dock/Pier
Tennessee Valley Healthcare System IDIQ MATOC TN Clinic/Medical Office
RFP/DB: ITEM: TRS Enterprise Audio/Visual Installation TX Office
RFP/Q/AE: 2019-20 TxCDBG Project TX Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/CM: 2019 Construction Management Services Pool IQC TX Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/CM: Fine Arts Additions and Renovations TX Middle/Senior High School
RFQ/CM: Lyndon B Johnson Hospital Inpatient/Out Renovation TX Hospital
RFQ/CM: Paving and Drainage Water Well Improvements TX Paving
RFQ/CM: Quentin Mease Hospital Renovation and Conversion TX Hospital
RFQ/CM: TCEQ Building A Central Plant TX Park/Playground
RFQ/DB: ITEM : TAMU Dunn Hall HVAC Replacement D/B TX College/University
RFQ/DB: Stacy D. Hunter Recreation Center Bathroom Addition TX Miscellaneous Recreational
Hydropower Plant Emergency Repair IDIQ UT Hydroelectric Plant
RFP/GC/CM: WSU Noorda Engineering Building UT College/University
RFQ/GC: ITEM: Nebo School Roof Replacement UT Primary School
RFQ/GC: South Valley Water Reclamation Facility Project 5 UT Water Treatment Plant
ITEM:Building 19 HVAC 4-Pipe to VRF Refrigerant VA Office
Pneumatic Control Improvements VA Hospital
SATOC Construction Services (Sources Sought) VA Military Facility
Silvio O Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Improvement VA Paving
Water Storage Tank Remediation Sources Sought VA Water Tank
Installation of Stray Corrosion Control & Monitoring Systems WA Bridge
RFP: On-Call Facilitation Services WA Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/CM/AE: Milwaukee Bridge Rehabilitation WA Bridge
RFQ/DB: Southwest Area Sanitary Sewer (Design/Build) WA Sanitary Sewer
RFQ/P/AE: SCADA System Design WA Water Treatment Plant
Schaake Habitat Precast Culvert Upgrades (Sources Sought) WA Storm Sewer
Beebe Building Redevelopment WI Warehouse
Renovate Farmhouse SOURCES SOUGHT WI Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFP/DB: Playground Equipment Installations WI Park/Playground
RFP/GC: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing Services (IQC) WI College/University
RFQ/Developers: North Side Redevelopment WI Retail (Other)
RFQ/AE:WV/DOT James River Road Overpass WV Bridge
Water Tank Treatment Upgrades (Sources Sought) WV Water Tank
Jackson Hole Levee Repair and Rehabilitation Sources Sought WY Flood Control
RFP/CM: Fine Arts and Energy Hall Remodel WY Theater/Auditorium