Fresh Projects USA for the Week of 6/17/2019

Fresh Projects USA is a listing of select new construction projects from across the U.S. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list and detailed information of all U.S. construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.

RFP/AE: Engineering Services 2019 IQC AL Paving
RFQ/AE: Huntsville Executive Airport Improvements AL Airline Terminal
RFQ/AE: ADA Units Conversion AL Custom Homes
RFP/AE: Bryant Army Airfield Development Plan AK Airline Terminal
RFP/AE: Public Works Administration Design AK Office
RFP/PM: Pullen Creek Stream Walk Phase II AK Paving
Supai Clinic and Quarters SOURCES SOUGHT AZ Clinic/Medical Office
RFQ/AE: Fairway Drive Improvements AZ Paving
Whiteriver Hospital Renovation SOURCES SOUGHT AZ Hospital
RFQ/AE: General Plan 2030 AZ Office
New Scientific Computational Facility SOURCES SOUGHT AR Testing/Research/Development Lab
Auditorium Air Conditioning and Interior Upgrades AR Theater/Auditorium
RFP/AE: West Shore Trail Landslide Stabilization CA Site Development
RFP/AE: Trail Strategy Plan CA Paving
RFP/AE: Public Housing Improvements CA Custom Homes
RFP/DB: Los Angeles River Closure Devices CA Water Line
RFP/AE: On Call Professional Services IQC CA Hydroelectric
Bulter Building Improvement CA Paving
RFP/AE: Hotel Feasibility Study CA Hotel/Motel
RFP/AE: Police Department Shooting Range Upgrade CA Fire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services IQC CA Paving
RFQ/AE: Resources Building Rehabilitation CA Office
RFQ/AE: As Needed Electrical Services No.2 CA Power Lines
RFQ/DB/CM: Master Enabling Agreement (Multiple Projects) IQC CA College/University
RFQ/AE: Electrical Engineering Services No. 3 IQC CA Power Lines
RFP/AE: Moffitt/Long Hospital L300 MRI Replacement CA Hospital
RFP/AE: City Hall Relocation - Phase II CA Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: ITEM: Electrical Engineering Services IQC CA Water Line
RFP/AE: Geotechnical Engineering Services IQC CA Paving
RFP/AE: Two Houses Renovation CA Custom Homes
RFP/AE: Norwalk High School Improvements CA Middle/Senior High School
RFP/DB: ITEM: Solar Arrays & Electrical System D/B CA Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/LLB: Stanislaus County Lease-Leaseback IQC CA Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: Right of Way Consulting Services CA Office
RFQ/GC: AMC East and West Plazas Concrete Replacement CO Shopping Center/Strip Mall
Grading Erosion Control Bmp Utilities Concrete Paving CO Paving
National Western Stock Show - Livestock Fencing CO Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
ITEM: Laboratory Building Roof Replacement CO Testing/Research/Development Lab
RFQ/AE: General Engineering Services IQC CO Paving
RFP/AE: 2019 Facilities Master Plan CO Office
RFP/DB: Louden Ditch Bridge Replacement CO Bridge
RFP/DB: ITEM: Sign & Banner Installation CO Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/P/AE: Nursing Home Facility Construction CO Nursing/Convalescent Center
RFP/DB: Interior Office Remodeling CO Office
RFP/AE: Streetscape and Connectivity Improvements CT Paving
RFP/AE: Wastewater Treatment System OWTS Study Phase I CT Sewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: 1921 Park Street Renovations CT Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Sidewalk Extension and Pedestrian Bridge CT Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/DB: Town Hall Informational Sign Replacement IQC CT Highway Signs/Guardrails
RFP/AE: Traffic Ops, Intelligent Transpo Systems DC Roadway Lighting
RFP/DB: Van Ness Tennis Courts Renovation DC Park/Playground
RFP/AE: St. Andrews Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements FL Sewage Treatment Plant
RFP/DB: Cruise Terminal 8 Passenger Gangway Replacement FL Bridge
RFP/Q/AE: Civil Engineering/Architectural Services IQC FL Paving
RFQ/AE: Cyril Drive Bypass Improvements FL Paving
RFQ/AE: Calienta Street Storm Water and Roadway Improvements FL Storm Sewer
West Village Commons Center Improvements FL Shopping Center/Strip Mall
RFQ/GC: General Contractor Construction Services FL Paving
RFQ/GC: Hardscape Construction Services IQC FL Paving
RFP/AE: Engineering Consulting Services FL Site Development
RFP/CM: ITEM: HVAC System Renovation FL Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering Services IQC FL Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: 22nd Street Corridor Improvements FL Paving
RFQ/CM: T.B. Williams Clearwell Replacement FL Water Treatment Plant
RFQ/GC: Roadway Improvements FL Paving
RFQ/GC: Landscape/Irrigation Construction Services FL Landscaping
RFQ/AE: Aquatics Center Improvements FL Swimming Pool
RFP/CM: Facility Improvements GA Miscellaneous Education Building
Inner Harbor Dredging Improvements GA Dredging
RFQ/AE: Central Office/Administrative Building Renovation GA Office
RFP/AE: Parks & Recreation Facilities Signage System GA Highway Signs/Guardrails
RFP/AE: Parks & Recreation Master Plan GA Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: FY 2020 CDBG Public Infrastructure (Improvements) GA Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: East Jackson Middle School (Additions/ Renovations) GA Middle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: Empower College & Career Center (Adds/ Rens) GA Vocational School
RFQ/GC: Sapelo Islands Lighthouse (Improvements) GA Beach/Marina Facility
RFQ/AE: Wrightsboro Rd Reconstruct/Pedestrian (Improvement) GA Paving
Fort Hall Indian Reservation Room Renovation ID Clinic/Medical Office
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering Services IQC ID Airline Terminal
RFP/AE: Waste Water Treatment Plant Study ID Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Bill Seeber Sports Complex Master Plan IL Athletic Facility
RFP/AE: Roadway and Multi-Use Trail IL Paving
RFP/AE: Elmhurst Quarry Storage Addition IL Storage Tank (Other)
RFP/AE: New Structural Components Modification/Renovation IL Hospital
Water Main Improvements SOURCES SOUGHT IL Water Line
RFQ/AE: Prater Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation Phase III IL Bridge
RFP/CM: Carmel Clay Public Library Parking Garage Renovation IN Library
Perry County Dam Maintenance IN Water Supply
RFP/CM: Primary Care Building & Off-Campus Renovation IN Hospital
RFP/AE: Seymour District School Zone Improvements IN Paving
Grissom ARB MPA Repair Pavement SOURCES SOUGHT IN Paving
RFP/AE: ITEM: Grimes Building Elevator Replacement IA Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: Water Treatment Plant 2 Upgrades KS Sewage Treatment Plant
RFP/GC: Frankfort Fire & EMS Station Renovation KY Fire/Police Station
RFP/DB: New EMS Building Improvements KY Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: New IT Building Design LA Hospital
RFQ/AE: Livingston Executive Airport Improvements LA Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: General Design Services IDIQ LA Water Treatment Plant
Fort Polk JOC LA Military Facility
RFP/DB: Centreville Parking Garage Rehabilitation D/B ME Parking Garage
RFQ/AE: General Engineering Consultant Services IQC ME Bridge
Redevelopment of Vacant Building MD Custom Homes
Redevelopment of Vacant Building MD Custom Homes
RFP/AE: ITEM: Spring Garden ES HVAC Replacement MD Primary School
RFP/AE: Frederick Douglass Park on the Tuckahoe MD Park/Playground
RFP/AE: Frederick Douglass Park Master Plan MD Park/Playground
RFP/AE: ITEM: Window and Siding Replacement MA Custom Homes
Septic Tanks Grease Traps & Catch Basins Sources Sought MA Sanitary Sewer
RFP/Q/AE: Architectural/Engineering Services IQC MA Office
RFP/CM: 2019 Construction Management Services MA Water Line
RFQ/CM: Plain-Well Community School Remodeling/Renovations MI Miscellaneous Education Building
RFP/DB: Ionia Recreation Area - Cold Storage Pole Barn(D/B) MI Warehouse
Water Storage and Distribution Systems Wsds Sources Sought MI Storage Tank (Other)
RFP/AE: Agricultural Drainage Wells Closure MN Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Possum Walk Trail Improvements MS Paving
Gulf Coast Regional Hopper Dredging SOURCES SOUGHT MS Dredging
RFQ/AE: Hawkins Field Airport Pavement Management MS Airline Terminal
RFQ/AE: 2020-21 Architectural Services MS Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Cart Road 372 Bridge Replacement MO Paving
RFQ/AE: Kansas City International Airport Development MO Airline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport Development MO Airline Terminal
RFP/CM: 2020 Elephant Exhibit Enhancements MO Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFQ/AE: Municipal Transportation Water Sanitary Sewer MT Sanitary Sewer
Montana Court Judge Chamber Alteration SOURCES SOUGHT MT Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Offutt AFB Generating Plant Sources Sought NE Power Plant (Other)
RFQ/AE: Sheehan-Basquil Park Renovation Phase II NH Park/Playground
Cape May Inlet Beach Nourishment Sources Sought NJ Shoreline Maintenance
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services NJ Paving
RFP/AE: Professional Services NJ Office
RFP/AE: Roadway Milling and Resurfacing NJ Paving
Explosive Ordinance Disposal Tech Facility SOURCES SOUGHT NJ Hazardous Waste Disposal
RFQ/AE: Pequannock Water Filtration Plant HVAC (Improvement) NJ Water Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: ITEM: Hallway Window Replacement NJ Custom Homes
RFP/CM: Site and Safety Improvements NM College/University
RFP/DB: Transfer Station Relocation D/B NM Site Development
RFP/DB: Water Service Meter Installation D/B NM Water Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Clean Water Plan Development -Term Contract NY Water Line
RFQ/AE: Bartle Library Renovation NY Library
RFP/PM: Wastewater Treatment Facilities NY Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: ITEM:Alumni Hall Roof Replacement NY Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: Athletic Fields Master Plan NY Athletic Facility
RFQ/AE: 2020-2023 Engineering Services IQC NY Paving
Multiple-Award IDIQ SOURCES SOUGHT NY Office
RFQ/AE : ITEM: Fire Suppression System NY College/University
RFP/AE: 2019 Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Replacement NY Sewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Kingston Point Park Improvements NY Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: Kinston Street Drainage (Improvements) NC Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: CDBG Sewer (Improvements) NC Sanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: Bolivia Depot Construction NC Passenger Terminal (Other)
RFQ/SUB: RCCC Advanced Technology Center Upfits NC College/University
Range 19c Improvements SOURCES SOUGHT NC Paving
RFQ/AE: Weaver Street & W.D. Hill Recreation Center (Rens) NC Miscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: New Residence Hall NC College/University
RFQ/GC: Kings Bluff 54-Inch Raw Water Transmission Main NC Water Line
RFP/AE: Richardson Raw Water Supply Improvements NC Water Supply
RFP/AE: Open-End Architectural Services NC College/University
RFQ/DB: Jessie Owle-Dugan Native Plant Irrigation System NC Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFQ/AE: ADA Transition Plan Development NC Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Raleigh Union Station Platform Escalator (Imprvmt) NC Passenger Terminal (Other)
RFQ/AE: Jordan Hall Library (Renovations) NC Library
RFQ/AE: Building Systems Upgrades OH College/University
RFQ/GC: Watershed Scada Maintenance OH Site Development
RFQ/AE: Clifton Court Hall (UC) OH College/University
RFQ/AE: Napoleon Aquatic Center Improvements OH Swimming Pool
RFP/AE: Municipal Pool Facility OH Swimming Pool
RFP/AE: Bitzer Park Improvements OH Park/Playground
RFP/AE: Park Master Plan OH Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization OH Paving
RFP/AE: Lake Shore Trail and Water Access Design OR Shoreline Maintenance
RFP/AE: Water Systems Street Improvements IQC OR Water Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: OSU- Cascades campus Onsite Infrastructure OR College/University
Roseburg Nat'l Cemetery Gravesite Expansion SOURCES SOUGHT OR Site Development
RFP/CM/GC: Dial-A-Ride Bus Barn Expansion OR Passenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/AE: Storm Water Master Plan OR Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Main Streets on Halsey Site Improvements OR Paving
RFP/CM/GC: 2020 Repair and Renovations OR Middle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: Wayfinding Signage Plan OR Highway Signs/Guardrails
RFP/CM/GC: New Buxton Hornshuh Fire Station OR Fire/Police Station
RFP/DB: SR 51 Culvert Replacement PA Storm Sewer
RFP/CM: Construction Management Services IQC PA Airline Terminal
Repave Hospital Roads PA Paving
RFP/AE: PA/DOT Pedestrian Safety Improvements PA Paving
RFP: Pedestrian Safety Improvements PA Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: Master Site Development Plans PA Park/Playground
RFP: T-529 Miller Road over Laurel Run Bridge PA Bridge
RFP/AE: Open-End Environmental Services IQC PA Paving
RFP/AE: Civil Landscape Architecture Services IQC PA Miscellaneous Education Building
RFP: Parcel G Development Phase 2 (Multi Purpose Lot) PA Warehouse
RFP/AE: Replace HVAC Bldg 2 Phase 2 PA Hospital
RFP: Parcel G Development Phase 1 (TNC Parking Lot) PA Freight Terminal
RFP/AE: PA/DOT T-529 Miller Road Over Laurel Run Bridge PA Bridge
LSCI Allenwood - Renovate Showers SOURCES SOUGHT PA Miscellaneous Recreational
Core Addition Surgical Suite Renovation SOURCES SOUGHT RI Hospital
RFP/AE: Professional Engineering Services IQC SC Site Development
RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering On-Call Services (IDC) SC Paving
RFQ: Beaufort County Coordinated Comprehensive Plan SC Site Development
RFP/AE: Buildings 1 & 5 Roof & Lighting (Improvements) SC Military Facility
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Roof and Lightning Protection Deficiencies SC Hospital
RFP/AE: ITEM: Ralph Johnson VAMC Air Handler Units SC Hospital
RFQ/AE: SC/DOT: Highway Improvements SC Paving
RFP/AE: ITEM:Nashville Scc Interior Lightning Upgrades TN College/University
RFP/AE: MEP Engineering Services TN Office
RP/AE: ITEM: Multiple Buildings Electrical Upgrades TN College/University
RFP/AE: Central Power Plant Upgrades TN Power Plant (Other)
RFP/AE: ITEM:Tennessee State University Fire Alarm Upgrades TN College/University
RFP/AE: ITEM: Multi-Building Boiler Systems Updates TN College/University
RFP/AE: Dyersburg Scc BMHC Building Renovation TN College/University
RFP/AE: ITEM: Chattanooga Scc Gym Roof Replacement TN College/University
RFP/AE: ITEM: Pellissippi Scc Exterior Lighting Upgrades TN College/University
RFP/AE: Tennessee School of the Deaf Buildings Renovation TN Miscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: West Tennessee State Penitentiary Design TN Prison/Jail
RFP/AE: ITEM: Motlow Scc HVAC Modernization TN College/University
RFP/AE: ITEM: Mcwherter HVAC Upgrades TN College/University
RFP/AE: Cookeville Higher Education Parking Expansion TN Parking Garage
RFP/AE: ITEM: Roane Scc HVAC Upgrades TN College/University
RFP/AE: TRC Smyrna Campus System Upgrades TN College/University
RFP/AE: Sevier Campus Upgrades TN College/University
Dry Dock 5801 Repair SOURCES SOUGHT TN Dock/Pier
RFP/AE: ITEM: Volunteer Scc Chiller Replacement TN College/University
Demolish and Re Build Latrine Building 4621 TX Miscellaneous Recreational
Dams Maintenance SOURCES SOUGHT TX Flood Control
RFP/PM: Project Management Consultant IQC TX Paving
New Building 83 LTSC Renovation TX Hospital
Residential Two-Party Well Connection TX Custom Homes
RFQ/AE: Generl Services Bldng Renovation UNTHSC TX College/University
Peggy Lake Placement Area Improvements SOURCES SOUGHT TX Dredging
RFQ/CM: New Dezavala Elementary School Renovation TX Middle/Senior High School
Clinton Placement Area Improvements SOURCES SOUGHT TX Dredging
RFQ/AE: Storm Drainage Improvement TX Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Waco Campus Master Plan TX College/University
RFQ/AE: TDCJ Lynaugh WWTP Effluent Holding Pond TX Sewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Roof Replacement IQC TX Office
RFP/AE: TX/DOT: Bridge Division Professional Services TX Bridge
RFP/AE: TX/DOT : Engineering Services TX Paving
RFP/AE: TX/DOT:Highway Improvements TX Paving
RFQ/AE: 2020 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport A/E IQC TX Airline Terminal
Atcals B820 Renovate TX Military Facility
RFP/AE: Architectural Services TX Office
RFP/AE: Roadway Improvements (900 South Reconstruction) UT Paving
RFP/AE: Central Corridor Transit Study UT Paving
RFP/AE: Hyde Park Net Zero Showcase Improvements VT Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Water & Wastewater System Improvements VA Water Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Leatherwood Creek #5 Dam Rehabilitation VA Water Supply
NASM UHC Exterior Envelope & Roof Sources Sought VA Museum
NETCOM Bldg 2310 Repair SOURCES SOUGHT VA Military Facility
RFP/AE: Aviation Engineering Services VA Airline Terminal
Data Center Update SOURCES SOUGHT VA Hospital
RFP/AE: Water and Wastewater tank Rehabilitation IQC VA Water Tank
RFP/AE: Sanitary Sewer Evaluation and Rehabilitation IQC VA Sanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: Family Courtyard Alumni House Renovation VA College/University
RFP/AE: Northern Virginia Science Center Renovation VA Museum
Roadway Excavation Improvements VA Paving
RFP/AE: PHCC Complex MET II Renovation VA College/University
Bradford Bay Channel & Finney Creek Dredging SOURCES SOUGHT VA Dredging
RFQ/AE: River Restoration and Bank Stabilization WA Flood Control
RFQ/AE: 2019 Railroad Rehabilitation WA Railroad
RFQ/AE: Scattered Site Portfolio Renovation WA Custom Homes
VAMC Seismically Retrofit Boiler Plant WA Clinic/Medical Office
RFP/AE: Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan Update WA Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: Architect and Engineer Services WA Water Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Brooklane Village Interior Renovation WA College/University
RFQ/AE: Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan WA Site Development
RFQ/AE: Water System Improvements WA Water Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Henry Beauchamp & Washington Fruit Community Center WA Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: ITEM: Elevator Modernization - Various Facilities WV Office
RFP/AE: Districts 2 & 3 Office Building Improvements WV Office
RFP/AE: Airport Planning Architectural Air Service IQC WI Airline Terminal
RFP/PM: Gibraltar Uptown Development WI Site Development
Ballpark Indoor Sports Building w/Clinic & Retail Space WI Athletic Facility
RFQ/AE: Parks and Recreation Planning WI Park/Playground
Kennel Administration Facility Training Area Improvements WY Military Facility