New projects near me in the U.S. for the week of 03/30/2020

New construction projects near me is a free listing of select new construction projects and construction leads from across the United States. Click on the project name for detailed information, or to get the complete list of construction leads and detailed information of all U.S. new construction projects in the Dodge Construction Central database, get in touch with Dodge by requesting a demo below, with the chat feature, or at 877-784-9556.


RFP/AE: AK/DOT: West Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility NAKAirline Terminal
RFP/DB: ITEM: Geneva Woods Siding ReplacementAKApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Fort Greely Communications Center FTG233 Sources SoughtAKMilitary Facility; Communication Building
Ninilchik Revetment Repair SOURCES SOUGHTAKSite Development; Shoreline Maintenance
RFQ/GC: ITEM: Veterans Stadium Carpet ReplcaementALCollege/University; Stadium
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesALCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/AE: Building RenovationALOffice
RFQ/CM: Western Concourse DevelopmentARAirline Terminal
RFQ/GC: Residential Group HomesARCustom Homes
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering Services IQCARCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesARCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories; Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFP/DB: Texarkana Rec CenterARSocial Club; Miscellaneous Recreational
Water Well Construction SOURCE SOUGHTARWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Douglas and Willcox Airport Engineering ServicesAZAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Snow Removal Equipment BuildingAZAirline Terminal; Warehouse
FY 20 Ground Transport Equipment Facility SOURCES SOUGHTAZMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/GC: MIT Expansion Phase 2 ProjectAZPrimary School
RFQ/AE: Glendale Metering Station Upgrades - GL03AZSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/GC: Wastewater Reclamation Facilities IQC JOCAZSewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Wastewater Collection System ImprovementsAZSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Architectural Engineering Services IQC IDIQAZSite Development
275(1) Stone Creek AOP Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTAZStorm Sewer
RFQ/GC: ITEM: Demolition Services IQC JOCAZUnclassified
RFQ/AE: Santa Barbara Airport Southfield RedevelopmentCAAirline Terminal; Airport Lighting; Paving; Runway/Taxiway; Highway Signs/Guardrails
99 Ocean Ave ApartmentsCAApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFP/DB: RHS Baseball ImprovementsCAAthletic Facility
RFQ/DB:ITEM: Telephone System Amplifier InstallCACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/DB/CM: CSU Multiple Projects IQC D/BCACollege/University
RFP/CM: Buildings 3366 and 3377 Seismic RetrofitCACollege/University
RFQ/DB/CM: Multiple Projects Improvements IQCCACollege/University
RFQ/AE: Mariposa Town Renovation Phase 1CACustom Homes
Richmond Inner Harbor Channel Maintenance DredgingCADredging
Sacramento/Moss Landing Maintenance Dredging Sources SoughtCADredging
RFP/AE: ITEM: Fire Station No. 4 Stone Tile Replacement IQCCAFire/Police Station
RFP/AE: ITEM: Fire Station Emergency Generator ReplacementCAFire/Police Station
RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesCAFlood Control; Paving; Site Development; Water Tank
RFP/AE: Citywide Signage Program Phases I, II and IIICAHighway Signs/Guardrails
CA/DOT: Install Roadside SignsCAHighway Signs/Guardrails
RFQ/DB: UCSF Helen Diller Collaborative Space AdjacentCAHospital
RFP/AE: Landscape Architectural Services IQCCALandscaping
RFP/AE: Civil Engineering Service (IQC)CALibrary; Park/Playground
Campus Modernizations and New Building ConstructionCAMiddle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/DB: Student Union IH Building & IH Restroom Building D/BCAMiddle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building; Miscellaneous Recreational
ATFP Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTCAMilitary Facility
RFQ/AE: Architect/Engineering Services IQC IDIQCAMilitary Facility
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Roofing Consultant IQCCAOffice
RFP/AE: ITEM:Recovery Steam Generators &Energy Piping SystemCAOffice
RFP/AE: Architectural Services IQCCAOffice
General ConstructionCAOffice
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering Design Services IQCCAOffice
RFQ/CM: Construction Management Services IQCCAOffice
RFP/DB: Central Park Elevated pathwayCAPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Parks and Recreation Master PlanCAPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: Water Resources EngineeringCAPark/Playground; Water Line
RFP/CM: Construction Management Services IQCCAPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/CM: TBT Construction Management Services IQCCAPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/DB: ITEM: Physical Security SystemsCAPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFQ/AE: Chestnut Avenue AC OverlayCAPaving
CA/DOT: Replace Asphalt Concrete Surfacing and StripingCAPaving; Site Development
Fs 70 Patching & PavingCAPaving; Site Development
RFP/AE: ITEM: GE Frame 5 Gas Turbine Gas Valves UpgradeCAPower Plant (Other)
RFQ/AE: Lake Elementary SchoolCAPrimary School
RFQ/AE: Architecture Consulting ServicesCAPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School
Measure G BondCAPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School
RFQ/P:LLB: Myrtle Avenue Elementary School ModernizationCAPrimary School; Miscellaneous Education Building
Rail Road Flat Slide RepairCARailroad
RFP/AE: Rail Safety Enhancement ProgramCARailroad
CA/DOT: Signal and Lighting SystemCARoadway Lighting
RFQ/AE: Tulare Complete Streets 6th to Cedar ImprovementCARoadway Lighting; Paving
CA/DOT: Slurry Seal and LightingCARoadway Lighting; Paving
CA/DOT: Cold Plane AC PavementCARoadway Lighting; Paving
RFP/AE: Highway Safety ImprovementCARoadway Lighting; Paving
RFP/AE: Laguna SOCWA Sewer Lift StationCASewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Wastewater Engineering Professional ServicesCASewage Treatment Plant
ITEM: Natomas Reach D Pumping PlantCASewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Storm Water Pump Station RehabilitationCASewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Beach Boulevard Seawall ReplacementCAShoreline Maintenance
RFP/AE: Eigleberry and Seventh Parking LotCASidewalk/Parking Lot
FY20 FQ4 - USCG Munro WMSL Dockside Repair SOURCES SOUGHTCASite Development; Dock/Pier
CA/DOT: Replace Culvert and Drainage SystemCAStorm Sewer
RFP/AE: Water and Sewer Master Plans UpdateCAStorm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer; Water Line
RFP/DB: ITEM:New Heavy Duty In-Ground Vehicle LiftCAVehicle Sales/Service
RFQ/DB: CNG Fueling StationCAVehicle Sales/Service
Self Storage Facility - RosevilleCAWarehouse
RFP/AE:Primary Influent Pump Station Pips Parallel ForcemainCAWater Line
CA/DOT: Place Pipeliner and Corrugated Steel PipeCAWater Line
RFP/AE: Recycled Water Main Extension 153 FlowmeterCAWater Line
RFP/AE: 4.5 Million-Gallon Water Storage TankCAWater Tank
El Dorado Hills Water Treatment Plant Scada ImprovementCAWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Scada ReplacementsCAWater Treatment Plant; Water Line
RFP/AE: Fire Stations 5 6 7 & 8 Bathroom RemodelCOFire/Police Station
RFP/DB: New Fire Station ConstructionCOFire/Police Station
RFP/AE: Emergency Operations Center 911COFire/Police Station
RFQ/GC: Landscape ConstructionCOLandscaping
RFQ/AE: Centennial Building Renovation Ph. 1COOffice
RFP/AE: Emergency Operations Center/911 Dispatch RemodelCOOffice; Communication Building
RFP/DB: 2020 Cougar Run Playground RenovationCOPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Parks Open Space and Trails Master Plan UpdateCOPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: Potential Neighborhood Park ImprovementsCOPark/Playground; Site Development
Professional Services IDIQ Sources SoughtCOPower Plant (Other); Water Supply; Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Judicial and Detention Center IQCCOPrison/Jail
RFP/GC: Recreation Center, Markers, Park & Entry MonumentCOSocial Club; Miscellaneous Recreational; Park/Playground; Site Development
RFQ/GC: Small Diameter Water PipelineCOWater Line
RFP/AE: WTP Solids Handling ImprovementsCOWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Public Works Facility Needs AssessmentCTCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/P/AE: Mansfield Middle School Roof ReplacementCTMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: Tri-Gen Plant and Absorber ReplacementCTMiddle/Senior High School; Cogeneration Plant
RFQ/DB: ITEM: Coventry & Captain Nathan School Building HVACCTMiddle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ: Mechanical/Plumbing Work (Stamford Public Schools)CTMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/CM: Construction Management Services IQCCTOffice
RFP/AE: ITEM: Public Safety Radio Communications SystemCTOffice
Air Rights Garage RepairsCTParking Garage
RFP/SUBS: Walgreens #1873 Fit-Out- Darien CTCTRetail (Other)
RFP/AE: Environmental Engineering Consulting ServicesCTSanitary Sewer
RFP/DB: New Canaan Wastewater Treatment PlantCTSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/GC: Construction Repair and Replacement IQCDCOffice; Miscellaneous Education Building; Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall; Fire/Police Station; Park/Playground
Building Facade Public Work Rehabilitation MACC IDIQDCOffice; Parking Garage; Power Plant (Other); Paving; Sidewalk/Parking Lot; Landscaping
National Mall - Display Pool/Fountains MaintenanceDCSwimming Pool
R-11 Refueler Parking Facility Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTDEAircraft Sales/Service
RFP/AE: Architectural/ Engineering Services (IDC)DEApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories; Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories; Elderly/Assisted Living
RFQ/P/AE: BBTS Physical Fitness CenterDEAthletic Facility; Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/DEV: Various Properties (Acquisition/ Redevelopment)DESale/Spec Homes
RFQ/AE: Taxiway B RehabilitationFLAirline Terminal
11 Acres of Gateway Airport Property RedevelopementFLAirline Terminal; Site Development
RFQ/AE: FL/DOT: District Wide Minor Bridge DesignFLBridge
RFQ/AE: FL/DOT: Design Group 21-02FLBridge
RFQ/GC: City Facilities Maintenance ServicesFLCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Wolfson's Childrens Rehab MOB III - 3rd FloorFLClinic/Medical Office
FSU Sliger 0804 Data Center RenovationFLCollege/University
RFQ/DB: Business Technology Building RenovationFLCollege/University
RFQ/GC: Electronic Access Control Systems Replacement IQCFLCollege/University
RFQ/GC: ITEM : Fire Suppresion Systems and Fire AlarmsFLCollege/University
RFP/AE: New Single Family HomeFLCustom Homes
RFP/CM: Sub-Standard Housing Emergency RepairFLCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Architectural & Engineering Services IQCFLCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
CDBG-DR Multi-Family Affordable HousingFLCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
M&R Waterfront ,Pier and Floating Docks SOURCES SOUGHTFLDock/Pier; Water Line
Cloudberry Lodge at Burnt Store Presbyterian Assisted LivingFLElderly/Assisted Living
New Fire Station (Three) RenovationFLFire/Police Station
RFP/DB: Police Department Expansion Phase 2FLFire/Police Station
RFP/AE: Dam Safety ImprovementsFLFlood Control
Veteran Medical Ctr Bldg#1 Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTFLHospital
RFP/AE: St. Andrews Landscape Design ServicesFLLandscaping
Fort Myers High School HVAC UpgradesFLMiddle/Senior High School
Omni Middle School Interior RenovationsFLMiddle/Senior High School
Palm Beach Lakes High School Interior RenovationsFLMiddle/Senior High School
Bay High School Serving Line RenovationsFLMiddle/Senior High School
Watson B. Duncan Middle School Interior RenovationsFLMiddle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building
Bear Lakes Middle School Interior RenovationsFLMiddle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building
FFSC Space RenovationFLMilitary Facility
Vehicle Maintenance FacilityFLMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering Services IQCFLMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Joe's Bayou Recreation Area ImprovementsFLMiscellaneous Recreational; Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: Emergency Operations CenterFLOffice
RFP/AE: Professional Architectural ServicesFLOffice
RFQ/AE: Building 2004 Camp Blanding RemodelFLOffice
RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesFLOffice; Paving
RFQ/AE: LAP Park of Commerce Phase 2FLPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: Professional Planning Services IQCFLPaving; Site Development; Storm Sewer; Water Line
RFQ/AE: Deepwater Seaport Professional Service IQCFLPaving; Site Development; Water Line
RFQ/P/AE: Anclote Rd Roadway & Storm Water ImprovementsFLPaving; Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: MEP Engineering Services IQCFLPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School
RFQ/CM: Wakulla Annex & Santa Rosa Annex Mental HealthFLPrison/Jail
Shops at Burlington PlazaFLRetail (Other)
Target Store T-1941FLRetail (Other)
RFQ/AE: Providence Road Corridor ImprovementsFLRoadway Lighting; Paving
RFQ/AE: Engineering ServicesFLRoadway Lighting; Paving; Site Development; Storm Sewer; Water Line
Minor Construction Contractors IQCFLSewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCFLSewage Treatment Plant; Paving; Landscaping; Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering Services IQCFLSewage Treatment Plant; Roadway Lighting; Paving; Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering Services IQCFLSewage Treatment Plant; Site Development; Storm Sewer
Form & Pour HeadwallsFLSite Development
RFP/AE: Three 3 Drainage Improvement Phase IFLStorm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Washington-Wilkes County AirportGAAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Cherokee County Regional AirportGAAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Millen Airport (Improvements)GAAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Paving; Runway/Taxiway; Site Development; Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: GA/DOT: Bridge Bundle 1 2020 Engineering DesignGABridge
RFP/AE: On Call Structural Engineering Services (IDC)GACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: Columbus State University Master PlanGACollege/University
RFQ/AE:ITEM: Vertical Transportation Services IDIQGACollege/University
RFQ/AE: Landscape Civil Engineering Services IDIQGACollege/University; Paving; Site Development; Landscaping
RFQ/GC: Decatur Campus SH-1500 MILE Lab (Renovations)GACollege/University; Testing/Research/Development Lab
RFQ/AE: Lab Architectural & Engineering Services IDIQGACollege/University; Testing/Research/Development Lab
RFQ/AE: Landscape and Architectural Design Services IQCGALandscaping
RFQ/GC: Library North (Additions/ Renovations)GALibrary; College/University
RFP/DB: ITEM: Turner Job Corps Center-Roof ReplacementGALibrary; Theater/Auditorium
RFP/CM: Rabun County High School Weight Room (Renovations)GAMiddle/Senior High School; Athletic Facility
Base Engineer Requirements II IDIQGAOffice
RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesGAPaving; Site Development
Rock Weir Dam - Fish Passage Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTGAStorm Sewer
RFP/AE: Stormwater Master PlanGAStorm Sewer
Gillem Enclave Forensic Laboratory SOURCES SOUGHTGATesting/Research/Development Lab; Military Facility
Water Tank ReplacementGAWater Supply; Storm Sewer; Water Tank
RFP/AE: Lanai Airport Baseyard RenovationsHIAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: Manufacturing Center DevelopmentHIManufacturing Building
FY20 Building 118 Repair Sources SoughtHIMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: 2021 Capital Improvement ProjectsHIMilitary Facility
RFQ/DB: Soccer Complex Facility Design/BuildIAAthletic Facility
RFP/CM: Miscellaneous ImprovementsIDCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall; Fire/Police Station; Sewage Treatment Plant
Crooked River Valley Rehabilitation Phase 3IDFlood Control
RFQ/AE: National Guard Readiness CenterIDMiscellaneous Recreational; Military Facility; Site Development
RFQ/AE: Eagle Island Sewer and Water DesignIDStorm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer; Water Line
Els Skywalk Bridge Repair SOURCES SOUGHTILBridge
New Lincoln Junior High SchoolILMiddle/Senior High School
183 CES Repair VM Building P-19 SOURCES SOUGHTILMilitary Facility
RFQ/CM: Construction Management ServicesILMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Architectural ServicesILMiscellaneous Education Building
Cynthia Neal Center Expansion and RenovationILMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: Transportation FacilityILPassenger Terminal (Other)
Bannockburn SD 106 - 2020 STEM Work & Renovation WorkILPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building
Schools Secure Vestibule RenovationsILPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building
Harvey SD 152 - 2020 Life Safety RenovationsILPrimary School; Miscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Solids Handling ImprovementsILSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Water Main Engineering DesignILWater Line
Well Closure and Sealing SOURCES SOUGHTILWater Treatment Plant; Paving; Site Development
RFP/AE: Bridge #74 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge #66 RehabilitationINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge 98 RehabilitationINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge #113 ImprovementsINBridge
RFP/AE: Bluffton Road Bridge #257 Ov Harber DitchINBridge
RFP/AE: Monroeville Road Bridge 277 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge # 30 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Wabash County Bridge 652 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Br #33 North Hogan Road Bridge ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge 97 Superstructure ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Fulton County Bridge #161 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge 11 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge # 232 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Wells County Bridge 51 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge 413 Renovations & ImprovementsINBridge
RFP/AE: 2021-2024 Bridge Inspection & Inventory ProgramINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge 145 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Noble County Bridge 69 Replacement Rochester RoadINBridge
RFP/AE: Bridge 44 ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: White County Bridge 89 Superstructure ReplacementINBridge
RFP/AE: Mayflower Road BridgeINBridge; Railroad
RFP/Q/AE: Downtown Building Redevelopment ProjectsINCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFQ/DB: 2020 Mooresville Schools Fitness CenterINMiscellaneous Education Building; Athletic Facility
RFQ/AE: Argos Downtown Park RedevelopmentINPark/Playground
RFEI: CJC Parking GarageINParking Garage
RFP/AE: Traffic Signal Intersection UpgradeINRoadway Lighting
RFP/AE: County-8 Sign ReplacementINRoadway Lighting; Highway Signs/Guardrails
RFP/AE: Morgan Street Sidewalk ConnectorINSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Street and Pedestrian Walkway ImprovementsINSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: La Porte Sidewalk ImprovementINSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: SR 229 New SidewalksINSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: State Road 10 Sidewalk Connector and ADA ImprovementINSidewalk/Parking Lot; Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Storm Water Master PlanINStorm Sewer
Levee RehabilitationKSFlood Control; Site Development
RFP/DB: Library Northeast wing ImprovementsKSLibrary
RFP/AE: Zoo Nature Play ImprovementsKSPark/Playground
RFQ/CM: Garden City Aquatics CenterKSSwimming Pool; Sidewalk/Parking Lot
RFQ/AE: Airport Master Plan UpdateKYAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Lock Mary DamKYFlood Control
RFQ/AE: 2020 Water System Engineering ServicesKYWater Tank
RFQ/AE: Architectural & Engineering ServicesLACustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories; Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFQ/AE: Master Planning of Certain Tracts of LandLASite Development
RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCLAWarehouse; Railroad
Freight Hangar/Multi Use FacilityMAAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: ITEM: Mosher Street Rear Staircase ReplacementMAApartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories; Apartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFQ/AE: New Marlborough Town Hall RenovationMACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: On-Call EngineeringMACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Upton Town Center DevelopemntMACapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/DB: Lowell Campus Ice Rink DevelopementMACollege/University; Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: ITEM: Chaffee/Fairfield Housing Boilers ReplacementMACustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: ITEM: Harwich Manor Roof ReplacementMACustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: ITEM: Hillside Court I Family Housing Fire AlarmMACustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Comprehensive ModernizationMACustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories; Paving; Sidewalk/Parking Lot; Storage Tank (Other)
RFP/AE: Architectural or Civil Engineering Services IQCMACustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories; Paving; Storm Sewer
86 Burrill Street DevelopmentMAFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Bird Middle School ImprovementsMAMiddle/Senior High School
RFQ/AE: Pioneer Village Living Museum & New Visitor CenterMAMuseum
RFP/AE: Track RoadMAPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Westlawn Family Development Courtyard IQCMASite Development; Storm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer; Water Line
RFP/AE: Millyard Redevelopment StudyMAUtility Tunnel
RFP/AE: A/E Task Order ServicesMDCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Flood Plain Management Design IQCMDFlood Control; Water Line
Building E3330 Restoration and ModernizationMDMilitary Facility
RFP/DB: GSFC Visitor Center Planetary ExhibitMDMuseum
RFP/DB: Construction Building RenovationMDOffice
RFP/AE: Architectural & Engineering Services IQCMDPassenger Terminal (Other); Paving
80h Basement Structural Repairs SOURCES SOUGHTMDSite Development
RFP/AE: Professional Engineering ServicesMDStorm Sewer; Water Line
RFQ/AE: Corrosion Control Design Services IQCMDWater Line
RFP/DB: Water Treatment Plant Emergency Backup GeneratorMDWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Nicholson Groundwater Treatmen FacilityMDWater Treatment Plant
NAS Water and Wastewater Utility Systems SOURCES SOUGHTMDWater Treatment Plant; Sewage Treatment Plant
Bldg 13 Base Communications Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTMEMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Transit Stop Access Improvements Phase II Part BMEPassenger Terminal (Other)
North Helix House Steel PreservationMETower/Signal System
RFP/AE: Airport Taxiway M ConstructionMIAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Alpena Co Regional Airport ProjectsMIAirport Lighting; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/DB:ITEM: Natural Gas Backup Emergency GeneratorMICapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
Student Housing and Potential Mixed-Use DevelopmentMICollege/University; Dormitory
Fy20 Maintenance Dredging N. Manitou IslandMIDredging
RFP/AE: Sage Lake Dam Control Structure ReplacementMIFlood Control
RFP/AE: Resource Center/Kitchen & DiningMIFood/Beverage Service
RFP/AE: ITEM: Fire Suppression SystemMIOffice
RFP/AE: IT Work-Space RenovationMIOffice; Library
 MIPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building; Pre-School
RFP/DB: Sanitary Equalization Tank #2MISanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: Wastewater System ImprovementMISewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: US 31 Water Main ReplacementMIWater Line
RFP/CM: New Behavioral Health CenterMNClinic/Medical Office
RFP/AE: Brainerd Regional Treatment Center RestorationMNClinic/Medical Office
RFP/AE: Twin Cities Campus Master PlanMNCollege/University
Pre-Existing Buildings&Facilities Improvement SOURCES SOUGHTMNHospital; Clinic/Medical Office
B222 Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTMNMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Forest Lake Parking Lot ImprovementsMNSidewalk/Parking Lot
RFP/AE: Moos Tower 4th Floor Lab UpgradeMNTesting/Research/Development Lab
RFQ/AE: Elmont Road Bridge ReplacementMOBridge
RFP/AE: Architectural - Engineering Services IQCMOCustom Homes
Alternative Care Facilities SOURCES SOUGHTMOHospital; Clinic/Medical Office
RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering Services IQCMOMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Architectural and Engineering Services IQCMOMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/DB: Veterans Memorial Plaza D/BMOMiscellaneous Recreational; Park/Playground
RFQ/CM: New Hwy Department Maintenance FacilityMOOffice
RFQ/AE: Paul A. Schroeder Park PlaygroundMOPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: Civil Engineering ServicesMOSite Development
RFQ/AE: Riverchase Outdoor Pool RenovationMOSwimming Pool; Miscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: McBaine Water Treatment Plant Improvements PH 1MOWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Stennis International Airport Planning ServicesMSAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: FY 2020 Engineering ServicesMSPaving; Site Development
RFP/AE: FY 2020 Wastewater Improvements IQCMSSewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: FY 2020 CDBG ImprovementsMSSewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesMSSite Development
RFP/AE: Engineering ServicesMSSite Development
RFQ/AE: 2020 CDBG Engineering Services IQCMSSite Development
RFP/AE: FY 2020 Engineering Services CDBGMSSite Development
RFQ/AE: 2020 CDBG Engineering Services IQCMSSite Development
RFP/AE: FY 2020 CDBG ImplementationMSSite Development
RFQ/AE: Railroad Embankment Retaining Wall & CulvertMSSite Development; Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE: Meridian Bridge ImprovementMTBridge
RFP/AE: Public Facilities Improvements IQCMTDry Waste Treatment Plant; Paving; Park/Playground; Storm Sewer; Water Line
RFP/AE/PM/CM: Various Infrastructure Projects IQCMTOffice; Water Treatment Plant; Sewage Treatment Plant; Paving; Bridge; Park/Playground; Storm Sewer
HelenaLewis & Clark National Forest Thornquist Rd RelocationMTPaving; Site Development
Muldown Elementary School PH 5MTPrimary School
RFQ/PM/DB: Municipal Operations Center (MOC) ExpansionNCCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: Durham Convention Center UpgradesNCConvention & Exhibit Center
RFQ/AE: Convention Center Venue OptimizationNCConvention & Exhibit Center
RFQ/AE: Flowers Court Housing UnitsNCCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Wilmington Harbor Inner Ocean BarNCDredging
RFP/DB: Fire Station Facility RepairNCFire/Police Station
RFQ/CM: Public Safety and Administrative ComplexNCFire/Police Station
Nurse Call Stations Replacement SOURCES SOUGHTNCHospital
RFQ/GC: Fort Bragg 3rd FSG Isolation KennelNCMilitary Facility; Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFQ/AE: ITEM: CATS Bus Facility Chiller DesignNCPassenger Terminal (Other); Vehicle Sales/Service
RFQ/DB: LED Lighting & HVAC Controls (DESIGN/BUILD)NCPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Education Building
Industrial WTP Repairs and Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTNCSewage Treatment Plant
RFP/DB: ITEM: TIAA Bank Field LED Sports Lighting RetrofitNCStadium
RFQ/AE: Well & Wellhead on Monterey Heights Groundwater SysNCWater Line
RFQ/AE: Water Treatment Plant (Expansion)NCWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Raleigh Water Integrated Master PlanNCWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: On-Call Utilities Engineering Services (IDC)NCWater Treatment Plant; Sewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Barnes County (Valley City) Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Rugby Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Parshall-Hankins Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Mott Municipal Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Hazen Municipal Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Gwinner-Roger Melroe Field Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Beach Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Cando Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Glen Ullin Regional Airport (Improvements)NDAirline Terminal; Aircraft Sales/Service; Runway/Taxiway
RFP/AE: Turnkey Agricultural Center OfficeNDCollege/University; Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFP/AE: Science/ Analytical LaboratoryNDCollege/University; Testing/Research/Development Lab
RFP/CM: Teacher Administrative Center Building ImprovementsNEMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/CM: South Temporary School Swing Space ImprovementNEMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Watershed Master PlanNESite Development
RFP/AE:NH/DOT:Railroad Crossing and Highway Improvements IQCNHBridge; Highway Signs/Guardrails; Railroad
RFP/DB: Newmarket JR/SR HS Illuminated SignNHMiddle/Senior High School; Highway Signs/Guardrails
RFP/Q/CM: Building RenovationsNHMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Barsalona Court Elevator (Modernization)NJApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
City Hall Plaza RedevelopmentNJCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: Municipal Office Building & Police Facility (Rens)NJCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall; Fire/Police Station
Audiology and Eye Clinic Bldg 3 Upgrade SOURCES SOUGHTNJClinic/Medical Office
RFP/AE: ITEM: Front Entrance HandrailsNJCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: John J. Currey Building Elevator (Modernization)NJElderly/Assisted Living
RFP/AE: VANJ Health Care Sys Main Kitchen (B-Level) UpgradesNJFood/Beverage Service; Military Facility
RFP/AE: Campbell Library Learning CommonsNJLibrary; College/University
Military Facilities Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTNJMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Professional Consulting ServicesNJPaving; Site Development
RFP/AE: Landscape Architecture Consulting Services (IDC)NJPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School; Miscellaneous Recreational; Park/Playground; Landscaping
RFP/AE: Paterson Main (Replacement)NJWater Line
RFP/AE: Water Distribution Consultant & Technical Svc (IDC)NJWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Airport Concessions Checkpoint and Tsa Secure SideNMAirline Terminal
RFP/AE: IHBG Acre Master PlanNMCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Ramah Teacher HousingNMCustom Homes; Miscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: On-Call Landscape Architectural Design Services IQCNMLandscaping
RFP/AE: Singing Arrow and Tijeras Arroyo Open SpaceNMMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/OR: Tribal Services Administration BuildingNMOffice
RFP/AE: Capitol Buildings PlanningNMOffice; Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/AE: Golf Course ImprovementsNMPark/Playground
RFP/AE: Los Altos Park RenovationNMPark/Playground
RFP/AE: General Engineering Services IQCNMSite Development
RFP/AE: North Domingo BACA Aquatic Center DesignNMSwimming Pool
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Skybridge Escalator ModernizationNVAirline Terminal
Mental Health Safety ImprovementsNVHospital
F-35 Munitions Conveyor FacilityNVMilitary Facility
Raceway Coating ReplacementNVSite Development
RFP/AE: Aquatic Center Master PlanNVSwimming Pool
RFP/CM: West Side Expansion and Boiler ReplacementNVSwimming Pool
Climate Controlled Storage FacilityNVWarehouse
RFP/AE: NY/DOT: Bridge Design Services Region 8NYBridge
RFP/AE: Perrines Bridge DesignNYBridge
RFP/AE: Fenestration Replacement & Remedial Masonry RepairsNYCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: Music Studio A - RehabilitationNYCollege/University
RFP/AE: ITEM: Elevator Modernization & UpgradesNYCollege/University
Stewart Hall RenovationNYCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Athletic Facilities Program StudyNYCollege/University
RFP/AE: Imaging Bay Building 39NYCollege/University
Noaa Gauge House Replacement SOURCES SOUGHTNYCustom Homes
RFP/AE/CM: NYSERDA RetrofitNYCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
St. Lawrence River DredgingNYDredging
Building 14 AB/CD Renovation SOURCES SOUGHTNYHospital
RFP/AE: Library Master Planning ConsultantNYLibrary
RFQ/AE: Music Studio A DesignNYMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: Infill Administration & Library -Tenant ImprovementsNYOffice; Library; College/University
RFP/AE: Building Rehabilitation and Re-UseNYOffice; Retail (Other)
RFP/CM: Malone Central SchoolNYPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School
RFP/AE: N.C. Correctional Center Master PlanNYPrison/Jail
Golf Clubhouse West PointNYSocial Club; Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: Mannix Road CulvertNYStorm Sewer
RFP/AE: Hasbrouck CSO Sewer Separation Phase 2NYStorm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: Civil Engineering Professional Term ServicesNYWater Line
RFP/AE: Cedar Creek WPCP Digester Rehabilitation & CleaningNYWater Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Landfill Groundwater System RehabilitationNYWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Chubb Hall Window Replacement 2020 (OHU)OHCollege/University
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Chubb Hall HVAC 2020 (OHU)OHCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Men?s Hockey Locker Room RenovationOHCollege/University
RFQ/CM: ITEM: Athletics AAC Event Coverage Production SystemOHCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Downtown Infrastructure ImprovementsOHCommunication Lines; Storm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer; Water Line
RFQ/AE: Architectural or Engineering Design ServicesOHLibrary
RFQ/CM: Existing Buildings RenovationsOHMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: New Eastside Recreation CenterOHMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/AE: Youngstown Developmental CenterOHOffice; Airline Terminal
RFP/AE: ITEM: Lighting LED Fixture RetrofitOHPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/Q/AE: 2020 Street Improvement IQCOHPaving
RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCOHRailroad
RFP/AE: SR 161 to Central College - Road ImprovementsOHRoadway Lighting; Paving; Site Development; Storm Sewer
RFQ/CM: Wastewater Treatment PlantOHSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/DB: Storage Building & InfrastructureOHWarehouse; Water Treatment Plant
Natural Gas Distribution Gott & Goad Road RepairOKFuel/Chemical Line
RFP/DB: ITEM: Full Facility Standby Generator SystemOKHospital
RFP/AE: Hardesty Road WideningOKPaving; Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Sewer System ImprovementsOKSanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE/CM: Bend Municipal Airport ImprovementsORAirline Terminal
RFP/CM/GC: City Hall/ Police Station RehabilitationORCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall; Fire/Police Station
RFP/AE: Community Hall Slope DesignORCollege/University
Mcnary Dam High Voltage Bus & Switch Upgrade SOURCES SOUGHTORHydroelectric
Tillamook High School Roofing Bid PackageORMiddle/Senior High School
RFP/CM/GC: Cobblestone Village SchoolORMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/AE: 2019 Capital Construction Consultant ServicesORMiscellaneous Education Building
MRRF Recycling Center & Support ServicesOROffice; Manufacturing Building
RFP/DB: New Public Works Operations CenterOROffice; Parking Garage; Warehouse; Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: King City Beef Bend South Master PlanORSite Development
RFP/D: Times-Litho Site B RedevelopmentORSite Development
Tunnel Rehabilitation SOURCES SOUGHTORUtility Tunnel
Mcnary Dam Upstream Unwater Sump Sys Upgrade SOURCES SOUGHTORWater Supply
RFP/CM/GC: South Redmond Water Facilities ImprovementORWater Treatment Plant; Water Line
RFQ/AE: Hanger 15a-15c Renovation ProjectPAAircraft Sales/Service
RFP/AE: West Campus Chilled Water Plant System ExpansionPACollege/University; Water Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Exhibit Hall & Exterior Door ReplacementsPAConvention & Exhibit Center
New Toshiba CT Scanner Room RenovationPAHospital; Clinic/Medical Office
RFP/AE: Hospice Unit ProjectPAHospital; Nursing/Convalescent Center
RFP/AE: Ballroom Restoration and ImprovementPAMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: New Clubhouse BuildingPAMiscellaneous Recreational
Existing Site Development ProjectPAOffice
RFP: Engineering Services Parking Structures ConditionPAParking Garage
RFP/AE: South 7TH Street Parking GaragePAParking Garage
RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering ServicesPAPaving; Storm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer
Sanitary Sewer Collection SystemPASanitary Sewer
RFQ/GC: Linden Avenue Pumping Station BettermentPASewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: Lardner's Point Pumping Complex & Sewer MaintenancePASewage Treatment Plant
RFP/AE: SF Clubhouse buildingPASocial Club
RFP/AE: Architectural Services for New Clubhouse BuildingPASwimming Pool; Social Club; Miscellaneous Recreational
RFP/DB: Salt Shed Construction D/BPAWarehouse
RFP/AE: Aspinwall Pump Station ImprovementsPAWater Treatment Plant; Sanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: Bruecken Pump Station ImprovementsPAWater Treatment Plant; Sanitary Sewer
RFP/DB: RI/DOT: I-95 Providence Viaduct Northbound - Phase 3RIBridge
RFQ/AE: Professional Engineering Services IQCRISite Development
RFQ/AE: East Greenwich Waterfront Access & Enhancement PlanRIWater Line
RFQ/GC: General Contracting Services IDIQSCAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: City Hall (Expansion)SCCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/DB: McLeod Park Skate ParkSCPark/Playground
RFP/DB: Bus Maintenance Facility Safety Fall Protection SysSCVehicle Sales/Service
Weston Dam Repair SOURCES SOUGHTSCWater Supply; Site Development
Badl-Wica Park Fuel Requirement SOURCES SOUGHTSDPark/Playground; Storage Tank (Other)
Killdeer Charlie Creek 115-KV Transmission LineSDPower Lines
RFP/DB: Hayward and Horace Mann Elementary PlaygroundSDPrimary School; Park/Playground
Archives Building ExpansionTNCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/CM: New School ConstructionTNMiscellaneous Education Building
RFP/CM: Emergency Response Training FacilityTNMiscellaneous Education Building; Fire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Conference/Transportation CenterTNOffice; Passenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/AE: Wilma Rudolph Adaptive SystemTNRoadway Lighting
RFP/AE: Water and Sewer Services Master PlanTNStorm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer; Water Line
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services IQCTXCapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall; Animal/Plant/Fish Facility
RFQ/CM:Central Campus McCollum RenovationTXCollege/University
RFQ/AE: Civil Engineering Services IDIQTXCollege/University; Paving
RFQ/GC: Least 33 Public Housing Units RenovationTXCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Building Envelope ImprovementsTXCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/AE: Housing Authority Modernization IQCTXCustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
RFP/CM: New Cypress Creek Fire Station 25TXFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Central Fire StationTXFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Fire Station #2TXFire/Police Station
RFQ/AE: Fire Station No. 4 Site PavingTXFire/Police Station; Paving
RFQ/AE: Flood MitigationTXFlood Control
RFQ/AE: General Engineering Services IDIQTXFlood Control; Park/Playground; Landscaping
RFQ/AE: Engineering Services IQCTXFlood Control; Site Development
Texas Roadhouse RestaurantTXFood/Beverage Service
RFP/CM: Shell Build OutTXHospital
RFP/CM: Wood Framed Building RenovationTXOffice
RFQ/AE: Office BuildingTXOffice
RFQ/AE: El Paso County Architectural Services IQCTXOffice
RFP/CM: Construction Management and Renovation ServicesTXOffice
Naval Air Station (NAS) Powertrain FacilityTXOffice; Aircraft Sales/Service; Military Facility
RFQ/P/CM: New Palo Pinto County Annex RenovationTXOffice; Capitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFP/DB: New Montrose LibraryTXParking Garage; Library
RFQ/GC: Transit Building RenovationTXPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFP/AE: Engineering Services IQCTXPaving; Storm Sewer; Water Line
RFP/DB: Sheppard AFB Circuits 2/3 RepairTXPower Lines
RFP/CM: Northampton Elementary School RenovationsTXPrimary School
Retail Shell BuildingTXRetail (Other)
RFQ/AE: Kennedy Ridge Estates Waste Water ImprovementsTXSanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: Sister Grove Regional WRR Expansion Ph 2TXSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: Walnut Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant ExpansionTXSewage Treatment Plant
RFQ/AE: 2020 Pedestrian Bike & Trails IDIQ IQCTXSidewalk/Parking Lot; Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: Infrastructure Improvement CDBGTXSite Development
RFQ/AE: Civil Engineering-Surveying Services IQCTXSite Development
RFP/CM: Water Systems ImprovementsTXWater Line
RFP/AE: Groundwater Engineering and Consulting ServicesTXWater Line
RFQ/AE: South WTP Electrical Assessment-Generator StudyTXWater Treatment Plant
Main Irrigation Well Vertical Turbine Pump ReinstallTXWater Treatment Plant
RFQ/GC: Existing Church Building ImprovementTXWorship Facility
RFP/DB: ITEM: Sage Point Housing Boiler RebuildUTCollege/University
RFP/DB: ITEM: East Parking Terrace Photovoltaic System D/BUTCollege/University
RFP/AE: University Union Building Feasibility StudyUTCollege/University
RFQ/GC: ITEM: Elevator Maintenance and RepairUTOffice
RFP/AE/CM: West Interchange Sewer TrunklineUTSanitary Sewer
Ouray NFH Pond Liners and Kettle RehabUTSite Development; Storm Sewer
RFQ/AE/CM: 2100 South Capacity UpgradeUTStorm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer
RFP/DB: Venture High School Storage Pole BuildingUTWarehouse; Middle/Senior High School
RFQ/AE: Professional Services FY 2021-2022 IQCUTWater Supply
RFP/AE: Danville Airport Improvements IQCVAAirline Terminal
RFQ/AE: Architectural/Engineering Services IQCVAApartments/Condominiums 4+ Stories
RFP/AE: Architectural Engineering Services IQCVACollege/University
Wireless Telecommunications Facility DevelopmentVACommunication Building
RFQ/AE: Flood MitigationVAFlood Control
RFP/AE:Downtown Flood Wall Vertical and Horizontal ExtensionVAFlood Control
RFP/AE: Structural Repair Bldg 27VAHospital
RFP/DB: ITEM: Pentagon Remote Delivery Facility Roof RepairVAMilitary Facility
RFP/DB: Building 1470 2nd Floor Vault ExpansionVAMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Annual Engineering Services IQCVAMiscellaneous Education Building; Sewage Treatment Plant; Paving; Water Line
RFP/AE: Fieldale Recreation Center ImprovementsVAMiscellaneous Recreational
RFQ/DB: Occoquan Regional Recreation FacilityVAMiscellaneous Recreational
RFP/AE: Architectural and Engineering ServicesVAOffice; Paving
RFQ/AE: Architecture and Engineering ServicesVAOffice; Paving; Site Development
RFQ/AE: Charles Barrett Playground RenovationVAPark/Playground; Storm Sewer
RFP/DB: Wastewater Treatment PlantVASewage Treatment Plant
Jefferson Lab Conventional Facility IDIQ SOURCES SOUGHTVATesting/Research/Development Lab
RFP/AE: West Hill Bridge ReplacementVTBridge
RFP/AE: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations DesignVTVehicle Sales/Service
RFQ/AE: Upper Finney Creek Bridge DesignWABridge
RFP/AE: Office Space DesignWACustom Homes
RFP/AE: North Bonneville Substation and Feeder UpgradeWAElectric Substation
RFQ/AE: Signage & Striping ImprovementsWAHighway Signs/Guardrails
RFQ/DB: NN143 Radiation Oncology Synergy Vault C UpgradeWAHospital
RFQ/AE: South Kitsap HS Swimming Pool RenovationWAMiddle/Senior High School; Swimming Pool
RFP/AE: General District FacilitiesWAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/AE: Capital Levy RenovationWAMiscellaneous Education Building
RFQ/CM: Construction Management Services IQCWAOffice
RFQ/AE: Capital Facilities PlanWAOffice
RFP/AE: Planning Services IQCWAPark/Playground
RFQ/AE: ITEM: Tacoma Dome Station Elevator ModernizationWAPassenger Terminal (Other)
Columbia River Channel Improvements SOURCES SOUGHTWAPaving; Site Development; Water Line
Kalama Middle SchoolWAPrimary School; Middle/Senior High School; Park/Playground
RFQ/AE: City Infrastructure ImprovementsWASewage Treatment Plant; Paving; Storm Sewer
RFP/AE: Exposed Sewer Pipe RepairsWAStorm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer
RFQ/AE: Fairview Reservoir 1 Slope StabilityWAWater Supply
Village Hall RedevelopmentWICapitol/ Courthouse/City Hall
RFQ/AE: CWC Building 6 Life Safety RemodelWIClinic/Medical Office
RFQ/AE: Architectural/Engineering Services IQCWICollege/University
1905 East 14th Street RedevelopmentWICustom Homes; Apartments/Condominiums 1-3 Stories
Fighter Alert Shelter UpgradesWIMilitary Facility
RFP/AE: Rome Town Center ParkWIPark/Playground
RFP/DB: Natural Playground InstallationWIPark/Playground
RFP/AE:Mckinley Park Channel Seawalls& Veterans Park SeawallWIPark/Playground; Site Development
Road and General Construction IDIQ IQCWIPaving; Site Development
RFP/AE: Wetlands DelineationsWISite Development
RFP/AE: Conveyance Facilities Design IQCWISite Development; Storm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer
RFP/AE: ITEM: Kinnickinnic Bus Storage HVAC ReplacementWIWarehouse
RFP/AE: Camp Dawson Airfield Support FacilitiesWVAirline Terminal; Military Facility
RFP/AE: Palestine Hatchery Fish/Mussel FacilityWVAnimal/Plant/Fish Facility
A-E Design Services SOURCES SOUGHTWVBridge
RFQ/AE: Laidley Street Transit Mall RenovationsWVPassenger Terminal (Other)
RFQ/P/AE: New Splash PadWVSwimming Pool
RFP/AE: Airport Engineering ServicesWYAirline Terminal
RFP/DB: Depot Park Splash PadWYMiscellaneous Education Building; Park/Playground; Storm Sewer; Sanitary Sewer; Water Line
Wy-Wcf-Wyao Building Remodel SOURCES SOUGHTWYOffice