Marketing to Architects: 10 Rules to Break in Building Materials Sales

In today’s fast-paced digital world, your business strategies must continuously evolve. This rings particularly true when it comes to marketing to architects and increasing your building materials sales. If you are struggling to create new opportunities for selling building products, perhaps you are overestimating the impact of “this is what we always do” sales and marketing techniques and underestimating others. Dodge Data & Analytics survey data suggests that many building product manufacturers are holding fast to traditional beliefs and business strategies and missing opportunities to increase building materials sales.

Dodge Data & Analytics surveyed nearly 250 architects and engineers and over 100 building product manufacturers to help building product manufacturers better understand architects’ product research, selection and installation habits and priorities. Dodge Data and Analytics’ survey Understanding How Building Products are Researched, Selected and Installed polled architects about their product research and selection habits in four key areas:

  • Predetermined product choices
  • Product research and awareness
  • Product selection, specification and installation
  • Impact of social media


Next, we compared architects’ responses with how building product manufacturers thought architects would respond, and the disparities are quite surprising. From these differences in expectations, Dodge Data & Analytics compiled 10 traditional rules that building product manufacturers should break, and the corresponding opportunities that could arise, including:

  • More than half of building product manufacturers believe that architects have already selected 50% or more of the products at the start of a project
    • Only 43% of architects say they preselect more than 50% of the products
  • 86% of manufacturers believe architects have little time or interest in researching new products once a project has started
    • In reality, architects do want to learn about new products, and 77% say that technical performance data is the most influential in their selection of products


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