How to Bid on Construction Projects | Construction Bidding Process

Prospects look bright for the construction industry, according to the Dodge construction forecasting group. Now is the time to make sure you position your firm to expand relationships with general contractors and grow your contractor network. This Insider’s Guide provides you with four tips on how to get ahead of competition and drive new business to your firm during the construction bidding process. From understanding your market and getting prequalified for projects, to bidding to win and using technology to grow your pipeline, you will learn how to bid on construction projects, find more opportunities and seize those opportunities.

A good reputation among contractors will always be an important part of getting called about projects for subcontractors. To maintain a consistent pipeline, however, you must be proactive. Knowing who the most active builders are in your market, in addition to what they are working on next and their contact information, is vital to being noticed and getting reached out to. Although this may seem simple and reliant on interpersonal skills and relationships, it is important to systemize your contractor network with reliable data and technology. The most efficient way to do this is with a leading construction database service. These include complete and accurate details for all projects in your market, ensuring you will not miss a step in the construction bidding process. Also, a best-in-class service will allow you to learn about projects that larger firms typically do not track.

To build their pipelines, today’s subcontractors must think and work differently than those of past times. Tapping your contractor network, utilizing new technology, getting details faster, and working smarter and more efficiently is vital for building a consistent construction pipeline. Read the full guide to learn four key steps on how to bid on construction projects and expanding your contractor network.


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