Marketing to Architects

The famous businessman John Harvey-Jones once said, “If you’re doing things the same way as two years ago, you’re almost certainly doing them wrong”. In today’s fast-paced digital world, these words could not ring more true – particularly when it comes to marketing to architects and building materials sales. If you are struggling to create new opportunities for your building products, perhaps you are overestimating the impact of “this is what we always do” sales and marketing tactics and underestimating others. According to Dodge Data & Analytics survey data, many building product manufacturers are holding strong to traditional beliefs and strategies and missing the chance to increase building materials sales.

Dodge Data & Analytics surveyed 170 architects and 150 contractors to understand their views and attitudes towards researching, selecting and purchasing building products for their construction projects. For contrast, we surveyed 99 building product manufacturers to see how they believed architects and contractors would answer our questionnaire and compared their responses. The survey revealed 9 key findings, including:

  • The surprising amount of opportunities for building materials sales once a project has already begun
  • Architects’ openness to selecting new products that they were previously unaware or unfamiliar with
  • There are many untapped methods of marketing to architects that extend beyond just Salesforce, including:
    • Lunch and learn sessions
    • Trade shows
    • Seeing products in projects
  • There are more opportunities for substitute building products than many manufacturers think
  • Cost is not always the driving factor for selecting building products, and better technical performance is often the most important factor for architects
  • Not only should you focus on marketing to architects, but also marketing to contractors, as they also have a say in which building products end up being selected
  • Marketing to architects and contractors should be done largely online, with a search-engine friendly website full of accurate and easy to find information


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