What is Your Architectural Specification Rate and Why Does it Matter? | Construction Specification


Sales volume and market share are important success metrics to your business. Arguably more important, however, are architectural specifications, and knowing how often your building products are being specified. Understanding and monitoring your construction specification rate can improve your sales forecasts and sales team activities. This Insider’s Guide includes information on how architectural specifications are developed, reasons your specification rate may be low, and how to use a construction specification service to locate market opportunities.

Getting specified by design professionals as the preferred or equivalent product is vital to sales success, whether your product is a new entry to the market or a well-known industry player. Products names in the construction specification document have the highest probability of being purchased and installed.

Although all specifications play the same role in the project planning process, architectural and engineering firms prepare specifications in a variety of ways. Some firms choose to prepare architectural specifications in-house, either by relying on a member from the project team or by hiring a specifications writer. Others rely entirely on outsourcing the specification process. Some firms even combine approaches, using a specifications consultant for specialized or complex products and systems, while relying on in-house staff to document typical construction materials. No matter how specifications are developed, they are always either based on a unique office master specification system or a commercially available master guide specification system.

According to the Dodge construction forecasting group, prospects look bright for the construction industry. Now is the time to seize opportunities and improve your architectural specification rate. Read this full Insider’s Guide to understand the different ways a specification can be written and how products are ultimately selected for installation.


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