How to Market to Architects | Construction Marketing

Product specification is paramount in the building materials sales process. As most sales reps know, having your product specified is no easy feat. Construction marketing is still a critical component to driving product awareness, whether your product is a new entry or well established. This guide shows you which techniques and sales methods are most effective when marketing to architects and maximizing your building materials sales.

To maximize your building materials sales, you likely need to rethink how to market to architects. One misconception about selling to architects is that architects select most of their products when the project starts. This is rarely true, as the majority of architects surveyed say that they generally preselect less than half of the building products that they will use. Your goal should be to not only give architects the information they need to make product decisions, but also to have your product known early. Although it is possible to get your product introduced after a specification has been written, it definitely is harder. Therefore, targeting design professionals and specification writers before a project starts is a smart tactic for growing your building product manufacturing business.

Another construction marketing technique featured in this guide is the use of educational tactics. Continuous learning is critical for architects, as the industry is always evolving, and they are required to complete a certain number of Continuing Education Units to maintain their licenses. Their projects are influenced by learning about new design methods, reviewing other architects’ work and staying in tune with construction industry trends. Building product manufacturers can utilize architects’ educational needs to help market their products, including:

  • Lunch and learn presentations
  • Offer AIA (American Institute of Architects) Accredited LUs (Learning Units)
  • Develop educational content including tip sheets, guides, e-books and blogs


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