5 Strategies to Improve Construction Sales by expanding Your Network

“It’s not just what you know, but whom you know”. For building product manufacturers this adage is particularly true. Surprisingly, however, many building product manufacturers have no networking strategy. Networking is the process of connecting with people, sharing information and building relationships, and it is a powerful and cost-effective way to get the attention of those who specify, select and purchase your products. Over 80% of business to business sales are due to referrals, word-of-mouth and networking. Expanding your contractor network will help your business grow and increase your construction sales.

Technology makes it easier than ever to make connections. LinkedIn is the leading online business networking websites, and it makes it easy to locate people you are connected to that might be able to introduce you to people you want to meet. As great as LinkedIn in, you still need a way to determine who you should connect with. This guide provides three approaches to help you narrow down your focus and determine who to approach:

  • Focus on regional projects – identify projects to be built in your region and gather contact information for the design professionals and owner
  • Focus on owners who build locally – building relationships with owners is important, as they can request that your products be included in the architectural specification
  • Focus on local designers and contractors – many professionals are eager to support local manufacturers, so this could be a win-win opportunity


Networking is a sales strategy that building product manufacturers should focus their efforts on. If done successfully, networking can help you generate new construction sales leads, deepen connections with existing contacts, and learn useful information about your markets. These can result in new business opportunities and more relevant services. Read the full guide to learn about the other four strategies to expand your contractor network and grow your construction sales and your business.


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