5 Ways to Influence Owners and Improve the Construction Bidding Process

While the recession reduced the number of firms competing in the construction industry, it also changed the playing field. According to the Dodge Construction forecasting group, prospects look bright for the industry, and now is the time to make sure you position your construction company correctly while improving the construction bidding process and expanding your relationships. This Insider’s Guide provides you with five tips to get ahead of the competition and drive new business for your firm. From forecasting demand and creating strategic relationships to improving the construction bidding process, you will learn how to find and seize the right opportunities.

Successful firms focus efforts on forecasting demand and sizing the marketplace. Strong forecasting tools give you deep insight into construction activity and trends, which allows you to assess where certain geographies and structure types are headed. With these insights, you can then anticipate demand and determine whether there is a hole you need to fill or if there are opportunities you need to go after because a market is expanding. It is critical to use accurate and complete data during the construction bidding process.

The economy, mergers and acquisitions within the industry, and new technology have all made their mark on today’s construction industry. You must think and work differently to build your pipeline. Using technology, getting details faster and working smarter and more efficiently should be your goal moving forward in the construction bidding process. Read the full guide to learn five key tips on how to make smarter project bids, effectively forecast demand, and influence owners.


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