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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I log in to the Network?

    Go to

    • Enter the user name and password you created when you set up a free trial or became a member of

      Never registered? It's easy - Go to and click the "register now" link.
    • Click the Admin tab
    • On the left under Account tools, click Update License and enter your new 15-digit license number provided in your Product Support e-mail.

      If you do not have your password:
    • Enter your email address and click on the Forgot Password link
    • An email link to reset your password will be sent to the email address that you registered with
    • If you still need assistance, call Customer Care at: 1-800-393-6343

  • Where can I access the project information I have purchased?

    A list of projects you have purchased is kept in your Purchased folder. Access your Purchased folder by clicking the Folders tab, on the left navigation click the Others folder to expand it, then click the Purchased folder link.

    Your Purchase folder contains all of your Network Purchase History, select projects from the list and click the View button to view them. If you have purchased digital project information, this information can be downloaded from here at any time.

    More on purchasing project information from the Network »
  • How can I get the most accurate results for my trade?

    McGraw-Hill Construction has compiled a reference library of professional keywords related to trades and divisions, to make searching the Network a more productive experience.

    Trade & Specialty Keyword Glossary »

  • How can I search for projects that are in re-bid status?

    If you wish to search for projects that are to be re-bid, you will need to use the keywords textbox in the project search form under the Projects tab. Type re-bid or rebid into the keywords textbox then select the radio button next to Search a specific area of project news: then choose Project Title from the dropdown box.

  • Can I change the first page I see when I log in to the Network?

    If you have Basic level service, the first page you will see will always be search results, a list of the projects that match the search criteria in your Default saved search.

    If you have Platinum or Plus level service, you can choose the page you want to appear as your startup page by clicking on the Admin  tab and selecting Homepage settings under the Settings Available gray bar.

  • Can I get hardcopy plans or specs delivered to my home?

    Yes. If you wish to purchase hardcopy Plans or Specifications for a displayed report, click the Plans, Specs or Addenda links that appear to the left of the Dodge Report.

    After making your selections from the Plans, Specs or Addenda tabs, click the Order button. The shopping cart page will open with your selection(s). To complete the purchase, click the Place Order button.

  • How can I schedule to receive an email with my project search results?

    Click the Projects tab. Create a new Project search or open a Saved Search. Scroll down to the Automated Notification control and select the frequency of the notification: Daily, Weekly or Bi-weekly. You will receive a summary of any new or updated projects that meets the project search criteria.

    Note: Automated Notification emails can also be set up for company searches under the Companies tab.

    more on setting up automated notifications on saved searches »

  • How do I receive email alerts whenever my tracked projects or companies have been updated?

    If you are viewing projects or companies on a search results page:

    • Check the boxes of the project(s) or company(s), then select a Tracking folder from the Track dropdown. (Note: If you need to create a new folder, click Create a new folder and type in the folder name.)
    • Click the Alert button

    If you are viewing a project or company from a details page:

    • Select a Tracking folder from the Track dropdown. (Note: If you need to create a new folder, click Create a new folder and type in the folder name.)
    • Click the Alert button

    You will receive an email each morning listing these projects or companies whenever updated reports are issued by our Reporters.

    more on setting up email alerts on tracked projects »

  • How do I save or download Plans, Specifications & Addenda?

    From a search results page:

    Click a project’s Plans, Specs or Addenda link and select which documents you wish to save. Then, click the Save As button

    From a project’s details page:

    Click the  Plans ,  Specs  or  Addenda   tabs and select which documents you wish to save. Then, click the Save As button

    After clicking the Save As button, the Save Documents Locally page appears.

      Select your downloading options and then: Click Continue to download your file(s) immediately
      Click Add to Download folder to save these documents locally later. (This will be added to your Pending Downloads folder).

    When you are ready to download, go to the  Folders  tab, Navigate to Projects > Downloads > Pending. Select the item(s) you wish to download, Click the Download button.

    Note: If you have selected multiple plans and specs to be saved, it could take a long time to download due to the number and size of the files. It may be a good idea to add them to your download folder so that you can later batch download items at a time when it is convenient.

  • Can I delete projects so that I don't see them in future searches?

    From a search results list or Project Details page, you can choose to hide selected projects that are of no interest to you, so they don't appear in any future searches. The projects you have chosen to hide are kept in a folder named Hidden Projects. The Hidden Projects folder cannot be deleted or renamed.

    More on Deleting/Hiding Projects »
  • How do I look at only those projects that have plans in my search results?

    On every search results page, there are three search buttons that enable you to modify your results to include All projects meeting your search criteria, projects that are new or updated in the system since your last login, or projects matching your search criteria that have plans, specifications or addenda in the McGraw-Hill Construction database. You can toggle your search results from one of these categories to another by clicking the buttons labeled All, New/updated, or w/plans.

  • Can I search for projects outside my subscription geography?

    Yes! There are two ways you can view projects outside your subscription geography.

    Option 1: Go to the Admin tab. Under Preferences Settings click PROJECT SEARCH FORM. At the bottom of this page you will see a check box reading “Allow me to search for projects outside of my subscription” check the box and SAVE. This will open up your Project Search page criteria to include all geography.

    • Conduct your search as usual and add any desired criteria.
    • When your search results load you will see a combination of projects with titles, and some that say “purchase”.
    • Purchase projects are reports outside your subscription.

    Option 2: Utilize your Dodge Plan Scope, found on the Main Menu.

    • The Dodge Plans Scope is a comprehensive regional summary of future and currently out for bid Dodge Plans projects conveniently organized by bid date.
    • Choose your desired region to get a list of jobs out for bid with Plans and Specs.
    • If the job is outside your subscription area you can purchase the project .
  • How long does project information stay in the Network?

    Projects can be accessed in the Network for up to four years, depending on your license.

    Contact your sales representative for more information

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