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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  What is the best way to search?
A.  Searching is easy. Simply type in a few search terms and click Go at the top of any page to start a new search. If you are modifying an existing search use the edit keywords function under ‘Your Selections’ to edit or add keywords. The main search box on the top of your page will clear your existing search and start a new search. To perform a much more detailed search, see the Search and Search Results section for help on performing a targeted search that you can save for future use.
Q.  How can I get added to the bidders list?
A.  Click here and fill out the form. Requests are typically processed within 48 hours.
Q.  Where can I find my license number?
A.  Your license number was emailed to the Admin for your subscription. If you know who signed up for your service, you can contact him or her for this information. You may also call Customer Care who can provide this information to you.
Q.  How do I batch download Plans and Specs?
A.  You can download all the plans or specs for a specific project at once. By clicking on the Plans or Specs links visible at the top of the project report, you will see the list of plans or specs associated with that project. Just use the checkboxes to the left of a drawing, specification, or section to select one or more files for download. If you want to select all files, click the "Select All..." checkbox at the top. Then go to the top right and choose Download. The first time you use this option you may be required to allow your browser to download files. Choose "Yes" or "Accept" when prompted. Then enter a folder name when prompted to store the files.
Note: Your browser must allow pop-ups to use the batch download feature. You may disable you pop-up blocker temporarily in most browsers by holding down the CTRL key during this process. (You can let go after the pop-up window appears.)
Q.  Why does my search return no results?
A.  Please check the search criteria used to make sure the terms and keywords are correct. The most common examples to look for are misspellings and improper use of Boolean logic which causes too many filters to be applied. See the Search section of help for additional information. If you need further assistance, contact Customer Care for help.
Q.  Why can’t I search outside my license to see projects in other regions?
A.  This capability is currently not available. To purchase projects outside of your license, please call 877-903-1904.