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You may view a single project simply by clicking on the Project Title link.

If you wish to keep your eye on a particular project, you can track it in a list for easy retrieval. You may also choose to hide particular projects from your search results if you no longer wish to view them.  To locate your tracking lists, go to the Projects tab on the left and then at the top of the screen, you will see Tracking Lists.

To Track one or more projects, simply select the project(s), click Track Projects at the top right of screen.  You may choose an existing Tracking List or create a new one by typing in a new Tracking List name.

Be sure to click the Save button to save the project(s) to your Tracking List.  The project(s) are added to the list and can now be accessed from the Tracking Lists link at the top center of the screen.  In addition, a Tracked Icon will be displayed next to the project in any future search results to show that this project is being tracked.

To Stop Tracking one or more Projects, simply remove the project(s) from the Tracking List by viewing the Tracking List from the Tracking Lists link at the top of the screen, select the project(s) you wish to remove, and select the grey button “Untrack” from the Actions menu.  The project(s) will be removed from the Tracking List. 

Alternatively, you may remove a single project from a Tracking List by clicking the “Untrack” link at the bottom of the project.

Hiding and Un-hiding projects work the same way as Tracking projects.  Simply place a project in the “Hidden Projects” Tracking List to hide it from future searches, or remove it from this list to view it again.