Store and manage construction project documents

Dodge PlanRoom is a safe and trusted location for you to connect with subcontractors and suppliers to share your plans, specifications, and other construction project documentation, from the bid phase through to project completion. Work closely with the entire project team for better and faster project planning and execution.

Manage construction project documentation

Manage your construction documents in your own central project information repository and easily navigate between plans, sections, elevations and other project details.

More projects, more bidders

Get more subcontractors and suppliers to bid on your projects. Easily send them the project documentation for faster, more accurate bidding. The optional Dodge Global Network allows you to find new projects and push them directly into Dodge PlanRoom. You can then easily share the project information with subcontractors and suppliers.

Work effectively as a team

Utilize Dodge PlanRoom to upload your own plans and project documents. Invite team members in to share the information. You can also be invited to projects by owners or contractors and receive updates whenever there are changes. Avoid the headaches and delays that come with bidding on and working from out-of-date information.

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