Access Powerful Data and Trends

Service Providers

Improve your strategic planning with the tools needed to understand market trends, opportunities and people that need your services.

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Financial Services

Connect with owners and developers seeking financial support as they evaluate risk and plan for their next major project.

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Identify profitable opportunities and assess your business risk with construction and contracting firms that are preparing for their next big project.

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Real Estate

Maintain a strong pipeline of opportunities for your business in an increasingly competitive market with early and accurate industry intelligence.

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Equipment Rental

Find early-stage projects that will need your equipment such as fencing, heavy machinery, portable toilets, lifts and more throughout the construction process.

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Building Services

Discover projects that will require your services such as facility management, cleaning, landscape maintenance and more at completion and get a head start on proposing your expertise.

Leverage powerful historical analytics, comprehensive forecasts and detailed custom research to meet and exceed your goals


years of historical construction starts data


content acquisition experts providing timely and accurate construction data


Market intelligence across 4 Billion + data points

Identify Opportunities
Evaluate projects, people and firms

Identify Opportunities

Build a robust pipeline of opportunities with access to an enhanced suite of tools designed to deliver verified and relevant market intelligence based on your unique business needs.

Evaluate relationships, trends and activity in your target markets to identify and connect with key influencers who can help you move projects forward

Identify upcoming projects that require your services with real-time project data covering every stage of the construction lifecycle

Track target companies and projects in your personalized Favorites, Saved Searches and Track Lists

Get recommendations for relevant, upcoming opportunities through your custom Newsfeed

Leads, Insights & Connections That Fuel Growth

Develop deeper relationships with the people and firms influencing growth in the commercial construction industry with accurate, actionable insights from Dodge Construction Network.

Unlock Superior Insights
Plan For Growth

Unlock Superior Insights

Improve decision making in formulating strategic growth plans with Dodge Advisory Services. Leverage a team of subject matter experts, economists and analysts for extensive forecasting and research capabilities focused on scalable growth.

Generate Sustainable Growth

Evaluate and approach your markets with actionable insights derived from tailored consultative engagements with a team of highly specialized industry experts.

Understand Your Markets

Analyze market performance and projected areas of opportunity for your business with advanced forecasts, analytics and research services.

Activate Your Growth Strategies

Target qualified sales leads with high-value content to drive demand and loyalty for your services.

Capitalize on emerging trends


Develop plans with confidence

Gain critical market insights with detailed historical construction starts data and market forecasts for over 20 building types

Target market segments and regions for expansion

Improve planning and decision making to effectively allocate or shift resources to capitalize on emerging trends

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Target the right firms with actionable analytics


Gain competitive intelligence into industry relationships

Target your construction business development efforts for maximum impact

Identify firms that specialize in building types, large vs small projects, new construction vs renovation in the geo areas you are most interested in exploring

Advanced analytics to formulate a Go-To-Market strategy

Throughout The Project Lifecycle
Connecting Decision Makers

Throughout the Project Lifecycle

Dodge Construction Network delivers the leads, insights and connections that fuel business growth in the commercial construction industry.