Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence


Know where your brand is specified

Receive alerts when you or your competitor’s products are specified in a project. Place your sales team in the best position to win sales today and guide your business development efforts to secure growth opportunities in the future.

Target the right projects and professionals

Dodge Data & Analytics SpecShare provides a list of projects where the plans and specifications call for your product, as well as your competitors

Target the right projects for your sales reps to pursue and provide them with information and insights to win more opportunities

Delve into the specification practices of design firms

Know who specifies your type of products and your brand vs. your competition

Arm your sales team with insights to progress from a project by project approach to developing and building relationships with key firms

Prioritize your sales resources

Direct your sales team to known, near-term construction opportunities

Guide your business development team towards areas for strategic growth and expansion

Recognize important trends

Gain insight into how your spec rate is trending over time

Track patterns and analyze product specification trends by drilling into specific building types, regions, project size and other attributes

Identify firms with both favorable and unfavorable spec rates to customize your approach