Building Product Manufacturers and Distributors

Dodge is the most comprehensive source of information on construction projects, period. The big ones, the small ones, the public ones and the private ones, nobody has more projects than Dodge. And, we have the tools to help you find the ones that are the best match for your products. Dodge also has the contacts that help you connect to the right people to make the sale.

The construction industry's most trusted source for finding and winning work

Dodge Construction Central holds the most comprehensive store of information to help building product manufacturers and distributors focus on the right projects. It’s the most trusted tool for finding the right projects for your products. Find and connect with key construction industry and project players and be alerted to the project and firm changes that matter to you.


Know where you’re specified

Receive alerts when you or your competitors’ products are specified. And, view trend data on how your spec rate is performing by owner, designer, project type and value, over time. Put your sales team in the best position to sell today and point your business development efforts at the opportunities for growth tomorrow.


Get in front of designers before your competition

Know when your product is selected and when it’s not. With Sweets, you get alerts about product selection activity earlier in the design process, before specifications are published.


Plan with confidence

Historical data on construction market performance at the national, regional or local level, plus a five-year look ahead forecast, let you develop your plans with confidence. Shift, align and deploy your resources to capitalize on new opportunities and emerging trends.


Import leads directly into your CRM system

Boost effectiveness and productivity of your sales and business development teams by importing Dodge leads directly into your CRM system. Tie Dodge leads directly to opportunities for better lead tracking and a stronger return on your Dodge investment.


Engage the industry’s top analysts

Dodge is the most trusted source of data and information on the North American construction industry. And, we have a team of economists and analysts that can put that data to work for you. Get specific analysis and recommendations for your products and brands to make the most of your opportunities and resources.