As a Subcontractor, you need to know which jobs are right for you. You only have so much time to review and bid on work, so you need to spend it wisely. It can be challenging to quickly find and evaluate potential projects to see which ones are the best fit for your firm’s skills and capabilities. We know that you also need help storing and sharing the documents needed to submit competitive bids, as well as to target the right firms and contacts to build the relationships you need for long-term growth.

Find and win work in the construction industry.

Dodge Construction Central holds the most comprehensive store of information on construction projects for subcontractors, with more early stage projects than any other source. Find the construction projects that are right for your business, connect with the key project players, and be alerted to the project and firm changes that matter to you.


Manage project documentation

Simplify management of plans, specifications and other documents by storing them in your own central project information repository and streamline your collaboration for faster, more accurate bidding. Archiving and version control provide a reliable history of document access and help keep the team working from the correct set of projects documents.


Build and strengthen your connections

Identify and connect with the contractors, engineers and suppliers that can help you build your business. Find the firms associated with your sweet spot for projects and have access to the people and contact information you need to make profitable connections.


Find the products and materials you need with Sweets

Sweets is the building product information source for the entire project team. Subcontractors can research, compare and select products to create accurate bids and execute their work, quickly.