Customer Spotlight on Red Hawk Fire & Security

What is your name and title?

My Name is Chris Gargas and I am the Senior Manager of Sales Enablement and Marketing Analytics at Red Hawk Fire & Security.

Chris Gargas


What is your role within your company?

My primary role is to help transform the Red Hawk organization and drive top line sales through sales automation that improves lead generation, sales rep efficiency and brings market insight to the organization.


What is your line of business?

At Red Hawk Fire & Security, we install, test, inspect, integrate, maintain and monitor a comprehensive range of advanced technologies that are custom designed for specific business needs. Our team of industry veterans brings unmatched breadth of expertise and years of hands-on experience to every solution. Our broad portfolio of life safety and security solutions employs cutting-edge technologies, expert application and advanced systems integration.


What is the target market for your product/service?

Red Hawk covers a wide span of markets with strong focuses in the Institutional, Education, Hospitality, Commercial, and Banking Sector.


How long have you been a client of Dodge Data & Analytics?

My client relationship with Dodge started back to 2001 and over the years our relationship has grown to be a very strong mutual relationship where we both listen to each other and act upon what we both have learned.


Why did you decide to come to Dodge?

Dodge continues to have the best comprehensive platform as they invest and evolve their products and services through Voice of Customer product meetings, as well as technology and automation.


What specific Dodge solution(s) are you using?

The primary Dodge solution we have in place in all of our district offices is Dodge Pipeline for Salesforce Integration. In our offering we also subscribe to MarketShare and BuildShare.


Can you describe how our solutions have changed processes at your company?

The most recent one I can speak to is the Dodge Pipeline for Salesforce Integration. Our Sales Reps and Managers can seamlessly identify a project that they are interested in pursuing using one click of the mouse to create a Salesforce Opportunity. It is amazing to hear our Sales reps explain how easy it is to do all of this in so little time.


How do you use those solutions to achieve your business objectives?

Each of our System Integration Sales Reps are responsible for maintaining a full pipeline of opportunities in Salesforce and this allows them to bring projects from the various design stages of construction and helps position themselves for success during our Red Hawk sales cycle.


What support does Dodge provide?

They provide all levels of support. From application/training, account management, and executive support where the executives interact with their customers.


What results have you achieved?

Salesforce adoption continues to grow with every module we bring to our sales organization, with the latest being Dodge Pipeline for Salesforce. Now our System Integration Sales Reps have one location to go to manage all their sales activities.


How is success measured?

Success can be measured in various ways. It’s very easy now with the Integration to Salesforce to measure the ROI through the increased pipeline in Salesforce, which in turn feeds increased revenues captured. I would also like to emphasize that the speed in which a sales rep can work within Salesforce has increased their efficiency in managing all of their opportunities.


What factor or factors do you think account(s) for your success with Dodge solutions?

I think the primary factors in our success are the investment in these three areas: People, Process, and Tools.






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