College and University Construction

College and University construction rebounded after the recession and has continued to grow during the expansion. Each year has seen some increase in the investment being made in higher education projects.


The states that have had the most college building get underway are the some of those always topping lists of nearly any type of construction, California and Texas,  but the list also shows states with major concentrations of higher education, such as Massachusetts, making the top list.


Interestingly, looking a digging a little deeper into the spending the concentrations of public funding and private school funding varies widely across the list. California’s well-known state university system dominates the college building spending there, whereas private institutions have made the larger share of the investment in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.



Drilling down geographically to see which specific counties are getting the biggest infusions of new higher ed construction, we see Manhattan, Los Angeles, Cook county in Chicago, Boston and Cambridge areas of Massachusetts topping the list of local areas with the largest investments.


And the cost of specific projects has grown as well. Over the 5 years from 2013-2017 there were 39 projects that exceeded $100 million. Many of these largest projects were for general science, engineering, biomedical, health and life-science related facilities.



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