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The largest team of research, economics and analysis experts join forces with artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver deeper, more relevant insights with the highest accuracy.

With AI, manufacturers can now rank and prioritize projects by basis-of-design spec type and actual (not estimated) product counts.

Coming soon, AI will enable contractors to optimize resource management using Labor Demand and Service Area insights.

Sync Dodge project reports with PlanRoom in one click.

Connect and collaborate

See who the planholders are ... Invite bids, share project plans and specs, exchange information, organize bid documents...Dodge Construction Central is where you go to get the business of construction done - fast!

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Find your best projects before your competition does. Nobody has more early stage projects than Dodge - of all types from Apartments to Zoos and everything in between!


projects updated or added daily

new bidding opportunities each month

projects with plans and specs


Most early-stage projects + Most firms and contacts + Most accurate data = Success!

There's so much data that allows us to specifically target the customers we want to reach. It's very easy to use and Dodge data is really accurate."

Taylor Van Sickle, Digital Marketing
Manager, BusyBusy


It's the place to see and be seen

Be seen by the most specifiers of building products and construction services.

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