Construction apps and integrations

Get Dodge construction project data when and where you want. Feed your business the best construction data and watch your business grow.

Make business happen.

When the demands of your construction business take you out of the office, take the best source of construction project intelligence with you wherever you go. Construction business waits for no one. You shouldn’t have to wait until you’re back in the office.

Drive user adoption by integrating the best data source with your construction systems.

What’s the solution to low user adoption? Enable employees with access to the best construction project intelligence right within their workflows.

Integrating project data with your construction management systems is easiest with Dodge

Our hassle-free, codeless installation gets your users up and running in under 30 minutes.

Only from Dodge Data & Analytics

Only Dodge can deliver the leading source of construction project intelligence directly to your CRM and construction management systems. Contact Dodge sales to inquire about integrating Dodge with your systems.

Featured app: Take Dodge data on the go

Construction project news waits for no one. With Dodge construction apps, you won’t have to wait either.  Download Dodge mobile app at iTunes or Google Play.

Featured integration: Pipe Dodge data into Salesforce

Give sales a boost with our turnkey integration to Salesforce. See how Dodge Link feeds Salesforce with key project insights and contacts.


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