Research, plan and prepare construction project bids and proposals - all in one place.

Contractors and services firms

Find, bid, and win the most profitable projects – thanks to our industry-leading bid management software.

Building product manufacturers

Streamline and gain visibility into distributor bidding activity with closed-loop construction bid software.

Comprehensive construction bid management capabilities that get the job done.

Bid faster

  • Access and review over 22,000 construction bidding opportunities each month to find your next project.
  • View subcontractors, trades, and construction service providers who have accessed plans and specifications.
  • Send invitations to bid, including the necessary documents to develop better proposals and bids.
  • Gain complete visibility into bid coverage for all upcoming projects.
  • Take the work and the risk out of your subcontractor prequalification process.


Bid better

  • Build your business with the market intelligence and collaboration platform where the best construction businesses are built.
  • Understand and evaluate new markets, including the complete competitive landscape.
  • Target the right firms with the leading source of information on projects, owners, architects, designers, engineers and contractors.
  • Identify possible new partners—and potential competitors.


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