Building product manufacturers

Find the right construction projects for your products

Put the industry’s most trusted source of construction leads to work for you. Identify the right projects for your products. Network with key players. Close more deals.

Advanced construction lead capabilities for building product manufacturers

Search for Basis of Design products

Improve business development efforts by searching for products specified as Basis of Design. Prioritize potential construction projects, prevent brand drop-off, and do all you can to make sure your product is installed.


View product quantities

Rank and prioritize construction leads based on actual product counts for specific projects. This next level of visibility lets you stay a step ahead of the competition and see what the true potential of a target projects is.


Improve lead management

Faster, more efficient selling starts now. Integrate Dodge construction leads directly into your CRM solution to stay on top of your most important opportunities. Manage leads, track results, and improve sales performance.


Labor demand

Gain visibility into expected labor costs to quickly assess the profitability of potential projects before committing to bid. We apply labor data for nearly 50 different trades to your specific projects, so you can understand labor demand—by trade.


Plan holders

Who else is looking at this project? Now you can see who has downloaded plans to a specific project to help you gauge outside interest, plan next steps, develop a short list of potential partners, and understand what your competition is doing.


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