See who’s holding project plans and who’s likely to bid

With Dodge PlanHolders, view subcontractors, trades and construction service providers that have accessed plans and specifications for projects throughout the bidding phase. View aggregated results by trade, location and project type to know which firms to target, and see the types of projects a firm is associated with over time.

Target plan holders likely to bid on projects

Know which trades and subcontractors to target as likely bidders on a project. View the top plan holders by trade, location or project type and see historical trends. Extend relationships to subcontractors and trades that work on projects that are relevant to you and link back to fill project information with the optional Dodge Global Network service.

Find the right partners for the job

Identify potential partners for upcoming project work or find new trade partners when targeting work in new markets or segments.

View subcontractor information

View the most up-to-date information on over 75,000 subcontractors, trades and construction service providers that are accessing plans and specifications for projects. Also see architect and contractor contact information, final bid results and project plan revisions.

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