Know who to target

Dodge SpecShare shows you which projects contain construction plans and specifications calling for your product or your competitors’ products along with your brands’ historical spec rates by owner, designer and project type. Put your sales team in the best position to sell today and point your business development efforts at the construction opportunities to grow tomorrow.         

Know where you are specified

SpecShare shows you which projects have your product included in the plans or specifications, which projects have your category of product, but no manufacturer’s product has been specified, and the projects where a competitor is specified. You can also see the quality of specifications - basis of design, performance or open.

Focus your sales resources

Point your sales team to known, near-term construction opportunities and identify growth areas to focus strategic sales and business development resources for growth and expansion.

Identify important trends

See how your spec rate is trending by design firm with insights at monthly, quarterly and annual intervals. You can also understand spec rate trends by region, building type and project value. Hone in on the firms with both favorable and unfavorable spec rates for your products.

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