Building a Safety Culture

Safety and health considerations need to permeate all levels of a construction company’s culture, informing decisions, planning, activities, and behaviors. It is not enough to simply have safety rules, training and protocols in effect. Leading companies work hard on building a safety culture throughout their organizations to maintain construction site safety. 


The survey shows that safety cultures are prevalent at most companies. It also shows that enough companies now have a strong safety culture in place to begin to identify best practices and inspire improvements that will benefit the entire construction industry. This current study compares results with trends from a similar study from 2012. 


In the current study, more respondents note the important role of jobsite workers in encouraging construction site safety than in the 2012 report. 85% of respondents now consider jobsite worker involvement to be a critical aspect of a world-class safety program, a huge jump from the 66% who selected it previously. 


Companies are experiencing benefits from their safety investments in the form of increased abilities to retain and attract new staff, helping companies remain competitive as the construction market grows and the availability of skilled workers tightens. 


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  • Benefits of safety to your company 
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  • Trends in safety training
  • Recognition of role of construction site workers 

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