Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017

This new SmartMarket Brief, part of a series of studies first published in 2006, reveals the depth and breadth of the green building market for single family and multifamily homes. This new study, focusing on the responses of single family builders, single family remodelers and multifamily builders and remodelers, includes:

  • The level of green building market activity, both longitudinally compared with previous studies and future expected levels of green building by builders and remodelers.
  • The current experience of marketing green homes, including the most effective terminology to use.
  • The drivers encouraging more green building in the future, and the obstacles that need to be overcome to increase the level of growth of green building in the residential market.
  • The top green building practices and features used and valued most by single family and multifamily builders and remodelers, and the top-of-mind green product brands used now.
  • The rapid expansion of renewable energy and net zero homes in the residential market.