U.S. Map of Active Public Bidding Opportunities During Coronavirus (COVID-19) as of April 2nd

Over 4,200 new bidding opportunities were added in the past week. Nearly 17,000 Public Construction Opportunities are actively bidding as of April 2nd. California leads with 1,500+ opportunities. Followed by Texas with 1,300+ and Pennsylvania coming in third with 1,000+.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is having a significant impact on our daily lives. The full economic effect still remains largely unknown, but one thing is for certain – it won’t be business as usual for the construction industry in the coming weeks. Some areas of the country, such as Boston, California, and Washington state, have curtailed construction activity. While in others, the construction business, from planning to permitting to project start, has proceeded, albeit perhaps at a slower pace than just a few weeks ago. Our Dodge Data & Analytics data specialists have seen bid dates for projects being pushed out to later dates, resulting in Dodge Reports being updated, while many others have shifted to online/virtual bidding.

In the past week, over 4,200 new bidding opportunities have been added to our construction project database. This is good news since it indicates that across the U.S. many public entities are still moving forward and finding ways to safely manage bidding, virtually and in other ways that prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

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Below is a color-coded U.S. map based indicating the number of currently active public bidding opportunities identified by Dodge within each state. The states with the most opportunities are California with 1,500+, Texas with 1,300+, and Pennsylvania with 1,000+.

To view a list of actively bidding opportunities, go here.