A Look Up at High-rise Construction 


A Look Up at High-rise Construction 
High-rise building construction greater than 10 stories is one of the most cyclical segments of the U.S. construction market. During a recession the volume of these high-rise buildings can fall to virtually nothing, and in strong markets it can rebound significantly.



Looking more closely at the purely nonresidential building types, the pattern is repeated, but it’s important to note that even in the strongest periods, nationally there are under 200 projects over 10 stories high started in any year.




Additionally, the very super high-rise building category is dominated by just three building categories.



Unsurprisingly, high-rise building construction is concentrated in major cities, led by an incredible margin by the New York metro area.  From 2013 to 2017 there were only 10 metro areas that had 50 buildings or more over 10 stories break ground.

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