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Dodge Global Network — Regional Construction Reporting Nationwide

Only Dodge offers national reporting coverage from regionally based reporters so you don’t miss important construction projects. The Dodge Global Network delivers a customized solution with early-design, hard-to-find private construction projects. The Network enables you to prioritize your sales pipeline, increase your win/loss ratio, and target the right relationships. And, you can visualize the Dodge data to help you find the most relevant projects, faster.

The Network Delivers

  • Prioritize Your Sales Pipeline

    Identify early-stage design projects, the people involved, and their connections. Easily manage multiple tracking folders to organize your sales efforts.
  • Increase Your Construction Bid Win/Loss Ratio

    Easily sort, manage, and distribute your sales leads to focus on the right projects, in the right markets, at the right time.
  • Target the Right Relationships

    Know the most active owners, architects, and engineers working on your targeted projects. See their projects and make connections for current and future work.
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Getting started with Dodge has opened doors for SIGA. Dodge has enabled me to successfully fill my pipeline with accurate, quality firm and project information, and we’re now making great strides in getting SIGA specified and purchased.


-Justin Hardy, Key Account Manager & Application Advisor, SIGA