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Dodge Network

“It’s not hard to justify the value that Dodge supplies….The salespeople who use Dodge get into more specifications than the ones who don’t.”

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Denise Kahl, National Technical Administrator, Soprema

“The Dodge data has been instrumental in growing our revenues and establishing new relationships in a rapidly changing and competitive business environment.”

Richard Guzman, Rosendin Electric

“In today’s competitive business environment, having timely information about our market and customers equates to more sales. McGraw-Hill Construction has been a valuable partner of InterfaceFLOR for several years. Dodge data has provided the conduit to engage in more projects earlier in their life cycle, which has resulted in a 30% increase in our sales pipeline and translated into increased revenues and profits for our organization. MHC has been instrumental in helping us tailor the information to create processes and reports to measure our market penetration and track our results.”

Mark Iberri, LEED AP, Regional Vice President, InterfaceFLOR

Dodge SpecShare®

“Dodge SpecShare is an excellent tool for us. It allows us to know that we’re doing a good job and shows us what market share we do have of the hand dryer industry. But more importantly, it allows us to know who we don’t have and who is not specifying our product or who is specifying hand dryers but not our model. This creates a very intelligent target market for us.”

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Denis Gagnon, President, Excel Dryer Inc.

“We’ve been measuring over the last 12-24 months, but we’re starting to measure year over year and that goes into our strategic business plan. Through SpecShare we can see how much more business we’re gaining by segment--so it’s my favorite tool.”

Steve Arbaugh, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Alignment & Experience,
Interface Americas

Dodge PDM

"We are users of McGraw Hill Project Document Manager and feel that it gives us a competitive edge in our market."

Kathy T. Pigg, Executive Vice President
Brindley Construction, LLC

"In terms of return on investment, with Dodge PDM we have seen that the speed of bidding, the accuracy of getting information out there, and the avoidance of litigation are almost immeasurable. The fact that you are eliminating risk—which some people do measure as time and money—is the big ROI that we are seeing."

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Shawn Pressley, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Hill International

"Dodge PDM does the heavy lifting for us. It does a fantastic job with the stability of being able to perform regardless of what the situation is. Dodge PDM just works."

Thomas Everritt, Director of Project Management Systems and Applications
Hill International

"All your worries go away with Dodge PDM because we know that it will handle not only small jobs but extremely large, complex jobs as well. The flexibility that Dodge PDM provides is very important to us."

Shawn Pressley, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Hill International

“Effective document management is vital when data is needed in real time, especially on a complex project where the right information must reach the right person at the right time. Dodge PDM keeps the project on schedule and on budget, providing the transparency and integrated project delivery necessary to meet our goals."

Patrick Casey, Senior Program Controls Manager, Parkland Health & Hospital System

“McGraw-Hill’s PDM system works very well for our company…it’s so easy for us to get out our invitations efficiently and they look very professional! Bid documents are in a format (.pdf) that makes is easier for all users. Managing our contact database has never been easier. We now have a central repository of vendor information that is current and when company changes are required we can edit/update that information instantaneously."

Kathy Rowen, Bid Coordinator, Arntz Builders, Inc.

"We love PDM--it is great! We use it for outreach to subcontractors through ITBs (Invitations to Bid). We also use it for document tracking purposes. With the electronic ITBs we can see many things: Have the subcontractors opened the ITB? Have they viewed any specifications or plans? We use it for the immediate distribution of plans, specifications, and amendments. We also use it for instant notifications on changes to the jobs our subcontractors are bidding on. PDM has been an extremely cost-effective and efficient tool for us."

Cherish Smith, Executive Assistant--Estimating, Roy Anderson Corporation

"I have used PDM and McGraw-Hill Construction's Network since I started with Gibbs Construction in January 2012. It is a very easy-to-learn and helpful tool. Normally when it comes to projects out for bid, I would have to individually scan in all drawings and specifications, label them, and upload them to PDM. With the McGraw-Hill Network, I can easily host/transfer a majority of my projects, and with PDM all I have to do is refresh my project list and the new project I am hosting is available for me. The process is a huge time saver, so I can spend time on the other important aspects of my job. The other important factor to me is that when I have questions regarding an error or I am just curious as to how something works, I get quick responses from the technicians and customer support for the program." 

Jodie Smith, Estimating, Gibbs Construction, LLC

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McGraw Hill Construction Research and Analytics

“Pella incorporates the Dodge information in various facets of our strategic planning, sales evaluation and marketing planning. We tap into the depth and breadth of information to keep on top of market conditions by local markets, by specific market segments, by competitive position and also for custom analysis. In 2012 Pella partnered with the Analytics group for a custom business study using their repository of thousands of building plans and specifications. The Analytics group not only exhibited the ability to understand our requirements accurately, they also actively provided their subject matter expertise in making the study more useful and insightful. By providing a diligently structured study, continuous communications and meeting delivery deadlines the team made the overall study a success for Pella. The study results will be focal in making strategic business decisions moving forward.”

Colleen Devlin, Senior Business Insights Manager, Pella Corporation

“Oldcastle knew the importance of unlocking the organic potential of each of its sub-brands by aligning them on a common brand framework. The McGraw-Hill Construction team of market research professionals validated that common framework, which we now know is ‘reliability.’ To do so, the team conducted a well designed and superbly comprehensive Brand Equity study across our major sub-brands of Building Systems, Enclosure Solutions, Bridge Systems, and Environmental. Well done!”

TR Kunesh, Vice President of Marketing, Oldcastle Precast

“Siemens Building Technologies is extremely pleased with the market research capabilities of McGraw-Hill Construction. The results reported in MHC’s landmark Greening of Corporate America SmartMarket Report are both exciting and revealing. McGraw-Hill Construction also did an excellent job in conducting an important product ideation study for us in short order. The findings proved vital in helping to guide our market development strategy. MHC is a true partner.”

Brad Haeberle, Vice President of Marketing, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.

“We’ve had great success on the proprietary or primary research front because that actually has helped us with our communications hierarchy.  How are we communicating to our customers?  What’s important to them?  What are the key takeaways?  All of that extra measure of research that we do with McGraw-Hill Construction has been a very valuable step.” 

Steve Arbaugh, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Alignment & Experience,
Interface Americas

Dodge BidPro

My typical work day is filled with telephone calls from suppliers, to subcontractors, and everyone in between. Dodge BidPro gives me the ability to filter and track jobs in considerably less time than other approaches that I have taken in the past. It’s so easy to find relevant bids in my area that I only need to spend 2-5 minutes a day on the dashboard. I definitely feel more efficient and effective than I used to thanks to Dodge BidPro.

Billy H. Cordova, Estimator, Cordova Construction Company, Inc.

Dodge BidPro is easy to navigate and much better than what I used to do. The service is a great deal better than other sites. I feel more efficient and effective in my business than I did before. Dodge BidPro makes it easy to find the relevant projects in my area and saves me time.

David Dennehy, Sales, Adam’s Supply of Dallas

I was contacted by Ms. Lisa Marinez regarding McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge. She explained to me the attributes of the Dodge BidPro software and how the information obtained through Dodge could help with my business. After discussing my needs and showing me how Dodge BidPro works she presented me with a plan that is both cost effective and easy to use. Her follow up and technical support (even after business hours on a Friday) were paramount to getting the Dodge BidPro system incorporated into my business. I realized increased sales almost immediately after implementation of the McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge plan. Thanks Lisa!

David C. Moore, Owner, Mechanical Equipment Sales

Dodge BidPro has helped out so much when looking for new potential business. It is a one-stop shop for the demographics I am trying to target, and the site is set up so it is seamless and easy to use. The e-mail notifications along with alerts for new bid dates and addendums keep me on top of the job. I also love the capability to send information and plans to business partners for them to download and view. I have used many other services, and the simplicity along with the affordable price of Dodge BidPro is a Slam Dunk.

Trent L. Walters, Walters Controls Inc.

In an effort to enhance our business strategy and sharpen bidding opportunities during these difficult economic times, Industria recently purchased Dodge BidPro. Within minutes of account activation, we found three opportunities to bid in our specialty market, and were able to send proposals that afternoon. BidPro is user friendly and incredibly fast. The ability to access thousands of projects and invite and share bid documents is literally at our fingertips. I expect BidPro to help increase sales while saving time and office overhead expenditures.

David Rambhajan, President, Industria Inc.

Dodge BidPro is easy to navigate as I look from project to project, and within a project I can easily send out bid invites, get added to a bid list, or just review the bid documents. Having the search defined makes it very easy to find relevant bids, and I like the interface. The menus or options on the left of the screen always let you know where you are and how to get to the next screen (i.e., reports, bidders, plans, etc.). The Invitation to Bid option makes it very easy to send out quick invites to my subcontractors and to get them all of the information they will need to bid the project. It saves me time that I need to bid and run the projects. Overall, I believe we are more efficient in finding projects to bid as well as getting information and bid invitations to subcontractors.

Joe Alldredge, Estimator/Project Manager, Warner and Associates Construction

I spend about 30 minutes every morning on Dodge BidPro checking the leads. I have them delivered straight to my phone. Dodge BidPro filters exactly what projects I need, which saves time sifting through a laundry list of projects. I can send links to suppliers for price requests which is fantastic and you cannot ask for more.”

Bill Guin, Project Manager, Safe Air

Dodge BidPro, for me, is a quick one stop shop for finding leads. It saves me time from searching through so many other websites. I receive updates through my email, but I normally check in once a week to use the filtered searches. It’s convenient to use and very helpful.

Mark Westmoreland, Inside Sales/Technical, Control Products Inc.

I use Dodge BidPro every day and all day. I have only positive things to say about it. The project specialty alerts definitely make it easier to find the projects I want and need to be looking at and bidding on.

Robert Gray, Commercial Projects Coordinator, Waterquest Inc.