U.S. Map of Active Projects in Pre-Planning & Planning During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Written by Dodge Research on March 31, 2020

The economic impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the economy has taken hold with large swaths of the country seemingly shut down. The construction industry though appears to be moving forward, albeit at a somewhat slower pace than before the virus fully took hold, with only a small number of areas thus far banning construction outright.

You can see a listing of construction related COVID-19 news articles that are updated daily here. Also, you can read some recent analysis of our own data here.

There continues to be numerous public projects actively bidding, which you can view here.

Dodge Data & Analytics continues to add new projects and issue updates on projects in the planning stages, even though on-site work is slowing down on projects under construction. As of March 30, there are over 200,000 projects actively being reported on in the various planning stages; 42% are private projects and 58% are public.

Below is a color coded US map indicating the number of current active project in planning within each state.

Covid Projects Planning Us Map