How Tampa Turned Around

Written by Dodge on November 7, 2018

In a recent Urban Land Institute story, reporter Kevin Brass takes a closer look at how Tampa, Florida was once viewed as an undesirable place to live in, but the city has taken steps to revitalize it and transform it into a competitive city for talent and new development. Through large-scale, mixed-use developments and more than $13 billion in nonresidential and multifamily projects expected in the pipeline by 2022, Tampa is turning itself around.

“Making the city more livable, with more green space and increased walkability, was a key goal for the city’s early investments. Tampa ‘was a late bloomer in the [residential] recovery,’ says Kim Kennedy, manager of forecasting for Dodge Data & Analytics, based in Bedford, Massachusetts. But it is catching up. More than $5.3 billion will be spent on residential construction starts alone in 2018, Dodge predicts, almost double the residential volume in 2014.”

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